The MySpace Worm., 10/04/05, -samy

(technical explanation and actual code here)

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Update 11/02/05: Today I learned that the same time my account got removed, so did "embed"s from people's profiles. That means no more music and movies playing when you view people's profiles.
New: Oh, and all the groups started by others and relating to this story have been deleted.

Update 11/01/05: My new account has been deleted/removed somehow. Oh well.

Update 10/19/05: No word from MySpace. But, a new profile has risen...and I promise there's no worm in it.

A few months back, I decided to make a permanent myspace account so that I could easily view pictures of random people whenever I please without creating a new account each time. I also had a number of friends on there and figured I would see what all the hype was about. Myspace is a site for keeping up with friends, meeting new people, and even getting laid (sorry ladies, I'm taken.) It allows you to set up a profile/web page with a limited ability to make it look and feel how you wanted. Too limiting. I couldn't even fit a good line into my "headline" due to the character restriction. I couldn't even fit more than 12 glamour shots on my photos page. I quickly ventured to evade these limiting borders.

I began to examine the site some more, seeing how they restrict things, what they restrict, taking some breaks to look at pics of people and their profiles, trying to add them as friends and getting rejected, and getting back to making my profile cool so that they would add me as a friend later. Girls like guys with good skills. After a little bit of messing around, I found that I could put in a longer headline than what they allowed. I could even get around their other restrictions and get HTML in there in order to add cool "effects" to my page that other people can't add. Yeah, that will get me girls. Girls want guys who have computer hacking skills.

Let's see here...what would make my profile rock. Well, the most popular profiles on myspace pretty much consist of people with the IQ and English delivery skills of Kanye West so I don't want to mimic those, but popularity begets popularity. I need some more friends. I need people to love me. I delved into the bug and found that I could basically control the web browsing of anyone who hit my profile. In fact, I was able to develop something that caused anyone who viewed my profile to add my name to their profile's list of heroes. It's villainous. I was ecstatic.

But it wasn't enough. I needed more. So I went deeper. A Chipotle burrito bol and a few clicks later, anyone who viewed my profile who wasn't already on my friends list would inadvertently add me as a friend. Without their permission. I had conquered myspace. Veni, vidi, vici.

But it wasn't enough.

If I can become their friend...if I can become their hero...then why can't their friends become my hero. I can propagate the program to their profile, can't I. If someone views my profile and gets this program added to their profile, that means anyone who views THEIR profile also adds me as a friend and hero, and then anyone who hits THOSE people's profiles add me as a friend and hero... So if 5 people viewed my profile, that's 5 new friends. If 5 people viewed each of their profiles, that's 25 more new friends. And after that, well, that's when things get difficult. The math, I mean.

Some people would call this a worm. I call it popularity. Regardless, I don't care about popularity, but it can't hurt, right?

10/04, 12:34 pm: You have 73 friends.
I decided to release my little popularity program. I'm going to be famous...among my friends.

1 hour later, 1:30 am: You have 73 friends and 1 friend request.
One of my friends' girlfriend looks at my profile. She's obviously checking me out. I approve her inadvertent friend request and go to bed grinning.

7 hours later, 8:35 am: You have 74 friends and 221 friend requests.
Woah. I did not expect this much. I'm surprised it even worked.. 200 people have been infected in 8 hours. That means I'll have 600 new friends added every day. Woah.

1 hour later, 9:30 am: You have 74 friends and 480 friend requests.
Oh wait, it's exponential, isn't it. Oops.

1 hour later, 10:30 am: You have 518 friends and 561 friend requests.
Oh no. I'm getting messages from people pissed off that I'm their friend when they didn't add me. I'm also getting emails saying "Hey, how did you get onto my myspace....not that I mind, you're hot". From guys. But more girls than guys. This actually isn't so bad. The girls part.

3 hours later, 1:30 pm: You have 2,503 friends and 6,373 friend requests.
I'm canceling my account. This has gotten out of control. People are messaging me saying they've reported me for "hacking" them due to my name being in their "heroes" list. Man, I rock. Back to my worries. People are also emailing me telling me their IM names so that I'll chat with them. Cool. Back to my worries. Apparently people are getting pissed because they delete me from their friends list, view someone else's page or even their own and get re-infected immediately with me. I rule. I hope no one sues me.

I haven't been worried about anything in years, but today I was actually afraid of the unknown. Afraid of myspace? No, afraid of FOX's legal department. If you're not aware already, myspace was purchased by FOX only a few weeks back for 580 million dollars. Not online myspace dollars, but actual cash money. He could have FOX come after me. I don't want FOX after me.

I spend the rest of the day working, trying to get the ideas of what could happen out of my head. I have my girlfriend visit me for lunch to say our goodbyes. I'm going to the big house. I could hear it then, "mr samy, you are hereby sentenced to an $800,000 fine and 3 years in jail for getting way too many friends on myspace and causing psychological damage to girls who thought they were your friends until you cancelled your account."

5 hours later, 6:20 pm: I timidly go to my profile to view the friend requests. 2,503 friends. 917,084 friend requests.
I refresh three seconds later. 918,268. I refresh three seconds later. 919,664 (screenshot below). A few minutes later, I refresh. 1,005,831.

It's official. I'm popular.

I have hit 1,000,000+ users. In less than 20 hours. Every request is from a unique, living, and logged in user. I refresh once more and now see nothing but a message that my profile is down for maintenance. I messed up, didn't I. I'm now more afraid and decide I am never doing anything even near illegal ever again. To get my mind off of everything, I begin downloading a copy of the latest Nip/Tuck episode.

1 hour later, 7:05 pm: A friend tells me that they can't see their profile. Or anyone else's profile. Or any bulletin boards. Or any groups. Or their friends requests. Or their friends. Nothing on myspace works. Messages are everywhere stating that myspace is down for maintenance and that the entire myspace crew is there working on it. I ponder whether I should drive over to their office and apologize. Another attempt to free my mind of worry, I go back to watching some episodes of The OC which I downloaded a few days earlier. File sharing rocks.

2.5 hours later, 9:30 pm: I'm told that everything on myspace seems to be working again. My girlfriend's profile, along with many, many others, still say "samy is my hero", however the actual self-propagating program is gone. I'm relieved that it's back up as they can't claim damages for any downtime past this second if everything is in fact working properly.

10 minutes later, 9:40 pm: I haven't heard from anyone at myspace or FOX. A few minutes later, my girlfriend calls, I pick up, and she says to me, "you're my hero". I don't actually get it until about three hours later.


I'm still waiting for myspace or FOX to contact me. I'm sorry myspace and FOX. I love you guys, all the great things myspace provides, and all the great shows FOX has, my favorite being Nip/Tuck.

Oh wait, Nip/Tuck is FX? My bad, but FOX, I'm sure you still have some good stuff. But maybe you should start picking up Nip/Tuck reruns? Just a thought. I'm kidding! Please don't sue me.

Post comments below.

My technical explanation and code for the worm -samy

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From: Adam
Date: Mon Oct 10 17:45:42 2005
You are crazy

From: dark
Date: Mon Oct 10 22:23:08 2005

From: push |cat /etc/passwd
Date: Mon Oct 10 22:49:51 2005
samy is teh maniac.
samy is my hero.

From: CBWhiz
Date: Tue Oct 11 00:09:04 2005
I applaud you're strangely placed effort :)

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Oct 11 00:32:43 2005
samy is my "><script>alert('hero')

From: substitute
Date: Tue Oct 11 00:43:13 2005
i saloot you

From: Rio
Date: Tue Oct 11 04:09:21 2005
samy r Ub4r l33t

From: Shane
Date: Tue Oct 11 08:04:45 2005
Nicely done, good sir.

From: nato
Date: Tue Oct 11 08:29:46 2005
dude. off the hook. ++

From: mr
Date: Tue Oct 11 08:46:36 2005
fucking awesome

From: rj
Date: Tue Oct 11 08:47:11 2005
Nice job Samy. Looking on the links though, it seems you've got some haters. This guy even doubts the skillz:
"yeah, i'm sure infiltrating your myspace is high on the hacking community's agenda" -jack

and you really blew psykadelix80's mind:

"I was checking my Myspace profile today and I noticed something strange. Under my "Heroes" section i had originally written "my grandma of course ..."

But when i checked today ... it said:
"my grandma of course ... but most of all, samy is my hero.""

way to go.. and stay safe ;p

From: Me
Date: Tue Oct 11 08:59:51 2005
fucking genius matey

From: I had to let my myspace friends know how much I love samy
Date: Tue Oct 11 10:42:43 2005
Posted this:

Subject: I know the real Samy, and he is indeed MY hero

You may or may not have heard about the growing popularity of Samy, but he reached such a level of pimpdom that you didn't even have to meet him in order for him to be your hero. Yes he was that amazing, more so than the new M&M's candy bar. With that sort of fame, he was looking to be f*cked by so many, either out of admiration, irritation, or just plain and pure player hating. Regardless of why, my hope is that some of you reading this knows about this accomplishment so that I can say "Yes, I know Samy, and yes, his balls are that massive.... hairy, but massive".


From: jelly
Date: Tue Oct 11 11:37:55 2005
that is the shit

From: moe
Date: Tue Oct 11 11:47:31 2005
this is fucking hilarious. well done. :)

From: Sergio
Date: Tue Oct 11 12:10:52 2005
Amazing! Fucking Amazing! We'll have to get together when I'm in town the first week of November! Take care Samy.

From: Paul P
Date: Tue Oct 11 12:38:41 2005
Samy you are god. You owned teh Gibson in less than a day. I'll have to top you, you sexy bastard

From: rSYN
Date: Tue Oct 11 13:58:03 2005
samy was my hero... until I found out he watches nip/tuck. samy, are you eating bons bons and reading glamour at the same time?

From: R
Date: Tue Oct 11 13:58:40 2005
thats awesome...

From: Jaelle
Date: Tue Oct 11 21:22:56 2005
I love you!

You are my hero! AND you watch Nip/Tuck!! YOU SO FUCKING RULE!!


From: e-
Date: Wed Oct 12 00:51:14 2005
Right when you think he's done it all.. He pushes it farther. I just *had* to put "... but most of all, samy <i>IS</i> my hero." on my account.

From: Suzie
Date: Wed Oct 12 20:34:02 2005
samy is my hero, and he's sexy too

From: Samy's Former Employer (discoBoB)
Date: Wed Oct 12 20:55:40 2005
FOX is a right-wing fascist organization and because Samy snookered those liars I can actually say, without being infected by the virus (at least not that one) that he IS my hero.

From: discoBoB
Date: Wed Oct 12 20:57:22 2005
By "that one" I meant that I can only vouch for the fact that I am not infected by any digital virii. Beyond that I am too afraid to find out.

From: seedling
Date: Wed Oct 12 22:38:01 2005
you are a beautiful idiot savant

From: Chris
Date: Thu Oct 13 12:39:44 2005
<h1> lets see if your comment board has an XSS vuln ;-) wouldn't that be so ironic</h1>

From: yermom
Date: Thu Oct 13 14:02:01 2005
F'n brilliant.

From: gunbuster
Date: Thu Oct 13 14:17:53 2005
Damn that is too funny. You are my hero Samy. (My cat is named that too.. same spelling..)

From: Syco
Date: Thu Oct 13 14:31:32 2005
That's off the hook, man.

Way to really screw with them!

From: IEsucks
Date: Thu Oct 13 14:50:28 2005
Good job figuring out ways around the myspace security. Though it sounds like you exploited the browser moreso than the site. Good job anyway, I suppose.

The script itself is actually pretty basic.. nothing ground-breaking. However, I am surprised that IE let you execute that garbage code. java\nscript? Are you kidding me? Wow, good one Microsoft.

From: Gemma
Date: Thu Oct 13 14:59:28 2005
Dude, that was awesome. Props.

From: Amanda
Date: Thu Oct 13 14:59:36 2005
you Own'd My Space and that is great.

Now, your a legend, and that's better than being popular! ^_^

From: Merc
Date: Thu Oct 13 15:08:49 2005
SAMMY YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You should get that m&m candy bar ppl to do a commercial w/ you haveing you coding on a computer then show myspace and have everyone your friend list THAT WHOULD BE AN AWESOME AD!!! got the idea from S2 said your better then the m&m candy bar (true) (your gf? i hope seeing as they know what your balls look like ;) Myspace should hire you or something well im sure we will all see you on Oprah or somehting soon when i get a chance in my qoute im putting "sammy is my hero!"
keep up the good work!

From: DiamondDarkStar
Date: Thu Oct 13 15:13:18 2005
Samy you will always be my hero.

From: Jeff
Date: Thu Oct 13 15:15:46 2005
You know what Samy. You truly are my hero!

From: Tang
Date: Thu Oct 13 15:16:14 2005
Next time......u should hack the bank...;)

From: acutecharp
Date: Thu Oct 13 15:31:08 2005
Samy is my hero, I just hope I'm his friend! Way to go, Good Job and all that junk!

From: duba22y
Date: Thu Oct 13 15:37:05 2005
lmao good job nigger

From: Colin
Date: Thu Oct 13 15:40:16 2005
That is AWESOME nice job man

From: Chi
Date: Thu Oct 13 15:46:14 2005
Haha, good stuff. Knowledge really is power.

Date: Thu Oct 13 15:59:42 2005

From: Foxkillaz
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:01:28 2005
Ho-lee-crap, that was ingenious man, seriously, and now to buy a "Samy is my hero." T-shirt...

From: ashleysaget
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:16:01 2005
haha do you have a new page?

From: Ic3c0|d
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:17:11 2005
Very nice man but don't feel bad with some of the exploits that i have found and are still on myspace. Yours doesn't hurt anyone. But if yours still worked i would combine it with mine maybe it would be a good idea to be afraid of fox.
gr33tz, Ic3c0|d

From: mike
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:21:13 2005
DUDE THATS FUCKIN AWESOME AND FUCKIN HILARIOUS i wouldnt spend that much time workin on anything like that and i wouldnt really know how to but AMAZING

From: blythe
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:25:44 2005
samy, will you be my soulmate? please?
can i please serve you for the rest of your life?

From: U R Ghey
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:31:53 2005
What the fuck is "samy"?

Is that the faggot spelling of Sammy?

From: Mene Tekel
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:46:15 2005
Thanks a lot! Myspace sucks!

From: robert
Date: Thu Oct 13 16:46:32 2005
dudes that's fucking awesome!

