Iridescent Chocolate: Edible Chocolate Diffraction Grating

NAT Slipstreaming: Bypass Victim Firewall/NAT via Browser

Glitchsink: Voltage Glitching MCUs for Firmware Extraction

Wireless LED Floating Helium Balloon Network

webscan: browser-based LAN IP scanner & local IP detector

PoisonTap: Backdoor & Siphon Cookies on Locked Machines

MagSpoof: Wireless Credit Card/Magstripe Spoofer

evercookie: Extremely persistent virtually-irrevocable cookies

The MySpace Worm: The fastest spreading virus in history

KeySweeper: Camouflaged Wireless Keyboard Sniffer

OpenSesame: Hack Garages in Seconds with a Mattel Toy

Combo Breaker: Motorized, 3D printed, combo lock cracker

SkyJack: RaspPi drone which seeks and hacks other drones

OwnStar: Locates, Unlocks, Remote Starts GM/OnStar Cars

pwnat: Advanced client-server NAT-to-NAT penetration

Manually Hacking Master Combos Locks in 8 Tries or less

USBdriveby: Weaponized USB Backdoor Necklace

iPhone/Android/Windows Tracking + Wardriving Databases

RollJam: Wireless Device to Unlock Almost Any Car/Garage

ProxyGambit: GSM-to-IP Wireless Anonymization Device

Proxmark3: RFID Penetration Testing Platform

Quickjack: Automated Clickjack and Frame Slicing Tool

phpwn: Attack on PHP sessions and random numbers

Digital Ding Dong Ditch: Hacking wireless doorbells via SMS

NAT Pinning: Forcing Remote Routers to Port Forward

peepmail: Discover private email addresses

jiagra: Website+Javascript Performance Enhancement API

chownat: Peer-to-peer communication through NATs

mapxss: Accurate Geolocation via Router Exploitation

pdump: Advanced packet sniffing + injection tool

Packet: Perl modules for low-level packet injection/sniffing

airsamy: Automated WEP injection and cracking via aircrack

ORYX Stream Cipher Implementation and Attack

Anti-MITMA: Preventing Man in the Middle Attacks

weap: WEP (RC4) Key Recovery (Cryptanalytic Attack)

AI::NS: Perl module providing Genetic Algorithms

sql++: cross-database command line SQL client

DISS: Download shared iTunes music automatically (Win32)

Old Projects: code from long ago