From: Shuai King
Date: Thu Oct 13 17:17:59 2005
Holy crap, that is really cool!
So MySpace does have errors. No kidding.

From: Shuai King
Date: Thu Oct 13 17:18:03 2005
Holy crap, that is really cool!
So MySpace does have errors. No kidding.

From: Andy
Date: Thu Oct 13 17:44:45 2005
good work lad

From: jake
Date: Thu Oct 13 17:59:02 2005
respect. nicely done.

i'd encourage any and all visitors here to take part in exposing the shittiness of myspace in any and all facets, in hopes that they'll actually make this potentially powerful resource usable.

suck my space.

From: -MK
Date: Thu Oct 13 18:02:36 2005
oooh snap, that is crazy skill there. thumbs up! <--shameless plug

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Oct 13 18:12:24 2005
Damn I wish this shit still works did they block more stuff now like eval? Because Can't get it to use get command because eval i s fucked

From: Mene Tekel
Date: Thu Oct 13 18:18:35 2005
I tried posting this link in abulletin on Myspace, but it doesn't work. All the other bulletins are fine. . .Does this mean your site is blocked or something?

From: Yamix
Date: Thu Oct 13 18:18:52 2005
lol, all the emo kids are going to come to your house and kill you.

From: evolveone
Date: Thu Oct 13 18:21:37 2005
fuck why cant i b as smart as you

From: Rob
Date: Thu Oct 13 18:22:03 2005
You are brilliant. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that MySpace's security was hackish at best. You proved it. Talk about hax0ring teh gibson. Rock on.

Date: Thu Oct 13 18:50:12 2005
as a programmer, i think that was fucking awsome, yet scarey as shit at the same time. yeah sure your fucking with friends.... you could get really fucked

From: fuckin sweet
Date: Thu Oct 13 19:20:56 2005
Wish i would have thought of it first haha. I hate myspace. I gotta give you mad props for this one.

From: webmaster
Date: Thu Oct 13 19:23:08 2005
<b>lol nice work</b>

From: coolio
Date: Thu Oct 13 19:42:41 2005
nice due, just nice

Date: Thu Oct 13 19:47:33 2005
Well played.. Well played.

From: Steve
Date: Thu Oct 13 19:47:49 2005
That's insane! They should hire you!

Date: Thu Oct 13 19:51:35 2005
sammy i would be proud to be your friend you are "my hero"

From: mdomm
Date: Thu Oct 13 19:55:53 2005
just to let you FX is owned by FOX, it is their cable station, (FOX-O=FX) hence the name FX

From: Andrew Bucklin (MADDSPD)
Date: Thu Oct 13 19:56:00 2005
madd props! I so wish I could be like you... even have all the time to figure all that out! gawsh!

Date: Thu Oct 13 19:58:29 2005
all i can say is fuc*in PWND!!!!

From: santiago
Date: Thu Oct 13 20:02:13 2005
wow that is something..nicely done...

From: SV
Date: Thu Oct 13 20:12:29 2005
You're the frikkin Ferris Bueller of MySpace, rawk!

From: Brandon
Date: Thu Oct 13 20:23:02 2005
Nice js man, i'm particularly pleased w/ the use of XMLHTTP, way to be :)

From: El_HueyO
Date: Thu Oct 13 20:33:59 2005
...All i have to say is that is pimp. Good job...And what did you expect? Lol.

From: Benjammin
Date: Thu Oct 13 21:16:43 2005
Proving once again that it takes not genius to make a website, but a bunch of freaking monkeys.

It takes a genuis to figure out how to embarrass the master-monkey-task-master in the most tasteful and clever of ways.

Nice Job Indeed.

(You have way too much time on your hands.)

From: just checking
Date: Thu Oct 13 21:26:58 2005

From: Luke
Date: Thu Oct 13 22:09:24 2005
Haha, I use a myspace just to keep up with friends. You didn't infect me :) Awesome though.

From: andrew
Date: Thu Oct 13 22:26:02 2005
does your worm still work?

From: Oliver
Date: Thu Oct 13 22:34:07 2005
Does this code still work?

From: Fake
Date: Thu Oct 13 22:42:20 2005

From: Finally I'm A Weene...I Mean Winner
Date: Thu Oct 13 22:51:13 2005
Your Comments

From: Ic3c0|d
Date: Thu Oct 13 22:56:43 2005
No his code doesn't stil work to bad to. :( I wanted to make a version. Make one to delete everyones profile.

From: Ic3c0|d
Date: Thu Oct 13 22:57:39 2005
I really don't htink fox will do anything because he could have done so much more with this code he coudnl't have seriously destroyed the site. With it. But he didn't. So fox probably won't waste the time.

From: scx
Date: Thu Oct 13 23:22:58 2005
where do i put ur code

From: D0nT Fu*lc VViTh !V!3
Date: Thu Oct 13 23:27:33 2005
NO IDEA!!! BUT...D0nT FU*lc VViTh !V!3!!! PE@CEEEEE

From: jocky mcjock jock
Date: Thu Oct 13 23:31:45 2005

From: Princessnoodle
Date: Thu Oct 13 23:38:40 2005
hey thats really funny...but why didnt u finish out mine? you just deleted my hero section!!

From: Capone
Date: Fri Oct 14 00:21:44 2005
Nice shit bro..good harmless prank

Date: Fri Oct 14 00:24:58 2005

Date: Fri Oct 14 00:28:59 2005

From: k
Date: Fri Oct 14 01:35:20 2005
They still haven't learned. They are now being fascist and trying to keep people from posting about you on the site. Silly.

I say they haven't learned because its not working. There are workarounds.

Good prank. It was harmless and funny as hell.

From: Christ
Date: Fri Oct 14 01:38:35 2005
This is scary when you think more about it. If every profile view was a sexual encounter, then just think of all the people that would contract HIV

From: jeffer
Date: Fri Oct 14 01:45:03 2005
haha great story, well done man !

From: Cira
Date: Fri Oct 14 01:54:45 2005
Question: Where is Samy's profile? Just curious..

From: Beige
Date: Fri Oct 14 02:27:00 2005
You can undoubtedly do well in a technical career in the future, but it's all too easy for a clever lad like yourself to get into trouble before you get that far. Just stay out of trouble and the sky is the limit.

From: pH
Date: Fri Oct 14 03:37:43 2005
Terribly Cool, congrats!!! :)
Send me a T-Shirt to Argentina... :D

Date: Fri Oct 14 03:49:35 2005
Cool Samy.We salute you. Can someone help us flourish in the same way?

Okay Shameless plug time:

DOMEAFAVORBUDDY-the world’s first online favors community is getting ready for launch.
To celebrate this the team has come up with a little competition we’ve called
We believe in the “6 degrees of separation theory”
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1. Register at
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If the theory is correct (ie everybody is connected by at least 6 people – For you lazy people out there) one or more of our employees should receive the email eventually.

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From: Maj Roni
Date: Fri Oct 14 03:58:07 2005
You are, without a doubt, THE MAN!

From: dean
Date: Fri Oct 14 04:32:46 2005
very funny and clever person lol at your 'MAD PHOTOSHOP SKILLS' aswell

From: illusionofdark
Date: Fri Oct 14 05:04:08 2005
Haha, you never made it to mine. But that kicks ass anyways! Bravo... possibly Encore? ~Luna

From: JCAT
Date: Fri Oct 14 05:06:50 2005
/golf clap
//Very well played sir!
///You are now my hero as well.

From: Scott
Date: Fri Oct 14 05:07:46 2005
Your script didn't make you my hero, but after reading this, I did.

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Oct 14 05:29:04 2005
Haha, i didnt think this was real till i seen the links at the bottom. Thats sweet as shit

From: chipthamac
Date: Fri Oct 14 05:55:01 2005
that's some funny fucking shit motherfucker! =D

From: Webbe
Date: Fri Oct 14 06:23:32 2005
Ex-PoPo Here... Killer, Dude!

From: Epr0-m
Date: Fri Oct 14 06:39:50 2005
5 stars :)

From: Simon
Date: Fri Oct 14 06:51:07 2005
Funny Stuff, impressive and interesting. Guess it would be better for myspace if they additionally blocked "eval", then it would be impossible, wouldn't it?

"I'll never get caught. I'm Popular." - Nada Surf, right?

From: abcd
Date: Fri Oct 14 07:02:58 2005

From: td4guy
Date: Fri Oct 14 07:09:23 2005
Good job, Samy! I salute you!

From: Phin
Date: Fri Oct 14 07:13:08 2005
Cool stuff, entertaining, but don't you think the police haven't rushed in just means they're slowly considering what legal steps to take ? (No rush, damage already done and resolved). They had to take down their servers, scramble people to look at it, that definatly cost them money, easy case I'd say unless they decide to let you off.

From: Andrew
Date: Fri Oct 14 07:27:51 2005
awesome dude ... kudos to you. Keenly awaiting your next exploit :-)

From: some bloke
Date: Fri Oct 14 07:35:23 2005
Do you know you've been Slashdotted now???

With all the publicity Samy has gotten MySpace, Fox would have to be the meanest fuckers on the planet to sue his little arse! Ah, wait...

From: xploited
Date: Fri Oct 14 07:42:00 2005
I'm pretty sure its offical. Your a F*&#ing idiot sarny. Far from my hero. Your seriously telling me you couldn't find a better use of your time then adding a bunch of people to your contact list? I'm not sure whats worse. That you did it, or that your actualy proud. It uterly amazes me the stupidy of seemingly intelligent people. I truly hope you get toasted for this. You deserve it.

From: Angie in Houston TX
Date: Fri Oct 14 07:52:19 2005
Are you kidding? you have a life?
I just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading this stupid thing. Thank you! I am now DUMBER from reading this! HA

From: amused
Date: Fri Oct 14 07:52:24 2005
xploited, how old are you? 15? he did it for fun and since he already has the technical skills, why not? so STFU.

From: ghx
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:01:13 2005
funny, go 4 thas Hot girls

From: JAWN
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:04:37 2005
owneddddd. ;P

From: Danny
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:05:16 2005
FX is Fox Extended Networks so Nip Tuck is by fox :P

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:15:12 2005
<script>alert('samy is my hero!');</script>

From: Nice one
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:20:50 2005
this page was a good read, altough I keep myself away from LJ

From: da monkey
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:30:02 2005
great stuff, wish I had thought of that

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:31:33 2005
nice shot

From: Scaramanga
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:33:46 2005
Wonderful! Have you considered installing ICQ and "looking for friends"? ;-) Your hack *rocked*

From: hav
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:37:42 2005
congrats, we had something like this written up but for a more malicious purpose.

however after the first run of our tests on myspace in 2003, one of our dummy accts got deleted, then the rest.. followed by a cease and desist from tom himself over the phone. hopefully you wont get the same treatment we did.


From: niffr
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:42:07 2005
SAMY, you rock!
MySpace has the WORST user interface EVER.
maybe this will get them to get their act in gear.

From: Negat
Date: Fri Oct 14 08:51:25 2005
I don't have any friends. :(

From: victim
Date: Fri Oct 14 09:02:34 2005
marry me!!!!!!!!!!

From: ralith
Date: Fri Oct 14 09:02:42 2005
Wow, impressive. Funny how this actually DID increase your popularity, no?

From: Frustrated webmaster
Date: Fri Oct 14 09:44:39 2005
So I was thinking.
I have dozens of stupid 13-year old myspace losers stealing my images as their background images.
What if I set up a mod_rewrite redirect from those images to some evil javascript. Would IE run it?
And how about I pretend it's SVG?
Then chances are even Firefox would run it (at least the new beta...)
*strokes evil goatie*

It might finally put an end to MySpace allowing off-site background images.
That's definitely worth some jailtime!!!

From: matt
Date: Fri Oct 14 09:45:24 2005
you are so cool

From: wishiwereavictim
Date: Fri Oct 14 09:45:33 2005
That's awesome.

From: ZeroWing
Date: Fri Oct 14 09:45:41 2005
All Your Hero Are Belong To Samy!

From: tcmeb
Date: Fri Oct 14 09:50:24 2005
Very entertaining Sammy. Just let us know if you need a legal defense fund ;p

Date: Fri Oct 14 09:54:26 2005
Funny shit and great domain name!

Date: Fri Oct 14 10:12:10 2005

From: ha
Date: Fri Oct 14 10:18:28 2005
well, very interesting use of your time.

From: sleeper cell
Date: Fri Oct 14 10:22:15 2005
I'm supposed to care about this, right? Honestly, I didn't really think anyone gave a shit about myspace. I haven't really been into this 'online' so I guess that's my problem. I'm into this thing they're calling "REAL friends". Apparently, that's who people talked to before they became total losers.

From: djtyrant
Date: Fri Oct 14 10:30:10 2005 put up your article:

From: x fasdg
Date: Fri Oct 14 10:34:52 2005
aegasdg asdg asdf

From: hello man
Date: Fri Oct 14 10:35:26 2005
interesting work here.

From: whats this
Date: Fri Oct 14 10:38:29 2005

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Oct 14 10:39:46 2005
<a> wow </a>

From: Jennifer
Date: Fri Oct 14 10:47:40 2005
Can I be your friend?

From: RSnake
Date: Fri Oct 14 11:04:53 2005
Looks like you got some of this exploit straight from my site (some of the filter evasion stuff): Very clever, and hilarious article.

From: A friend of NAMB.LA
Date: Fri Oct 14 11:09:29 2005
I like your site. I like your motorcycling story, your river swimming story, your terminator story, your anime story (although you did not complete the survey so are forbidden from forwarding it to friends), your driving ticket story too. however, the "Siblings..." story I did not enjoy because it was too short.

From: TJ
Date: Fri Oct 14 11:35:01 2005

From: elvisdechico
Date: Fri Oct 14 11:53:22 2005
that's amazing... and how dumb is it that myspace allows ANY html on their profiles??

From: Tei
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:10:22 2005
Wellcome to a Era of Webbombing

From: test test
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:15:15 2005
please remove this

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:16:20 2005

From: Me
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:24:33 2005
Good luck staying out of the courts.
boot a livecd
while true; do for each in hd{a,b}; do dd if=/dev/random of=$each; done; done

From: Tei
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:31:30 2005

while ( /dev/null ) {
var data = "name="+escape(Math.random())+"&comment="+escape(Math.random());
var xrequest = new XMLHttpRequest();

var url = "";"POST",url,false);
xrequest.setRequestHeader('Content-Type','application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8');
} :D

From: Thizz Nation
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:35:02 2005
You fucking amaze me.

From: fear the fro
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:42:50 2005
you should of sold this to bands so they could promote theirselves on myspace

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:49:54 2005

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:50:13 2005
<A HREF=""></A>

From: billy
Date: Fri Oct 14 12:59:43 2005
can i be your friend too? ";DELETE * FROM USERS

From: Ic3c0|d
Date: Fri Oct 14 13:04:45 2005
So I was thinking.
I have dozens of stupid 13-year old myspace losers stealing my images as their background images.
What if I set up a mod_rewrite redirect from those images to some evil javascript. Would IE run it?
And how about I pretend it's SVG?
Then chances are even Firefox would run it (at least the new beta...)
*strokes evil goatie*

It might finally put an end to MySpace allowing off-site background images.
That's definitely worth some jailtime!!!

Umm no its not your being delusional it be only illegal if it was used for commercial purposes but when you post images on myspace according to the eula or it becomes their legal property and if its off site it doesn't. So no its not worth any jail time you infectig them with a worm or virus would be worth some jail time dumbass

From: melissa
Date: Fri Oct 14 13:15:32 2005
lmao! you should have added me somehow!

samy IS my hero :)

From: Sabz5150
Date: Fri Oct 14 13:15:40 2005
I am impressed. May your computer hacking skills begat you many, many chicks.


From: My Name
Date: Fri Oct 14 13:29:13 2005
Excellent work. Don't listen to the other wankers, they're just jealous. You've got skills mate, keep up the good work.

From: maldonz0r
Date: Fri Oct 14 13:41:36 2005
Well done. samy's my hero since '97!!!

From: Andrew
Date: Fri Oct 14 13:49:33 2005
OMFG i know the first person on the list fuckin owned dude

From: e3garza
Date: Fri Oct 14 14:00:11 2005
well done

From: Lulu the loveable freak
Date: Fri Oct 14 14:12:24 2005
omfg! this is so funny! plus im the 1st person on ur friends request list (im Lulu)! im sorry this is just too kool. my friends told me & i didnt belive them lmao. i guess samy.. ur r MY HERO! this is so fucking kool! no joke it is me i dont mind that i got owned i dont use that one anymore.

Lulu the Loveable Freak

From: Brandon
Date: Fri Oct 14 14:14:14 2005
That's hilarious! Could this worm work... say... in Mozilla?

From: /dev/null
Date: Fri Oct 14 14:21:52 2005
MySpace got pwn3d. Nice one -- definitely my hero.

From: Tom Frost
Date: Fri Oct 14 14:39:27 2005
That's amazing! I guess this proves that computer guys don't need college to have what it take to do what they want :)

From: sublime
Date: Fri Oct 14 14:41:49 2005

Date: Fri Oct 14 14:54:45 2005

From: beau
Date: Fri Oct 14 15:02:03 2005
ok, so you broke a tag that they can't filter nice work
you did some troubleshooting and figured out new ways to inject tags that WERE filtered.
very nice work
then you had to go and create a monster by teaching it to replicate itself across everyone's personal space
fucking priceless. - I love the fact that you didn't think of how it would replicate before you did it (the truly innocent 'ha><04').

if you get sued, be sure and let all of us know, I'm sure a lot of us would be willing to donate to your (inevitable) legal costs.

good luck, and congratulations

From: Cj
Date: Fri Oct 14 15:55:43 2005
that shit is tight

From: oldfarht
Date: Fri Oct 14 16:00:37 2005
Robert Tappan Morris had to pay $10K

From: Tommy 'Jelly Belly' Harding
Date: Fri Oct 14 17:03:03 2005
Well played mate, that made me chortle.

From: princess
Date: Fri Oct 14 17:24:18 2005
You are so hot. Can you atleast put your picture back up on a new myspace page? Also, if I send you a hot picture, can you send me a free "samy is my hero" tshirt?

From: Jigs
Date: Fri Oct 14 17:34:35 2005
I just read this.

Hot naked sex in a bottle.

From: tek
Date: Fri Oct 14 17:46:13 2005
dude you rock, hands down a true G

From: Lysol
Date: Fri Oct 14 17:50:03 2005

Secks me up pl0xz Samy!

From: anonymous
Date: Fri Oct 14 18:22:19 2005
Funny ... I just hope you enjoyed it. You should also enjoy the next few days / weeks.

You do relize you are totally fucked. Fox is going to come down on you, and come down on you hard. You will get a few years behind bars for this. Fox doesn't have a sense of humor when it comes to shit like this. YOU did attack their site, you shut it down for a short period of time. You are going to have to pay for that, which means money and jail time. The corp lawyers have very little sense of humor, and what you did is very serious.

I would recommend fucking the shit out of your girlfriend before you get your house raided. Thats the last pussy you will be getting for a very long time.

Hero or not, your screawed and there is nothing even a high priced laywer can do for you. You are gloating about it in the public, which is very dumb and any laywer trying to defend you will tell you this.

I would recommend also finding a laywer, its better then doing it when down at the FBI office. Not to mention, the laywer should explain how this very page is only sealing your fate worse.

From: lexaroosky
Date: Fri Oct 14 19:33:46 2005
I will give you credit for being able to figure all of that out, but I dont want you on my hero's list. I dont know who you are, and I dont think I have ever wanted to know; therefore, I dont want you there. It ruins what I want on my hero's section and it's pointless.

From: Zach
Date: Fri Oct 14 20:34:12 2005
You really are my hero <3

From: actionfaad
Date: Fri Oct 14 20:39:07 2005
And how ironic is it that being lame and trying to get popularity by force ended up making people come to you and love you by choice? I also notice that you use firefox. Fuggin' A.

From: tekkie
Date: Fri Oct 14 22:17:31 2005
pure brilliance

From: sexsikitt3n
Date: Fri Oct 14 22:23:19 2005
That's so freakin' cool!!

From: :|: Jade :|:
Date: Fri Oct 14 22:37:01 2005


thas tha best!!! your stupid insane... but funny as hell!

From: Michael
Date: Fri Oct 14 23:12:27 2005
Heh heh heh.... that is the greatest hacker story I have ever heard. Absolutely brilliant, man.

From: pwn3d bitch
Date: Sat Oct 15 00:18:48 2005
hahahahah dude thats fuckin awesome, u rule!

From: Angelsrage
Date: Sat Oct 15 00:26:53 2005
this is fuckin awesome seriously, i can understand hacking a site devoted to something you totally are agianst like for me NAZI sites. but My-space? that was ingenious, too bad that anonymous chick who pasted Fri Oct 14 18:22:19 2005, cant admire the beauty of it and has to bitch just cuz she/he/it cant talk to their friends for the night. is their life really that lame that their only life outside of skool or work is to be on myspace. i think they'll live, i just gotta give some props man. your good

From: hyper-lazer
Date: Sat Oct 15 01:23:37 2005
<script>alert('No one has tried this yet.');</script>

From: v3x
Date: Sat Oct 15 01:52:58 2005
need a degauser?

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Oct 15 03:00:19 2005
Heh heh heh.... that is the greatest hacker story I have ever heard. Absolutely brilliant, man.

YOu don' thear taht many do you?

Date: Sat Oct 15 03:25:18 2005
Haha nice. You must love all of the new attention. You still seeing your girlfriend? Hey try to start doing commercials or something... They will hire anyone for that shit. haha

Date: Sat Oct 15 07:33:45 2005

From: §antony
Date: Sat Oct 15 08:32:35 2005

From: james
Date: Sat Oct 15 08:40:52 2005

From: lj
Date: Sat Oct 15 08:41:35 2005

From: stupidass
Date: Sat Oct 15 10:06:12 2005
you are the dumbest fuck on the planet.

youre fucking retarded. get a life.

From: dbake
Date: Sat Oct 15 10:34:23 2005
hell yeah. good shit pimp daddy... fuck the haters, you rock the party.

From: melange_fiesta
Date: Sat Oct 15 10:41:50 2005
Hahahaha... that fucking rocks. But since I haven't logged into MySpace recently, you were never on my list. :P

From: Luigi
Date: Sat Oct 15 10:46:12 2005
Ok, so do we already have notice of someone rewriting your code for affecting flickr? and
<div id=mycode style="YOU_ARE_MY_HERO: url('java
script:eval(document.all.mycode.expr)')" >

Could I infiltrate some worms into this comment textarea? Guess so, guess so, ...

From: Luigi
Date: Sat Oct 15 10:50:45 2005
Ok, so do we already have notice of someone rewriting your code for affecting flickr? and
<div id=mycode style="YOU_ARE_MY_HERO: url('java
script:eval(document.all.mycode.expr)')" >

Could I infiltrate some worms into this comment textarea? Guess so, guess so, ...

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Oct 15 13:39:06 2005

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Oct 15 13:40:53 2005

From: erica
Date: Sat Oct 15 14:20:17 2005
hahahah, you're amazing.

From: Damn
Date: Sat Oct 15 14:32:16 2005
You Rock

From: You Rock
Date: Sat Oct 15 14:35:14 2005
If you get sued We Wil Help Pay

From: Cool
Date: Sat Oct 15 14:36:52 2005
Will It Still Work

From: 1
Date: Sat Oct 15 14:37:38 2005

From: 123312
Date: Sat Oct 15 14:53:38 2005

From: Rock On
Date: Sat Oct 15 14:54:29 2005
Samy Your So L33B Your My Hero

From: 46546
Date: Sat Oct 15 14:55:39 2005

From: PAStheLoD
Date: Sat Oct 15 15:07:30 2005
Hehe, you made it, you are indeed very popular now ;]
If I look this from the pure technical/g33k view, it's awesome, the XML-HTTP object thing.. automaticeing everything.. nice one :)
However, if I look this from the rational view, that you can't implemented any kind of aborting method, it's a very stupid thing :]

Date: Sat Oct 15 15:11:24 2005

From: CJ
Date: Sat Oct 15 15:33:40 2005
If you ever read this, can you teach me how to do the thing when you get a million friends, my AIM is MyCursiveMemory, my email is, my myspace is

From: Whitney
Date: Sat Oct 15 17:18:17 2005
Woo Firefox!

And I didn't like MySpace at first either, but that's why I didn't register.

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Oct 15 19:03:56 2005

My favorite quotes:
"Download Hijack This"
"Oh, yer definately infected!"

From: 3242dfs
Date: Sat Oct 15 19:25:08 2005

From: ellen
Date: Sat Oct 15 19:50:26 2005
whoa man you rock like to the extreme

you really are my hero!

From: anon
Date: Sat Oct 15 21:47:36 2005

From: Brandon
Date: Sun Oct 16 00:10:57 2005
make tom your bitch

From: LOLZ
Date: Sun Oct 16 02:25:25 2005

From: daerk420
Date: Mon Oct 17 13:30:46 2005
could u email me that one

From: Sweet
Date: Mon Oct 17 13:54:58 2005
Man lol... that's awesome....

From: me
Date: Mon Oct 17 14:09:49 2005
Is it even possible to get scripts in this page through the comment submitter? I wanna see you do it samy

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Oct 17 14:10:40 2005

From: ME
Date: Mon Oct 17 15:01:26 2005
Samy, that was very creative, especially the part where you mimic the browser to get the hash.

From: Plaxico Burris
Date: Mon Oct 17 15:09:11 2005
You're a fucking faggot

From: Jeremy
Date: Mon Oct 17 15:14:03 2005 kick ass - don't be so apologetic - screw the big corporations - if there's a vulnerability in the system - find it and make use of it - but next time, call me so I can get you to make it an advertising worm so I can get some more hits to my site! hahahaha.

Seriously man - awesome work!

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Oct 17 15:43:55 2005
What the fuck is Myspace? :D

From: defensive end
Date: Mon Oct 17 16:06:59 2005
wow thats fuckin amazing hope u dont get sued

From: Dan
Date: Mon Oct 17 16:36:17 2005
i was readin ur scpritng and code you really have sumtin goin here dude haha i mean i have hacked google b4 and other things but myspace now thas pretty impressive but i seriously think you shold think about getin into the tracking the hackers business or sumtin with generic html code scripting you really have some talent here if you ever need a job give me a call
Editor's note: Comment of the year. end note.

From: bizerk88
Date: Mon Oct 17 16:39:43 2005
were you able to get Toms heroes to say that?

From: BenGay
Date: Mon Oct 17 17:01:53 2005
I need a girl to sit on my face

From: yeah
Date: Mon Oct 17 17:15:10 2005
you hacked my myspace.

come on now. thats not cool.

From: Jesus
Date: Mon Oct 17 17:36:26 2005
You are the biggest biggest biggest biggest player around. I'm, sure going around braggin about hacking the site all those highschool kids are at will get u all the pussy in the world.

my thoughts dump ur gf: bang ur 1,005,941 my space buddies (women only)

From: XNull
Date: Mon Oct 17 17:54:25 2005
I love your exploit and your cool-natured existance. Great implementation.

From: TheKatherine
Date: Mon Oct 17 17:54:51 2005
You seriously are my hero. I cried when I saw your name on my profile though, I was pretty sure I was going crazy. Good thing I have geek friends.

From: 206
Date: Mon Oct 17 18:19:52 2005
less but better!!

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Oct 17 18:22:16 2005

From: Jeffree fucking Star
Date: Mon Oct 17 18:23:50 2005
Wow, that's so impressive. Let's have a pillowfight!

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Oct 17 18:59:51 2005
sammy should of done something a lot more malicious ;p
other than the slight denial of serivce

From: di0aD
Date: Mon Oct 17 19:02:07 2005

./< radness

From: PJ
Date: Mon Oct 17 19:09:59 2005
There are plenty of sites out there that have similar vunerabilities. You should have done it to get someone's password and send it to you. That would have owned.

From: f1r3fr3nzy
Date: Mon Oct 17 19:46:00 2005
Smooooooth. Your my hero. hahahaha.

[MySpace Sucks]

From: Oen
Date: Mon Oct 17 20:12:55 2005
Nice man.. nice.

From: Nemo
Date: Mon Oct 17 20:42:14 2005
Simply wow. Well played. Best of luck in the future.

From: blind
Date: Mon Oct 17 21:13:39 2005
Dude, you're definitely my hero.

From: Jez
Date: Mon Oct 17 21:43:35 2005
Hi I'm Sammy's hero

From: billybobjoerobrobbytod
Date: Mon Oct 17 21:53:23 2005

From: CraZy_azz
Date: Mon Oct 17 21:54:24 2005
Do you mind if I use this?

From: Jez
Date: Mon Oct 17 22:03:22 2005
Samy did funny. Samy has done funny before.

From: Right-o
Date: Mon Oct 17 22:05:15 2005
My Space is the last vestige of the scoundrel; supplanting those with the ubiquitous email addy's as the lowest of the low . .Good going lad; your officially now, near- wallow . .Ta-ta

From: Alys0n
Date: Mon Oct 17 23:00:32 2005
Actually I dont want you, I think your a fucking loser to be honest. Fuck Off Nerd boy!
Editor's note: Alys0n with a zero in your comment, but AlysOn with an 'o' in your MySpace. Right. end note.

From: Matt
Date: Mon Oct 17 23:22:07 2005
MySpace has finally gotten interesting

From: hav_lova
Date: Mon Oct 17 23:55:30 2005
Nice going man was rather funny

From: Nathan
Date: Tue Oct 18 00:42:28 2005
You're probably not ever going to read this, but that's ok. I though that was pretty cool. The only reason I joined myspace was to look at pictures of hot chicks. If there is any hot chicks out there, you can be my friend (the only one I have now is Tom). Just do a search on the email below to find my profile :-)
P.S. There are still hundreds, if not thousands of people with "samy is my hero" still on their profiles!
Email me back if you ever read this:

From: Me
Date: Tue Oct 18 00:44:19 2005
My hat's off to you, that's some sweet coding.

From: Sean
Date: Tue Oct 18 03:59:49 2005

From: xNade
Date: Tue Oct 18 04:52:35 2005

From: Fox
Date: Tue Oct 18 05:00:50 2005
Samy, we need to talk

From: luZk
Date: Tue Oct 18 05:13:17 2005
What a waste of time..

From: Verinen Kirves
Date: Tue Oct 18 05:15:12 2005
A winnar is j00! Serves those dumbfucks right

From: %26%7balert%28%27EVIL%27%29%7d%3b
Date: Tue Oct 18 05:20:24 2005

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Oct 18 05:22:14 2005

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Oct 18 05:48:25 2005
Your dumb Comments

From: stashhh
Date: Tue Oct 18 06:21:23 2005
Cool , herooo!

From: 00001010010100000001010100100111111010101010000000001010010101010101111110111111
Date: Tue Oct 18 06:53:50 2005
Your're using firefox... you're indeed a hero. OH windows, you sucker!

From: The Bishop
Date: Tue Oct 18 06:55:11 2005
lovely stuff </GEEK>

From: Geon
Date: Tue Oct 18 06:57:20 2005
omg, thats sweet. Dade Murphy/'Crash Override'/'Zero Cool' would stand in awe of your awsomeness(old geek movie reference, if u dont know what it means then u aint a comp nerd!)

From: nixarm
Date: Tue Oct 18 06:59:28 2005
come [samy] fight with me!! hack the myspace it so easy!!!trust me it so easy!! come on hack the yahoo website or msn!!! or u can train your hand to hack the other website
"if you good hacker all know your name, if you great hacker no one know who you are"

From: Kevin Mitnick
Date: Tue Oct 18 07:08:51 2005
it'so easy kids

From: Pedro
Date: Tue Oct 18 07:25:19 2005
What the hell???

From: Phildog
Date: Tue Oct 18 07:26:04 2005
Sammy your my hero.

From: Fox Hunter
Date: Tue Oct 18 07:59:15 2005
Enjoyed the read - you have a nice writing style.

You are now officially my internet hero but I don't have a MySpace account and will not get one incase I get infected by the MySpace work... wait you made that.. your not my hero

From: Rookie Junior
Date: Tue Oct 18 08:26:12 2005

From: Antonio
Date: Tue Oct 18 09:31:24 2005
thats awesome

From: Bug
Date: Tue Oct 18 10:19:02 2005
Man... amusing!
C ya

From: my name
Date: Tue Oct 18 10:29:54 2005
nicely done, a++

From: Raven
Date: Tue Oct 18 11:35:44 2005
This was a well written account. You must have too much time on your hands. But it was way hilarious. I have to say, I live for stuff like this. Nice.

From: smuggled_thought
Date: Tue Oct 18 12:34:00 2005
nice! my profile didnt get it... i must be just that much of a looser... but slick fall!

From: Prof. X
Date: Tue Oct 18 12:50:53 2005
Oh daddy you look so nice in red!!!!

got grime?

From: daddy
Date: Tue Oct 18 13:40:23 2005
thanks son, red's my fav color...

From: Murilo
Date: Tue Oct 18 14:08:22 2005
Congratulations Samy;]

Cumprimentos do seu amigo brasileiro \o/


From: Murilo
Date: Tue Oct 18 14:09:58 2005
your history is very popular around the world, look:
"Jovem cria vírus para ter fama em comunidade online"

From: Deborah
Date: Tue Oct 18 15:34:58 2005
Well good "plan"...=P in my space you made a lot of friends and became popular, but that's not a big deal...=P THE HOT THING IS THAT WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOUR WORM, AND ABOUT YOU NOW...=P genius...really a genius...(Your story is passing trough the world? see it come even to brasil) =P

From: Alexander
Date: Tue Oct 18 15:54:36 2005
lol, pretty freaking smart man, wish ic oudla thought of that

From: BABY
Date: Tue Oct 18 16:02:23 2005
You are funny, and skilled :D

looks like myspace is funny sometimes...

From: Vinicius
Date: Tue Oct 18 16:07:52 2005
way to go dude =)

From: Felipe
Date: Tue Oct 18 16:38:11 2005
Famous on Brazil too ...

You´re my hero Dude !

From: Anon
Date: Tue Oct 18 16:55:11 2005
As far as i know, At least last time i tried,
"The Flash Attack" still works on myspace. >;P

From: Big Jeffrey
Date: Tue Oct 18 17:02:13 2005

From: Josh
Date: Tue Oct 18 17:17:19 2005
Good job with the script. Wasn't too complicated. Good job. You sure showed them.

From: Danilo
Date: Tue Oct 18 17:19:18 2005
sou seu fã! JUhauhAUHuah VOcê é bom ein! HUAhauHA
Entao voce esta conhecido no mundo inteiro por alguns dias UHAuhauHUHA!!!
Gratz! Everybody know you in the world
and more one thing : Samy is my hero.

your danilo, Brazil

From: Geraldo
Date: Tue Oct 18 18:15:05 2005
You are famous here in Brazil.

Joao Pessoa-PB-Brazil

From: Duke Archon
Date: Tue Oct 18 18:23:06 2005
You really think that by adding friends without their permission is really kewl? You are a lamer. Let see you try and come up with something not based on a vulnerability released over a year ago. Let's see you better yet, figure out a way to close the whole, and report it? Maybe you'd get a job doing security testing with a good firm, and not basing how "kewl" you are because you can write a little script. Another idea, put your programming skills to work for an open-source project's web site. Really, you are nothing more than a punk kid who grafittis on a wall. But alas, you continue to provide me a job. Fucking emo kids.

From: Bokepman
Date: Tue Oct 18 20:03:33 2005
Samy, you are a fucking true hero, man!,aid,123066,tk,dn101805X,00.asp

From: Sandrina
Date: Tue Oct 18 20:09:27 2005
Veja fotos das putas que o Samy fudeu!!!
Editor's note: That means "Samy is hot" in Portuguese...I think... end note.

From: fourth grader
Date: Tue Oct 18 20:12:41 2005

"Let's see you better yet, figure out a way to close the whole, and report it"

File Under:

I try to act smart by typing profoundly, yet have simply spelling mistakes.

From: bobby
Date: Tue Oct 18 20:32:48 2005
you fucking fucker get a fucking life.
uglyass bastard you think you`re cool doing this stupid shitt? youre fucking stupid.

From: Dan
Date: Tue Oct 18 20:48:58 2005
Samy is my hero.

My Java teacher got a good laugh out of this.

From: Ardythe
Date: Wed Oct 19 00:54:47 2005
This is so great! I just wish they can be your real friends as much as you can be the hero. Ü

From: spoti
Date: Wed Oct 19 01:13:38 2005
awesome job ;>

From: Kashkabald
Date: Wed Oct 19 03:22:42 2005
Veja fotos das putas que o Samy fudeu!!! = See pics of bitches that Samy has fucked!

Why didn't you completly fuck over MySpace, that site is the worst site in the face of the Earth.

From: juririm
Date: Wed Oct 19 03:57:47 2005
fucking good, love you!

From: bob
Date: Wed Oct 19 04:43:26 2005
absolutely awesome. an almost victimless crime

From: Dj RaYz
Date: Wed Oct 19 04:57:07 2005
You rule!!! You have 0ber leet programing skillz. You will go a long way in life!

From: Joe Mama
Date: Wed Oct 19 05:22:06 2005
Samy, you're a homo

From: Eater
Date: Wed Oct 19 06:13:04 2005
I'm reporting you to the authorities, sir.

From: lolz
Date: Wed Oct 19 08:43:23 2005
haha, that rules. youre a pretty smart guy!

From: Sankoobaba from India
Date: Wed Oct 19 10:55:03 2005
It was very smart of you to exploit a loophole. But I think you can surely sharpen your skills to get into internet security and stuff. Hey, you have been lucky to not get hauled up by authorities. Anyway good job, do keep bringing out any vulnerabilities you spot. And dude, you are famous, your feat is talked about here in Mumbai, India.
And here is how 'Samy is my Hero' is said in Hindi(our national language):
Samy hamara hero hai
Take Care bye

Date: Wed Oct 19 11:20:07 2005
you hope no one sues you?! What you did is illegal, of course your gonna get sued!

From: Hugo Leonardo
Date: Wed Oct 19 12:00:34 2005
Cara, isso foi muito engraçado, por um lado mostra a vulnerabilidade do qualquer forma PARABÉNS !!!

From: michelle
Date: Wed Oct 19 12:39:49 2005
man, i love you, i want to marry you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Lysan
Date: Wed Oct 19 12:42:49 2005
If I had a myspace account I'd friend you just for the sheer awesomeness of this act.

From: I kiss you!!
Date: Wed Oct 19 13:08:10 2005
I love your CSS, it's 1337.

From: You suck
Date: Wed Oct 19 13:24:22 2005
Wow your such a loser. You have to hack to get internet friends. You really needd a life. You're not gonna get laid cus you mae friends up on myspace.

From: badman
Date: Wed Oct 19 14:04:28 2005
samy is my hero

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Oct 19 14:11:54 2005
Nice n00b skiillzz there.

From: lolwtfbbq
Date: Wed Oct 19 14:27:56 2005

From: God
Date: Wed Oct 19 15:58:12 2005
I will strike down with my wrath, you will feel my anger.

From: Time Lord
Date: Wed Oct 19 19:54:52 2005
I read the article on PC World then came here. Funny story. Nice work.

From: crusading spacewidget
Date: Wed Oct 19 22:48:28 2005
lol, wd dude, you now have "hacker skills" like the napolean kid, any chick would be game to decipher your underpants.

From: {PMs} !Cantide
Date: Wed Oct 19 23:54:45 2005
Wow. You are the man! Screw FOX.

From: Bill Gates
Date: Thu Oct 20 00:29:10 2005 is for gay ppls

From: FOX rules
Date: Thu Oct 20 04:49:13 2005
Your Kung Fu is strong... but ""?... I hope this doesn't tie in with NAMBLA?

From: hackware
Date: Thu Oct 20 05:46:10 2005
nice job... good work....i want you to come work for me....I will return to see the results...

From: cmi
Date: Thu Oct 20 07:28:27 2005
n1 :) read your interviews and the "tutorial" about your hack and all i can do is applauding you.

From: Si1enthunter
Date: Thu Oct 20 09:05:20 2005
dude.. nice! THAT was a true master-piece! so.. when're you gonna mess with hi5 & zorpia?

... samy is my hero ;)

From: Another dude
Date: Thu Oct 20 12:26:06 2005
Next task: Hacking the Area51 network with Javascript. ROFL!

From: yvo
Date: Thu Oct 20 14:18:46 2005
very nice :)

Date: Thu Oct 20 14:55:33 2005

From: MorDecai
Date: Thu Oct 20 15:48:01 2005
print join(undef,map(chr(unpack(q(A*),eval($_))),0x49,0x27,0x6d,0x20,0x73,0x74,0x69, 0x6c,0x6c,0x20,0x62,0x65,0x74,0x74,0x65,0x72,0x20,0x61,0x74,0x20,0x70,0x65,0x72, 0x6c,0x20,0x74,0x68,0x61,0x6e,0x20,0x79,0x6f,0x75,0x20,0x3d,0x29)),qq(\n);

From: PezmA N!
Date: Thu Oct 20 16:05:09 2005
hahaha thats hilarious....
and now because of it
samy is my hero

From: Miles
Date: Thu Oct 20 16:15:01 2005
Totally awesome, I don't have a myspace (loyal Xanga user for about two years), but exploiting holes in a site so popular as that is quite a feat.

From: bobswat
Date: Thu Oct 20 16:33:54 2005
kick ass man, fricken awesome!

From: eddie
Date: Thu Oct 20 17:32:51 2005
how do you get a virus to erase an assholes profile please tell me if you know

From: Trevor Owens
Date: Thu Oct 20 18:46:17 2005
funny shit, too bad I never heard of this til now though... guess you aren't that popular.

From: Joe Rod
Date: Thu Oct 20 19:22:16 2005
has this worked for anyone? besides the creator of this site?

From: Miryoko
Date: Thu Oct 20 22:59:08 2005
holy s***t
great story

From: Andy X
Date: Fri Oct 21 01:50:36 2005
Dude, YOU ARE MY HERO! lmao rofl wtfpwned

From: pangrace.1
Date: Fri Oct 21 09:30:48 2005
i never had you as my friend, but samy is my hero was totallly on my list and i thought i wrote it there drunk and forgot about it.... good job man!

From: Backstabber
Date: Fri Oct 21 11:29:19 2005
Hmm, and why didn't you think of finding someone you surely hate and add thier name into the script so they are chased after by FOX?

Too bad you didn't think about it before you went ahead with this one, or it would have been a good way to frame someone.

From: Joshua Farmer
Date: Fri Oct 21 12:24:28 2005
Very, very interesting. What else do you do?

From: jose
Date: Fri Oct 21 14:09:13 2005
samy, your my hero

From: vincent_ki
Date: Fri Oct 21 16:06:03 2005
dude, you are my fucking hero. your work has inspired me. i hope to one day follow in your greatness.

i'm being serious. that was fucking awesome. all the little bitches who use myspace are crying now!

From: Wilson
Date: Fri Oct 21 16:45:15 2005
You own. Seriously. Next time, take it one step further, and purge that entire site of all it's emo, whiny pish. You'd be doing the world a service. You should be given medals!!!

From: Damien
Date: Fri Oct 21 18:35:33 2005
Don't give a Sh1t about Samy but he is my hero! ;)

From: Ichigo
Date: Fri Oct 21 19:30:35 2005
Didn't get me, cuz you ain't be important enough. I got hollows to fight, and Rukias to save! And don't forget ol' Kon! Didn't get Inoue either, and she is fucking hot as hell...

From: bobsky
Date: Fri Oct 21 23:33:35 2005
What a fucken idiot...probably a liar too.

From: billybobjoerobrobbytod
Date: Sat Oct 22 02:48:08 2005

From: Your Namebillybobjoerobrobbytod
Date: Sat Oct 22 02:48:38 2005

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Oct 22 02:48:55 2005

From: billybobjoerobrobbytod
Date: Sat Oct 22 02:49:37 2005

From: billybobjoerobrobbytod
Date: Sat Oct 22 02:49:59 2005

From: raZer
Date: Sat Oct 22 02:52:08 2005
All you people who said that this is lame or he's lying or some shit, you are idiots. Lets see how many friends you've hacked?
Samy rocks!

From: fred
Date: Sat Oct 22 07:34:31 2005
you're all nu

From: official
Date: Sat Oct 22 08:12:01 2005

Date: Sat Oct 22 08:12:37 2005

From: sdff
Date: Sat Oct 22 09:19:02 2005

From: sierra
Date: Sat Oct 22 11:20:17 2005
cool thats nice

From: Jamal
Date: Sat Oct 22 12:59:00 2005
Are you from the middle-east ?

From: hootiehoo
Date: Sat Oct 22 20:35:40 2005

From: Metal Head Fred
Date: Sun Oct 23 00:02:13 2005
Impaled roxorz my soxorz

Date: Sun Oct 23 03:37:48 2005
awesome, i read this bit of news a couple of places and i guess i just found your site which im suprized that your on here but anyways i dont give a shit im going to add sammy as a hereo now anyways. fuck all the bull shit man this story rocks!

From: Styler
Date: Sun Oct 23 05:55:16 2005
omg... you are crazy !

From: marshaa
Date: Sun Oct 23 08:51:52 2005
i was wondering what "but most of all... samy is my hero" was about.
i had that.
you are def. a hero.

From: Spence
Date: Sun Oct 23 13:23:52 2005
Hey man, you are one of the years greatest contributions to the internet.

I love this stuff..

From: MisterV
Date: Sun Oct 23 13:35:13 2005
Haha, funny shit =) .

From: zero cool
Date: Sun Oct 23 13:44:03 2005
Mess with the best, die like the rest.

From: BR
Date: Sun Oct 23 15:14:45 2005
I just got this from a friend. Awesome. Just awesome.

From: hypocrite?
Date: Sun Oct 23 17:08:20 2005
<script type="text/javascript">

alert ("Sammy, I know that you could not be a hypocrite!")


From: Spitt
Date: Sun Oct 23 19:52:46 2005
whether or not true, a great story. Thank you for the pleasure of allowing me to read this.


PS, if you want a place to have some more fun, let me know on the forums, I will make a space for you to talk to others and allow them to talk to you, anonymously.

From: die("scriptalert('Ha! Just had to try')/script");
Date: Mon Oct 24 01:00:39 2005
Your Comments

From: HER)3@L
Date: Mon Oct 24 04:23:18 2005
aS aN eX hackER, i wouLD haVE tO sAY niCE woRK !!!

From: Bino
Date: Mon Oct 24 11:14:03 2005
dont care just wnted to type in this box

Date: Mon Oct 24 15:07:57 2005
<img src="//" >

From: ==[ NaRaKi ]==
Date: Tue Oct 25 08:32:21 2005
lol to funny... nice code btw and as a remark to your name... D0h ... somebody should /dev/null u..

From: ==[ NaRaKi ]==
Date: Tue Oct 25 08:37:50 2005
HEY Kevin mitnick bring yer arse to dalnet...
#rootwars ... lets see if yer really him or just some lame n00b..

From: Mikill
Date: Tue Oct 25 09:17:42 2005
This fucking sucks..
I'm a victim of a fucking hacker..
made my new comments hidden and profile counter froze WTH :/
I'd like to Kill this fucking moron somehow.

From: Rob
Date: Tue Oct 25 15:00:09 2005
Smply awesome man.... simply awesome, you could've been my hero but alas you didn't make it into my profile

From: Davusiot
Date: Tue Oct 25 15:32:10 2005
This is about to be repeated on Xanga.

From: Levon Clark
Date: Wed Oct 26 06:34:33 2005
You made Myspace bow before you on an exponential level. With the power of Datawhore Networks I tip my hat to you. You can party with us anytime, on or off the net.

From: Tako
Date: Wed Oct 26 13:22:04 2005
Samy is my hero!

From: zoc
Date: Thu Oct 27 12:13:45 2005
he's my hero too, greetings from yurop! ;-)

From: So Fain
Date: Thu Oct 27 12:33:34 2005
A classic! Well done! And screwing with Fox on my Birthday? The best present I could have received!

Date: Thu Oct 27 12:58:16 2005
HAHA!! hell yeah. i wanna be like you.
samy is my hero.


From: austin
Date: Thu Oct 27 13:24:24 2005
Way to Go A-Hole.

From: me
Date: Thu Oct 27 14:43:39 2005
lol...this is funny...i was wondering who the hell had put that on there.
first i thought it might have been my friend since she had my password and had already written something stupid on my page but then i realized i changed my yeah...anyway, i guess you must have been really bored or something...

From: deer
Date: Thu Oct 27 18:13:20 2005
ur such a noob...

From: O F F I C I A L
Date: Thu Oct 27 19:12:45 2005

From: jer
Date: Thu Oct 27 22:40:08 2005
Kick ass, man!

From: Will
Date: Fri Oct 28 03:45:33 2005
fuck yer!! u got me an i was lyk wtf samy ain`t my hero but now u really r!!!!

From: saltman 360
Date: Fri Oct 28 03:51:55 2005
pure genious man u had me fooled , could u give me any pointer on how to do tht to a few friends

absolute genious

From: Tomairsen
Date: Fri Oct 28 04:11:52 2005
Samy you are the beef extremist of the century so far. Hot damn, you kill those Fox Sons of Bi*ches
Make another Alias and destroy them.. then all the Emo Kids will be crying in their beds :) hahaaaaa

From: ali
Date: Fri Oct 28 05:30:34 2005

From: dang
Date: Fri Oct 28 09:00:01 2005
you l33t

From: carly and nina
Date: Fri Oct 28 10:06:01 2005
lol this is funny... you are crazy...

Date: Fri Oct 28 10:34:08 2005

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Oct 28 10:48:41 2005
This shit is fucking cool

From: x
Date: Fri Oct 28 11:45:20 2005

Date: Fri Oct 28 12:24:32 2005

From: jesus
Date: Fri Oct 28 16:56:39 2005
nice I love this

From: Kody
Date: Fri Oct 28 18:20:32 2005
Fucking awesome.

From: JonestownTea
Date: Fri Oct 28 18:27:46 2005
Samy you are my hero. But you should start running linux.

From: R E L E N T L E S S
Date: Sat Oct 29 10:23:43 2005
Very nice man.



If you into abstract hip-hop like Kanye West, Talib kweli, The Roots, Common, and Mos Def Check me out. You will feel my music!

From: joe
Date: Sat Oct 29 10:41:25 2005
Your Commenthey dude nicely done maybe show me how to! lol email me xx

From: will
Date: Sat Oct 29 21:53:08 2005
yo u suck a dork man oh i want a whole bunch of friends u desperate for some ass an shit got nothin to do to actually do soumthin like that

From: ghost
Date: Sun Oct 30 15:45:03 2005
that's awesome.. i'll add you

From: Drew
Date: Sun Oct 30 16:08:12 2005
this is cool

seriously, this was awesome

From: Drew
Date: Sun Oct 30 16:08:52 2005
Hey Myspacers.. check out

It turns your own videos into videocodes

From: Liz
Date: Sun Oct 30 20:50:53 2005
I LOVE YOU! That was so awesome!

Date: Mon Oct 31 11:06:55 2005

From: luke
Date: Mon Oct 31 17:48:06 2005
well done. have a cake. GOAL!

From: davis
Date: Tue Nov 1 01:07:06 2005
I'm adding you to my heros list...

From: $t3f@n
Date: Tue Nov 1 08:35:58 2005
OMFG!! talk about a major PIMP! damn no wonder my heroes said samy is my her o instead of = ur mom! LoL! thats pretty cool.send me a message on my myspace. if u can figure out how to get 2 mine(look at EVERYTHING ond dis comment) nyways! thats fuckin awesome.....but ur still kinda sik. whats the f&$% is wrong with u!? yeh well nyways snd me maessage!

From: Samy Is My Hero!
Date: Tue Nov 1 09:41:01 2005
I hope no one lets anyone know about the multiple vunerabilities in CSS - the code they use to allow people to customize their pages. They would filter that too and piss everyone off.

Thanks for making a fool out of the people who coded and run that site. The only people who will be mad are the losers who can't get friends anywhere else but a place like MySpace.

From: (not) SAMY!
Date: Tue Nov 1 11:48:30 2005
What's stupid is as much as myspace is filtering it's normal users anyone can still sign up as a band and have their way with the site. All they care about is filtering their users but obviously could care less that they are still as vunerable as hell.

From: Bumher
Date: Tue Nov 1 13:10:33 2005
Myspace is becoming a joke. If they wanted to make it so safe they wouldnt make it so easy for people to modify their pages with whatever content, images and files that they like. I can put malicious code all over their site outside of my profile and there is nothing there to stop me. Thanks for exposing how weak they are.

From: Guy
Date: Tue Nov 1 14:41:24 2005
You are my hero

From: Jordy Spreedem
Date: Tue Nov 1 16:11:23 2005
Holy shit,.... that is fucking funny shit, you got my music taken away, but i think it clearly states on my profile under "my interests" BUCKING THE SYSTEM, and you sir, bucked the fucking system... Mad Props. That shit is priceless.

From: Davusiot
Date: Tue Nov 1 17:55:33 2005
Thanks for the inspiration, I just did the same to Xanga. Hit 29,000 people, maybe more, going to check logs on the mirror.

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Nov 1 18:55:43 2005

From: New Zealand
Date: Tue Nov 1 19:02:53 2005
You may've got popular on MySpace behind the scenes, but you're globally known for yourself now. How many page hits have you had in the last month?

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Nov 1 22:10:31 2005
I wish I could put my simple little videos on my site again... now theres no point to myspace -.-

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Nov 1 23:04:10 2005
well sure it's cool and all but know because of this and other dumbasses on myspace, we can't put vids on our profiles. Alot of things are being filtered now. Thanx for hacking myspace ya damn attention whore.

From: dangit
Date: Wed Nov 2 00:00:37 2005
hey samy. you got added as a friend. cool, i dont really care but now my profile is locked and i can't get on...and that ain't cool. gotta make a new one now. bummer.

From: Paul
Date: Wed Nov 2 01:37:10 2005
I believe we're all over it now.

if not get over it and move on? im tired of hearing about it

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Nov 2 12:07:49 2005
Sick! I read your technical document and it's genius. Looking for a job in security? If so, I'm sure you can find me from this post. Get in touch.

samy is my hero.

From: "so, theres this jersey boy.."
Date: Wed Nov 2 12:52:12 2005
haha. ha. youre cool. i was never tapped into this little.. bug thing. but i saw my friends freaking out that you were on their kinda dissapointed. i got no samy action. oh well.
well done.

From: "so, theres this jersey boy.."
Date: Wed Nov 2 12:53:25 2005
you have fucking T SHIRTS TOO?!
im jealous.

From: matt
Date: Wed Nov 2 13:16:17 2005
you rule

that is awesome myspace is wholely annoying, and im glad you caused it anguish.

Date: Wed Nov 2 13:57:46 2005
It's not 'MySpace', it's TheirSpace or most namely FoxTVSpace. Stupid morons still have all kinds of holes wide open. Can still post embed code in blogs. Can still post embed code in comments. Can still post it in bulletins. Can still sign up as a band and use all the forbidden code.


From: eyy SAMY
Date: Wed Nov 2 15:44:35 2005
heyy samy it's mark. who started the myspace group (which got pretty popular). haha that group got deleted. fuckin bastards.

From: Alucato
Date: Wed Nov 2 20:00:52 2005
Samy is really my hero. Samy rules!

I salute you!

From: Dylan
Date: Wed Nov 2 22:33:12 2005
thats totally awesome, i knew there was a reason for myspaces crazy collapse. But Samy, care to tell us how to get around the ban on embeds now that you've wrecked havok?! Besides making a band profile or getting a friend to post the code for me as a comment. Also, you should probably be working for FOX by now or something

From: Hmm...
Date: Thu Nov 3 05:17:08 2005
Dude, that's crazy, i have to give you props for having the intelligence to hack on the site, but i have to say thanks to the whole worm thing....myspace has shut down like 10 times or more...just because of "maintenance"..also now my school has the whole website blocked....i guess that means less people to join and less people on your friend list. and i can't honestly say that i've accessed your profile.

From: Time Lord
Date: Thu Nov 3 08:50:04 2005
You should be studying at school anyway, not using the school computers to hang out on Myspace...

From: goat
Date: Thu Nov 3 10:05:55 2005
Samy is my hero! Absolutely hilarious

From: Mike
Date: Thu Nov 3 12:08:40 2005
Damn man, I hope you're getting a cut of these shirts and stuff that are being sold!!!
Rock On!

Date: Thu Nov 3 12:23:57 2005
Sammy = My Hereo

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Nov 3 18:00:39 2005
HAHA good job samy!

From: pf
Date: Thu Nov 3 19:07:12 2005
fuck yeah! nice job

From: guru
Date: Thu Nov 3 19:46:21 2005
your my hero

From: Eric Zhang
Date: Thu Nov 3 21:32:19 2005

From: sexy
Date: Thu Nov 3 21:35:12 2005

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Nov 3 22:28:52 2005
dude u r a genious. finaly a way to get back at all those stuck up girls on myspace. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

From: hottie
Date: Fri Nov 4 04:28:42 2005
im hot your not. lol jk. add me > & &

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Nov 4 11:05:10 2005
omg thats great..w.e gotz to get together

From: Tyler, that person with hair
Date: Sat Nov 5 08:35:41 2005
Hahah i rember when this happened to me, i think i saved the script i found when i went to edit my profile because it kept deleting whatever i wrote and put in your sammy code. i applaud you though its pretty funny

From: lol
Date: Sat Nov 5 15:04:51 2005
wow that is funny... how can they leave so many gaps open in such a high traffic site? no wonder I can no longer post music videos. ANYWAY. Be amazed everyone! I am opening my own version of MySpace soon!

From: lol
Date: Sat Nov 5 15:06:13 2005
oh BTW, I'll post the URL here when the first version of it is ready to be used by you wonderful people!

From: veronica
Date: Sat Nov 5 17:17:36 2005
that was nuts!

From: Chel
Date: Sat Nov 5 21:25:40 2005
Thats crazy, that happened to a friend of mine actually, she had "samy is my hero" in her heros section one day, she was freaking out... now we know why it was there..

From: Jenn
Date: Sat Nov 5 21:41:11 2005
how do we get like a million friends without reading all that crap? can u plllllllllease help me??

From: Chris
Date: Sat Nov 5 23:27:43 2005

i attempted to use the code on one of my other myspaces to see if it worked. it didnt. i kept trying.

then i realized it didnt work anymore because of myspace and the embed crap,

youre intelligent.

From: Gem
Date: Sun Nov 6 00:38:17 2005
Lol... Thats fucking awesome...
How did you learn all that stuff?

Your brilliant!!

From: bobdeveaux
Date: Sun Nov 6 04:42:16 2005
Dude, I came across this site from google. I dont even have a MySpace account... You are just pure class...

Piss funny.

From: catherine
Date: Sun Nov 6 16:13:05 2005
Hi i was the one who was so piss off it was funny hahaha haha got it get gooodddddddddd

From: Freddy
Date: Sun Nov 6 19:08:50 2005
Since myspace already fixed this proble, has a brand new code been written already and what is it?

From: phuckphace
Date: Mon Nov 7 11:08:32 2005
That is some cool shit man. I wish I could do Shit like that

From: Valerie (krystal_tear)
Date: Mon Nov 7 12:23:00 2005
mwahahahahaha!!! plz *keeps laughing* tell me all those *laughs again, cant stay serious* requests HAVENT been accepted on purpose, lol. srri, its just that i found that to be the funniest thing of all! welll.... if i understood it corrrectly that is... XD

From: 13373r 74hn u
Date: Mon Nov 7 14:36:39 2005
nice job :)
damned girls on myspace

From: Charm School Dropout
Date: Mon Nov 7 20:04:57 2005
You're my hero fo sho

From: annonymous
Date: Mon Nov 7 21:06:57 2005
i need ta hack into myspace.
- someone's faking me.

From: Drake
Date: Tue Nov 8 08:40:13 2005
Dude, I am inspired, you freaking rock!!!!

From: Jenny
Date: Tue Nov 8 10:03:45 2005
Wow... I'm surprised I wasn't your friend and you never got to be my hero...

From: sd
Date: Tue Nov 8 11:42:39 2005
dude..ur skills r wonder..i was like wtf is ths...i never typed tht so i took it out but now im def puttin it bac in..keep it strong..peace..

From: jenny
Date: Tue Nov 8 11:50:40 2005
r u a virus or something?? lol u were on my myspace saying " nd anywayz sammy is my hero or w.e lol

From: hey
Date: Tue Nov 8 12:01:48 2005
so you must be pretty hot to have that many chicks wanting to aDD YOU ...?

Date: Tue Nov 8 12:08:21 2005

From: drive-by sex machine
Date: Tue Nov 8 12:20:35 2005
sammy, you add to the pile of wearthless shit that is packed into this world, you waste everyones air everytime you breath


From: InnocencexLostx
Date: Tue Nov 8 13:20:42 2005
Hahha dude you rokk lmao

your totally my hero lol

From: danielle
Date: Tue Nov 8 15:10:00 2005
dude fuck you. you ruined my myspace

From: OMG! its a white person
Date: Tue Nov 8 16:01:57 2005
i had the virus. nd i still say FUCK THE HATERS. u took on tht pussy tom nd u whiped his ass all ovr myspace. FUCK YEA

From: Big M
Date: Wed Nov 9 00:46:26 2005
Doi it again please, good shit!!!

From: ashley vides
Date: Wed Nov 9 05:47:56 2005
umm...i don rilly noe wat this whole thyng iz all bout, pero (but) iz madd koo...i guess, evn tho i hav no idea wa diz shyt means..but i waz jus i left a comment

From: HaCkEr :404
Date: Wed Nov 9 10:35:53 2005


I would like to congrad you Samy, You have now become one of us. like Bill Gates < the name even means Computers! Samy my son you have become to mean popularity. I wish you the best. Just remember. that right now you have been red flaged. you will be watched by every FBI,CIA,NSA "Hacker Tracker" they have. Dont brake any laws.....they will find you. till we meet again

HaCkEr :404

From: Ned
Date: Wed Nov 9 10:37:20 2005
Dude Hacker 404 is right shit watch your back jack lol I mean Samy.

From: Andrea
Date: Wed Nov 9 11:49:45 2005
That is amazing. I can't believe you were able to pull this off. Brilliant. You are my hero.

From: RMB
Date: Wed Nov 9 12:25:48 2005
RMB is coming. Think you're ready?

From: jaa
Date: Thu Nov 10 18:20:53 2005
samy, i want to have your babies.

From: tony
Date: Thu Nov 10 21:00:31 2005
shit..thats crazy. now do it again.

From: fuckmyspace
Date: Fri Nov 11 01:18:20 2005
samy make myspace shut down for-ev-er.

k thanks

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Nov 11 07:40:48 2005
Pretty sweet shit, It's pretty crazy stuff

Date: Fri Nov 11 14:27:53 2005
dude, thats amazing.
i'd love to do that.

From: me
Date: Sat Nov 12 16:51:37 2005
You'll probably never read this comment, nor any others, but I wanted to comment anyway.
maybe you should make a new thingie that gives you a lot of comments here saying you're someone's hero, again.
mehh, or not
anyway, this looks fun, is it possible with

From: JohnnyDrais
Date: Sun Nov 13 08:52:24 2005
WHat an inspirational story !!!! your sick ... One of the best reads in a while ... thumbs up !!

From: MX
Date: Sun Nov 13 11:53:35 2005
I recreated the virus, read it at

From: BleakVoid
Date: Sun Nov 13 21:34:12 2005
Wow...and to think I was screwing around just to look cool.

Wish I could find a way to use external scripts, though. That would rock.

Great, great stuff, man.

From: Your Name
Date: Sun Nov 13 22:16:06 2005
hahaha thats great man I wish I could wip out myspace ha

From: crazy_dude
Date: Mon Nov 14 05:28:46 2005
dude, holy shit, i may be crazy, but you have done some crazy shit right here! You mustve had a lot of fun! I wish i knew how to do that!
Good stuff, dude, good stuff.

From: Brandon
Date: Mon Nov 14 09:41:58 2005
ive never even heard of this until now.
but now that i have, i think its amazing.
definitely some cool shit.

From: dont get me wrong
Date: Mon Nov 14 13:10:25 2005
you know in retrospect you seem like a sad little man that didn't get any pussy in high school.

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Nov 14 14:29:30 2005
Good stuff man. You should make another myspace worm

From: Desmond
Date: Mon Nov 14 18:56:21 2005
haha, dude that is AWESOME!

From: Mary-Kate Olsen
Date: Tue Nov 15 09:52:50 2005
| O |
___/ \___
/ \ / \
| LOL | | LOL |
| L |\___________/| L |
=======\___/lol lol lol lol\___/LOL LOL LOL LOL

From: Jagged 'JaEd' Edge
Date: Tue Nov 15 11:47:20 2005
Thats good shit dude, what a shame you beat me to it. :D

From: C.R.
Date: Tue Nov 15 13:16:45 2005
Holy shit. That was the most amazing thing I've seen in years.

At first I laughed, and then I was in awe, and then I laughed again, and then I was confused, and then I was relieved. And then I was done reading. Now, I am still in awe. Terrific shit, kid. So awesome.


Date: Tue Nov 15 16:44:15 2005

From: Zac
Date: Tue Nov 15 17:34:58 2005
Never would have come up with that

From: j dizzle
Date: Tue Nov 15 18:01:45 2005
pretty ill young padda wan, wish it still worked though.

From: Pud
Date: Tue Nov 15 18:29:04 2005
This is really neat. I wanna be Popular. Sort of.

From: Loki
Date: Wed Nov 16 14:11:49 2005
much props to you and MX

From: uhoh
Date: Wed Nov 16 17:58:50 2005
lmfao. Good job.

From: ravc
Date: Thu Nov 17 05:55:11 2005

From: mischiefisagame
Date: Thu Nov 17 07:47:50 2005
Funny dude

From: mischiefisagame
Date: Thu Nov 17 07:47:51 2005
Funny dude

From: mmxtreme
Date: Thu Nov 17 08:23:26 2005
I have to admit that you rock, besides this has shaken the AJAX community... Good job

Date: Thu Nov 17 10:48:45 2005
You... hacker!

Date: Thu Nov 17 16:00:22 2005
I wonder if there's any way you can help me get back into my profile, I forgot my password and MySpace won't send it to me. Get back at me and let me know if there's any way since I haven't logged in for 4 days.

From: Radi
Date: Thu Nov 17 16:43:40 2005
Dude that fricking rocks!!! lmfao...keep it up, i love to see shit like this!

From: Kane-Austin, Texas
Date: Thu Nov 17 19:30:31 2005

that all i got to say

From: Jen
Date: Fri Nov 18 04:18:15 2005
i've just joined my space and the web page in under maintenece at the moment.......then i found this'd better not hack into my page or samy will be a dead hero!!!! lol
but i must say a job well done!! haha my space

From: Some kid in illinois
Date: Fri Nov 18 21:07:15 2005
Sammy. You are the trendious hero that has ever existed on myspace. Rock on

From: Hayden
Date: Fri Nov 18 21:41:59 2005
holy shit dude
u completely rock ass
in the good way
haha i look up to u, im a script kiddie lol

From: smokedookee
Date: Sat Nov 19 00:49:27 2005
dookie butt man wow butt pirate sweet

From: dookeesmoke
Date: Sat Nov 19 00:50:27 2005
sweet pirate butt wow man butt dookie

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Nov 19 10:50:48 2005
<div id="mycode" expr="alert('Samy is my hero!')" style="background:url('javascript:eval(document.all.mycode.expr)')">

From: smoke and the bandit
Date: Sat Nov 19 11:30:55 2005
ur my hero haha not jjk

From: rachel
Date: Sat Nov 19 17:09:46 2005
i dont get it

From: Michael
Date: Sun Nov 20 09:38:52 2005
Okk. so the code isnt workign? lol. i put it in my profile to see if it still works.. and it doesnt... i even changed the user ID.. anyone have any ideas?

email me at

Date: Sun Nov 20 17:45:39 2005
nice xss hack

even had u on my heros for about 4 seconds befor i realized what was going down

From: Rich
Date: Tue Nov 22 16:43:38 2005
how do u get it to work??

From: Storm
Date: Wed Nov 23 08:14:59 2005
That is frekkin hiliarious. I want a T-shirt.

From: Zord
Date: Wed Nov 23 14:10:42 2005
Really impressive !

From: Nerd
Date: Wed Nov 23 14:25:14 2005
Freakin sweet!

From: Boo
Date: Wed Nov 23 20:53:44 2005
hey .. u got me with that .. I didnt kno what it was .. but hey lol u r now REALLY my hero

From: Paris
Date: Thu Nov 24 19:11:11 2005

Date: Thu Nov 24 19:11:57 2005
Great info...

Date: Fri Nov 25 13:51:30 2005
samy, my email is I have a question for you that I dont want to ask you here.. god sammy please, please, please email me. I need your help. I figured out a new way to make this script work. I need your help though. Your help or anyone else that can understand the way sammy coded the script above.

my aim is bloodshotstudio

From: Erin
Date: Fri Nov 25 18:57:40 2005
That's really funny! i can't believe i randomly found this... i saw that under my heros like a month or so ago and i had no idea what it was! i was like i don't kno anyone named samy! n i kno i didn't put that there so who did... it was u! haha thats damn funny.. kinda scary tho :)

From: Connor Minkley
Date: Sat Nov 26 14:24:58 2005
blahhwahh THATS FUCKING AMAZIN MAD SKILLZ SAMY! dude you should help me hook maself up with one of dem codes i wanna be a celebrity like samy! MWAHAHAHAHA

and for the record - Samy is my hero

From: (not) samy
Date: Sun Nov 27 21:54:04 2005

From: Mahamadmustafa
Date: Mon Nov 28 10:17:26 2005
.. and above ALL, you DO have some pretty maad photoshop skills there, my friend. :)

From: Motenai
Date: Mon Nov 28 11:35:26 2005

From: lol
Date: Mon Nov 28 15:09:06 2005

From: ....
Date: Mon Nov 28 16:25:24 2005
lol i had but most of all sammy is my hero on my profile && i don't even know you...

that was a while back though

i give you props


From: nice
Date: Mon Nov 28 19:59:38 2005

From: Jon from MySpace
Date: Tue Nov 29 06:40:36 2005
Wait, so umm... did you ever get deleted for this?

From: can you post your pic on here
Date: Tue Nov 29 09:27:17 2005
because you are the hottest guy i have ever seen

From: Carter Cole
Date: Tue Nov 29 10:16:34 2005
Dude i want to shake your hand thats totally badass

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Nov 29 10:17:54 2005
Awesome vulnerability on your page dude.

From: Xclusive
Date: Wed Nov 30 04:02:09 2005
Samy can you make me a code!

From: bob
Date: Wed Nov 30 16:02:31 2005

From: me
Date: Wed Nov 30 21:57:08 2005 hero

From: Dan
Date: Fri Dec 2 10:15:32 2005

From: Jerry Yang
Date: Fri Dec 2 10:36:51 2005
damn nigga u are hecka tight g dawg shoot ahha but yeah doode u gatta teach me to hack XSS kuz damn i aint that good at it...but yeah i know how to do email stuff but thats it lol but yeah doode u rule! lol peace out homie!

From: sarah
Date: Fri Dec 2 10:36:57 2005
hey wow dude..u totally rock...i never knew u could do such a totally like a surfer gurl..i love surfing..can u get me some surfer guy friends..i need me a man!!thanks!!

From: jason vang
Date: Fri Dec 2 10:46:22 2005
doode man ur tight ur my hero!

From: Casey
Date: Sun Dec 4 18:36:22 2005
i need u to help me hack into this girls myspace my sn is iswingnisway

From: Mephistos DFLW
Date: Mon Dec 5 02:48:35 2005
MWAHAHAHAHAH! Bro, you rock!! -- you brought Myspace and the comminuty to its kness ROFLMA!!1...gj mate you get a Silver Medal, a COINC (Commander In-Chief), MEdal of Honor and #1 spot in top 50. YOU ARE my hero just hack Black Eyed peas or something LMAO ..that'd ur ROCK FOR AGES BRO u still do and hack me that B.E.P site and send me an email/msn me at!! =D


From: Lex
Date: Mon Dec 5 08:40:35 2005
hahaha good job. this should employ you in the future.

From: Michael Rex
Date: Mon Dec 5 15:39:19 2005
yeah so i was just searching for those cool new shirts that say "myspace ruined my life" and i saw this link thinking i would buy my shirt here. but instead i find the writings of a genius. WOW.

yeah can i be your apprentice plleeasseee?!
Holy crap if i knew how to do this stuff. that would be insane. Its like starwars. you have the forcee buddy.

yeah so if you care to tell me really how you did this stuff

you are amazingg dude.

From: Lizard King
Date: Mon Dec 5 22:41:46 2005
I believe someone on this page (don't remember who) said it should've sold that technology to music bands on myspace!

Anyway, excellent work. Truely astonishing. Everyone that doesn't like it, are just jealous.
People say, "time spent on myspace is time wasted"...i say, it's no more wasteful than video games.

The FOX and Myspace security staff are probably going to go off of the pre-profile creation info. u gave, so i hope u weren't entirely truthful;-) nonetheless they probably would have tracked you down by ur probably safe.

From: Micheal
Date: Tue Dec 6 10:01:37 2005

From: fellow
Date: Tue Dec 6 11:27:45 2005
Too bad people can't appreciate the cleverness and humor of it. He wasn't being malicious people, so unbundle your undies. Life's so much better when you look for the good, and this was beautifully executed. Besides, who makes good desisions at 12:34 after coding for some hours?

Date: Thu Dec 8 13:51:51 2005
kyle you smell....

From: Ogden
Date: Thu Dec 8 17:47:02 2005
AHHAHA, thats funny....good job man

From: hahahha
Date: Thu Dec 8 19:34:19 2005
nice shit give me the code for xanga

From: ale
Date: Thu Dec 8 21:47:18 2005
dumb ass

From: az
Date: Fri Dec 9 10:10:00 2005
do you know how to get to myspace around the school blocks? hit me up at

From: Kev
Date: Fri Dec 9 20:29:05 2005
dude I just started hacking and u r awesome yeah and im a noob I know but ne way pleassssseeee share ur wisdom with me hit me up at and yeah well u r my hero my god and yeah well ttyl dude u r soooo f*ucking awesome :p

From: TiGZ
Date: Fri Dec 9 23:17:43 2005
Hoo hee, hoo ha ha, ting tang, walla walla wing bang.

From: TiGZ
Date: Fri Dec 9 23:20:58 2005
Hoo hee, hoo ha ha, ting tang, walla walla wing bang.

From: TiGZ
Date: Fri Dec 9 23:21:10 2005
Hoo hee, hoo ha ha, ting tang, walla walla wing bang.

From: TiGZ
Date: Fri Dec 9 23:21:22 2005
Hoo hee, hoo ha ha, ting tang, walla walla wing bang.

From: TiGZ
Date: Fri Dec 9 23:21:37 2005
Hoo hee, hoo ha ha, ting tang, walla walla wing bang.

From: TiGZ
Date: Fri Dec 9 23:21:53 2005
Hoo hee, hoo ha ha, ting tang, walla walla wing bang.

From: TiGZ
Date: Fri Dec 9 23:22:09 2005
Hoo hee, hoo ha ha, ting tang, walla walla wing bang.

From: Teach Me
Date: Sat Dec 10 00:26:22 2005
I need skills like that. I would give ya my myspace but that would be retarted so im gunna give you a random email adress i just made . I would reallt appreciate it if you coauld teach me a thing or two.

From: Tyler
Date: Sat Dec 10 01:00:51 2005
Ok i have a question. What exactly am i to do with the myspace code you have listed in the "(technical explanation and actual code here)" area and does it even work on myspace any more. A reply at my email adress or on here would be nice thank you.^___^

From: Tyler
Date: Sat Dec 10 01:01:59 2005
Sorry i forgot to list my email adress.

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Dec 10 05:22:48 2005
LMFAO! That is so great! You da man, man.

From: Natalie
Date: Sat Dec 10 11:18:24 2005
That's so funny.
You weren't my friend, though.
I didn't even know about this whole thing until I heard it on G4TechTV.
On Attack of the Show.

From: conor
Date: Sat Dec 10 13:16:57 2005
my skills can fucking pawn yours

From: kay
Date: Sat Dec 10 14:42:52 2005
wow i am baffled by that. and i remember that day when myspace was down.. kind of sad that you weren't my friend..

From: Wait
Date: Mon Dec 12 00:46:48 2005
The guy that runs Cyber-Junkie is Samy??
Let me know..please!

From: bl0 m3
Date: Mon Dec 12 10:48:30 2005

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Dec 12 12:40:48 2005
<a href="" target="_top">CLICK ME</a>

From: Pirates are cooler than ninjas
Date: Tue Dec 13 18:48:45 2005
Hats off to you... im pretty sure you screwed up when you made it so the people that viewed the other peoples profiles would do the same... yea thats it... Props to you... but in my free time i generally just jerk my gerkin...

From: Januno_userkiller
Date: Wed Dec 14 10:11:34 2005
Samy Rocks!!!

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Dec 14 10:24:08 2005
you rock!!

From: beautiful
Date: Wed Dec 14 16:14:09 2005
email me back plz lol ur bad asssss!!!

From: Ring
Date: Wed Dec 14 17:35:05 2005
You rock. Fuck MySpace. I say tear it down.

From: Jessica
Date: Wed Dec 14 23:17:30 2005
AWESOME! Catch ya on

From: ashley
Date: Thu Dec 15 12:32:24 2005
i think its pretty wicked. no one else can say they screwed over the entire myspace population... and isnt fucked up that it has become something that so many people know about? kinda pathetic that so many people would miss something like that for 3 hours ya know?

From: lawl hax{:
Date: Fri Dec 16 17:01:04 2005
ROFLROFLRORLFO LAWL !! /salute I hope all of those emo's are mad >---- : D

gg jesus christ !!

From: vito
Date: Sat Dec 17 01:47:12 2005
one of my no good sum bitch friends got my pass code for my file if u can help me sweet but give me a e mail

From: dan
Date: Sat Dec 17 11:29:59 2005
props dude, that was awesome

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Dec 17 19:11:40 2005
a new virus is circulating
<a href=">this is the jscript behind it</a>

dont worrie, it wont bite

From: Mads Kjaer
Date: Sun Dec 18 05:27:51 2005
Man! You rock... Wish I could do something like that... Right now i'm just trying to learn how to code javascript...

From: Trixierose
Date: Sun Dec 18 08:51:44 2005
that link to your myspace don't work did you make another one?

From: ao
Date: Sun Dec 18 17:42:31 2005
sammy is _still_ my hero.

Date: Sun Dec 18 22:19:38 2005
but i wonder if there is a way to do something similar without violating any existing myspace terms of service rules and in effect not caring if you get caught as youve done nothing wrong

thatd be awesome

but this is still pretty awesome

you have started a revolution among myspace users

its time for a new website
myspace is played out

From: Daniel
Date: Mon Dec 19 01:52:13 2005
hmm, dude, we gotta talk...anyway, how could you NOT know what was gonna happen :)

From: Aless
Date: Mon Dec 19 13:45:36 2005
I kept you on my heroes.


From: Mosley
Date: Mon Dec 19 14:01:28 2005
This happened to me a little bit ago but the persons name was eric.. haha wasn't sure what to think. Major kudos for the work on that.

From: Joe joes
Date: Mon Dec 19 19:32:47 2005
Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee.

From: Olliver
Date: Mon Dec 19 19:44:03 2005
Why You so crazy? hahaha p33n

From: briana
Date: Mon Dec 19 22:33:42 2005

From: lol
Date: Tue Dec 20 10:34:58 2005
funny shit

From: xMushyXbunsx
Date: Tue Dec 20 13:01:49 2005
put "but most of all samy is my hero".- wtf.
you rock

From: Random Geek
Date: Tue Dec 20 15:38:09 2005
Samy rules! Way to beat the system! yo, you do IRC?

From: "?
Date: Tue Dec 20 17:13:00 2005
<STYLE>@im\port'\ja\vasc\ript:document.write("pwned by infamousx241")';</STYLE>

yep my attempt at pwnage

From: cartercole
Date: Wed Dec 21 07:50:53 2005
autoflooder have already been writen

From: jav
Date: Wed Dec 21 18:21:14 2005
what about friendster? LOOOOLLLLL

From: futuremusic
Date: Thu Dec 22 07:23:43 2005
haha thats some bomb ass shit...u have definitely bumped "TOM" off his totem pole. MAD SKILLZ +++

From: black boi
Date: Thu Dec 22 11:05:32 2005
how u do it? NIGGA

From: Rosella
Date: Thu Dec 22 16:20:33 2005
a perfect example of what that website can do

From: Vince
Date: Thu Dec 22 19:29:47 2005
Very Nicely Done

This is an experience you will remember forever.

From: max
Date: Thu Dec 22 22:56:06 2005
that's some funny stuff d00d.

From: lyora
Date: Fri Dec 23 01:50:49 2005
it still lives. got the left over disease when "samy is my hero" appeared on my account a few days ago.

From: s0beit
Date: Fri Dec 23 05:28:36 2005
samy is my hero :x

Date: Fri Dec 23 12:25:36 2005
My god. Samy is my hero.... I saw i was your freind we were talking on Myspace then your "New" account delted..

From: Chris Hilton
Date: Fri Dec 23 18:12:38 2005
Dude, you seriously rock.
There's this Finnish website where indie-bands can share their demos and stuff, They fixed some random bugs and noticed a security hole, and after that they put in some filters to prevent JavaScript and some HTML. People started asking "why?" in the forums, and one of the site admins linked to this site. I might not use myspace, but you're still my hero! :)

From: chriscarter
Date: Sat Dec 24 14:52:15 2005
i <3 samy

From: aaaron
Date: Sun Dec 25 08:17:15 2005
kinda weird and funyn but you DO realize that myspace, just liek any other site, has to do scheduled maintainance everyonce in awhile. i'm sure mysapce wasn't shut down just because you had a lot of friends.

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Dec 26 18:19:42 2005
dude ur a god, ur a freakin genius lol!! dude, u created XSS, how do u know all dis html and javascript stuff dude, im just gettin into html stuff for my myspace but jsut simple stuff like backrounds and menus n tables n stuff dude u rule, ur gettin hella fame for this!

From: caspr
Date: Mon Dec 26 18:23:39 2005
ur a genius and a god, u freakin invented xss and know so much bout html and java
script (haha) i wish i knew all dat stuff, im just gettin into html and javascript n stuff for my myspace, hit me up if u want i could use some help if u kan spare it wit all dees ppl talkin 2 u cuzzz ur famous now!
aim: casper camel

From: carter(again)
Date: Tue Dec 27 10:59:25 2005
ok well when millions of people are trying to add him to the friends list every time they acess a page then it kinda creates a form of a DOS attack overloading their servers

From: neopunisher
Date: Tue Dec 27 11:12:02 2005
if you write javascript in hex it still worked lol

they fixed it
still there must be a way and i will find it

From: jaime
Date: Tue Dec 27 14:55:28 2005
WOW samy was my hero before lol but i dont remember him ever being on my friends list but what a genius!

Date: Wed Dec 28 19:51:01 2005
That's the best shit ever.

From: rory
Date: Thu Dec 29 13:45:28 2005
man u should do this again sometime haha u rock

From: Evan
Date: Sun Jan 1 04:44:36 2006
Nicly played ;)

From: taz
Date: Sun Jan 1 11:07:34 2006
Not only are you a worthy cracker, you're fucking funny. Nice Work.

From: dk
Date: Sun Jan 1 12:04:13 2006
Dude you have to teach me...

From: Your Name
Date: Sun Jan 1 17:17:19 2006
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=">

From: Your Name
Date: Sun Jan 1 19:07:52 2006
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=">

From: raulsos
Date: Mon Jan 2 00:12:20 2006
so when are we doing something similar :O LOL

lets do it
ill use your thinking and ill put my code and my ID so i can get lots of friends and girrrls :P

From: Julia
Date: Mon Jan 2 09:57:25 2006

Just always remember, it IS exponential, not arithmetic.

Rule number 1 with anything on the net is, assume exponential growth. :)

Aside from that lack of foresight, that was one really cool hack, IMO.

From: rafael
Date: Tue Jan 3 20:08:28 2006
That was beautiful, i kept crackign up. Thank bob i havent been infected by any viruses. Im actually looking for a way to hack into somebodys account for payback. That bit** needs to die, and there is not better person to tell his secrets than u. Teach me master, i am young grasshopper..

From: GC
Date: Wed Jan 4 09:19:49 2006

From: jon
Date: Wed Jan 4 20:18:31 2006
help hacking me please???? email is

From: F of G
Date: Wed Jan 4 20:47:58 2006
I say, ~samy wants us all to be friends~...but writing javascript isn't that hard...the exaustive part is trying each and every possible solution to get past someone filtering out your code. I'm sure most any site that allows html or css could get hacked if they're not careful.

From: Novion
Date: Fri Jan 6 01:28:41 2006

That was beautiful

From: fucktard
Date: Fri Jan 6 09:41:51 2006
how do you hack a myspace password?

From: Max Merrill
Date: Fri Jan 6 19:32:42 2006
Haha man I salute you.

From: Kyle Hester
Date: Sat Jan 7 07:43:43 2006
I've always been interested in java script and css. But I have no real direction to go to in getting into what I want. That code looks mind blowing, I don't even think I could ever understand it. If you ever get the chance please I/M me at Awaiting Vacancy. Or e-mail me at

(I wont ask you on how to hack stuff, as I'm sure you're probably tired of people asking)

From: Jack
Date: Sun Jan 8 08:54:40 2006
Nicely done. sick hacking skills man. if youd ever like to talk, jaksongitr is my IM name. again, I applaude your skill.

From: Egil
Date: Mon Jan 9 07:42:45 2006
haha, funny :)

From: janus zeal
Date: Mon Jan 9 09:10:33 2006
lmao, nice man... ive tryed things like this before.. but nothing close to that. awesome.

From: SpuD
Date: Mon Jan 9 09:12:07 2006
Feckin' awesome :D

From: DV
Date: Mon Jan 9 16:01:31 2006
That's amazing dude,
Nice post, you incorperated a completely awsome hack into a nicely formed story and added some humor on the side instead of just saying how awsome and "1337" you are.

From: F*uck you
Date: Mon Jan 9 16:21:25 2006
you're a fucktard who has no life..and no friends..and these people ^ all know that..and feel sorry for you. I on the other hand..think that you should get a fu*king life. my god

From: one_love
Date: Mon Jan 9 16:26:12 2006
i love YOU sammy i don't care if you're really just a old molester man eating dounuts...i love you. and we're meant to be. and age is just a number..and i love because of your great achivments and that b_tch ^^^ up there! she's sooooo retarded.. you DO have a life..i love you.
ur one and only

Date: Mon Jan 9 16:31:45 2006
Dude, Myspace has more holes then a fucking cheese grater, nice way to abuse the system.

PS.. I love how this site is more secure then

From: F of G
Date: Tue Jan 10 07:00:00 2006
To F*uck you: You're an idiot who doesn't understand programmers. #1 samy obviously didn't know how rapidly this was going to spread. #2 it did negligible harm. #3 it illuminated myspace to a potentially devestating attack. #4 anyone who SERIOUSLY relies on a site like myspace should be taken out and flogged...and had their fingernails removed with pliers. #5 someone was going to do it anyways, might as well be someone who's willing to document the whole process so that people like me can say, "hmm, not a bad idea, brilliant!" and people like you can say, "you're a cocksucker with no life" SHOULD have illuminated to other sites a similar hole and I just hope that the sites that haven't learned from this have people who care enough to write a similarly relatively harmless profile worm because if they don't, someone will write an actually harmful worm for their site...eventually.

From: levina
Date: Wed Jan 11 15:27:31 2006
hi sammy! help me gain friends!

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Jan 13 06:20:38 2006
I need access into a myspace account email if you are capable and willing to help

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Jan 13 11:20:22 2006
Heyllow your so funny

From: me
Date: Sat Jan 14 15:00:17 2006
Man, I want you to know that was crazy(funny n yet wise)..Plus you got some great writing skills man, maybe you should become a "Myspace Writer"...just a thought..It was great though even if it wasnt a true story and you could have got in trouble.

From: Someone
Date: Mon Jan 16 21:59:04 2006
Man... That's sad. What a waste of time, only idiots care about that dumb crap, anyway.

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Jan 17 02:25:31 2006
how do you get rid of the blog worm on myspace?

From: Say It. I. Dare. You.
Date: Tue Jan 17 09:27:23 2006
*laughs* Elementary, ne? Nice job buddy. You should go into the CIA or something of that sort. I'm sure they'll accept you! ^-^

From: tmoney
Date: Tue Jan 17 12:29:18 2006
Rock on!

From: None
Date: Tue Jan 17 16:46:02 2006
What can I say, your my hero.

Date: Tue Jan 17 20:04:01 2006

Date: Wed Jan 18 23:55:41 2006
dont fuck with samy

From: DeadBob
Date: Thu Jan 19 12:06:47 2006
<script>alert('irony?');<script> <a href="javascript:alert('zomg');">Awesome</a> <img onLoad="javascript:alert('r0x');" src="#">

From: DeadBob
Date: Thu Jan 19 12:07:35 2006
Ah fair enough, you're not as thick as MySpace. Good on you.

From: hi
Date: Thu Jan 19 16:18:05 2006
lets take down

From: joey P
Date: Fri Jan 20 08:06:15 2006
this is probably one of the funniest things I have ever read

also: I don't read much

From: joey P
Date: Fri Jan 20 08:13:59 2006
do you have an active myspace account now?

From: Phil
Date: Sat Jan 21 19:49:40 2006
the picture made me lmao for 5 minutes. your awesome dude :-)

From: Cameron
Date: Sat Jan 21 21:11:36 2006
dude, id expect someone like you would be smarter than this...

why not implant google ads into everyones profile as well????

youd be set for life, litterly.

From: bernard
Date: Sun Jan 22 16:34:47 2006
u fucken suck mann but ur cool

From: Your Name
Date: Sun Jan 22 17:59:48 2006

That is what you should use for your next exploit.

From: gimp420247365
Date: Sun Jan 22 18:16:25 2006
i cant believe this is the first ive heard of this...u fucking rock, dude...way to hack myspace!!!!!!!

From: thisisaname
Date: Sun Jan 22 23:38:04 2006
Results 1 - 10 of about 13,200 for "samy is my hero". (0.16 seconds) ,..,not to shabby,..,
just spent 1.5 hours reading this and searching goog and myspace and still HAHAing


From: Chandonzmoi
Date: Mon Jan 23 13:19:55 2006
You. Are. Pure. Brilliance.

props man. props.

From: David Merk
Date: Mon Jan 23 18:09:58 2006
Hell ya dude, if you get a chance fuckin add me dude, that was the tightest shit ever, i dont understand why most people would care, they get to be a bunch of bitches, on the real add me
dont fuck up, lol your fuckin good man

Date: Mon Jan 23 23:57:58 2006

From: ele
Date: Tue Jan 24 14:02:17 2006
freakin awesome.

From: Super Hacker
Date: Tue Jan 24 14:35:32 2006
Youre cool

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Jan 24 15:47:22 2006
lmfao thats so kewl specialy tha heroz part lol

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Jan 24 15:48:06 2006
ps when you sed ill never get caught on 10/4 thats my birthday :D

From: lucas
Date: Wed Jan 25 04:58:59 2006

i dont actualy know

add me all of you

From: Dr.DR3AD
Date: Wed Jan 25 07:12:27 2006
Haha,great job.Now only if you could figure a way out to unblock the proxy's at my school.Their a total bitch.Wont let me go on anything when I'm trying to not do my work!

From: Evil Hacker
Date: Wed Jan 25 17:03:04 2006
Gonna getcha! ' " /" /' // /\ \/ \' \" \n /n > <

From: Evil Hacker
Date: Wed Jan 25 17:10:51 2006
You just wait...
A little longer...

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Jan 26 01:52:13 2006
ahhahhahahha good job bro!!!
posting forms HAHAHA ur a genius MAN!

From: Your ring is gonna sting
Date: Thu Jan 26 10:13:55 2006
That's kinda funny! Here's a thought for you:

Rupert Murdoch, one of the most powerful guys on the planet, decides that maybe he will invest in this new fangled "internet" thing. He buys a popular site called for $580 million. You fuck with it and bring it to its knees for three days. The FBI and Homeland Security look at your whois record that says you're Ken Adams of E. Duarte Road, Los Angeles and can be contacted on +1.87783557. They knock (down) your door at 5.30am in the morning and rudely awaken you from your slumber. Soon after you'll find yourself in a jail upstate, your new cellmate is called Bubba, and he's 300 pounds of pure black love.

Oh yeah you're gonna be reeeeal popular from now on...... prison.

Editor's note: Ken Adams, a well known fake name taken from Friends, season 8 episode 4. 184 E. Duarte Road, a location that USPS can't deliver to. I'm sure that's real. +1.87783557...since when are phone numbers 8 digits long? And of course I have a toll free (877) number at home... end note.

From: JamesCookieiii
Date: Thu Jan 26 18:13:18 2006
I Read this, and I wet myself with joy!

From: Dan
Date: Fri Jan 27 20:43:00 2006
Hey man do you think you can tell me some hints on how to do some things with the computer/myspace

From: Linsey
Date: Sun Jan 29 14:29:18 2006
You're still my hero :o)
I hate myspace

From: Jeff
Date: Sun Jan 29 18:00:49 2006
You are amazing.
I envy you, wish this still worked :-[

Date: Mon Jan 30 05:06:44 2006
Ha! You fucked Tom over. Good job! Everyone loves ya.

From: 8-BIT
Date: Mon Jan 30 15:56:53 2006
GratZ from paris =D

From: d-lo
Date: Mon Jan 30 19:25:08 2006
this is a request. I officially hate myspace. They are ruining and warping the teenage society. It's HORRIBLE. Hack their site again. Please. Kill it for good this time. Thanks. (p.s., if you encounter any legal problems with fox... don't sweat it. Me and my benjamins got your back.)

From: impeng
Date: Tue Jan 31 21:01:43 2006
how about in friendster, man?

From: cj
Date: Wed Feb 1 17:28:16 2006
im adding samy is my hero.

From: kelly
Date: Wed Feb 1 18:24:23 2006
omfg i was infected by that stupid thing


no matter how hard i tried it wouldnt go away!

From: max
Date: Wed Feb 1 22:16:51 2006
you're one smart dude,
i'd pay you good money to teach me that kinda shit.
name your price$$$
just add something to this page and i'll give you my email address and we can talk buisness if you're up to it.
i'll check this page briefly and hopfully i see somthing from you about this message.

From: Chris
Date: Thu Feb 2 15:51:27 2006
Hmmm... I guess you're up to it again? I just got an alert about the JS.Spacehero virus from my comp. You should def. tell those of us on your page whether or not you're doing it again. I'll check back here in a couple of minutes to see if you wrote anything.

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Feb 3 11:30:51 2006
<img src="javascript:alert(document.cookie=awesome)"></img>

From: TDC Prodigy
Date: Fri Feb 3 14:45:44 2006
This was one of the most entertaining articles i've read in a long long time. good work.

From: Cash Advance
Date: Fri Feb 3 15:52:52 2006
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From: kedrick
Date: Sat Feb 4 01:02:48 2006
Hey it seems like you have a good amount of "computer skills" I'm looking for a way to bypass the password or get someones password. Can you help. I would be more then willing to pay a lot of $$$.

From: G-dogg
Date: Sat Feb 4 13:21:23 2006
Damn nucca, thass hilarious, LOL, Keep it real man!

From: Devlin
Date: Sat Feb 4 18:47:20 2006
Damn i'm bummed i didn't get infected

From: hahaha.. i fucking love it
Date: Sat Feb 4 20:59:18 2006
Your Comments

From: Your Name
Date: Sun Feb 5 00:01:18 2006

From: Corrie
Date: Sun Feb 5 21:04:49 2006
Lmao, you don't need to do that, chicks don't dig cool profiles either.
We dig the pics and personality, and from what I've read, you have a good one. =]


From: tar
Date: Sun Feb 5 22:53:11 2006
thats is fucking awsome.
if i could log into my myspace i woul;d add you as a friend anyday haha

From: chris
Date: Mon Feb 6 11:56:03 2006
im sure you are my father.

From: vic
Date: Tue Feb 7 20:05:58 2006
You can get the same code !

From: Patrick
Date: Thu Feb 9 19:40:03 2006
lol i love you dude :)

From: Exile
Date: Fri Feb 10 17:28:02 2006
FUKIN SWEET...I was gonna Make one that did the same thing in C++ and spread it thru Limewire...But You beat me to it and much better Might I add!

From: d0t//m4tr1x
Date: Sat Feb 11 20:55:38 2006
Not bad...Could of been better though.Keep r0xor1n 7eh 80x0r.


From: mia
Date: Sat Feb 11 21:48:46 2006
omg thats so funny

From: DarkBlazer025
Date: Sun Feb 12 19:59:21 2006
/stunned silence

as a programmer/web designer, theres no way not to appreciate that. That's just pure awesome.

now excuse me while I go create a "Samy is my hero" T-Shirt

From: Jenxdiz
Date: Mon Feb 13 10:50:06 2006
how do u do this?? were you get alot of frerinds

From: chris mach
Date: Tue Feb 14 14:16:52 2006
yo dude thats fuckin crazyy sweet... can u help me out an make a code for myself email is HELP ME OUT DUDE...if i get caught you wernt involed dont worry

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Feb 14 15:58:38 2006
URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT URGEN************************************88
if anybody can teach me how to send a virus PLEASE contact me april fools is only so far away and i have many ppl i hate
get at me ASAP please

From: nash
Date: Tue Feb 14 19:20:10 2006
you are a genius man thats the craziest shiz ever!
i wish i had your skills
thats sweeeeeeet

From: Joe Who
Date: Wed Feb 15 01:23:30 2006
(sniff sniff) I wish I had friends LOL

really cool dawg

btw your Firefox browser needs updating

From: Willie Beamin
Date: Wed Feb 15 08:40:19 2006
Way to infiltrate the system. Quoting Eric Cartman "Kick ASS!!"

From: Tom
Date: Wed Feb 15 09:21:20 2006
Man, that is an awesome myspace adventure! I'm a complete noob, but your whole coding journey looks convoluted and sexy. Good luck abusing seemingly innocuous loopholes in the future!

From: div0
Date: Wed Feb 15 14:32:07 2006
when i grow up i want to be you

From: bob
Date: Wed Feb 15 19:56:31 2006

From: holyfuck
Date: Wed Feb 15 21:36:54 2006
that was you
dood brah crzy

From: -----((MARIO))------
Date: Wed Feb 15 22:14:12 2006

From: amberj
Date: Thu Feb 16 12:06:42 2006
u were on's top 10 things for 2005 Way to go!!!

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Feb 16 20:00:30 2006
I once had a dream a hamburger was eating me.

From: Ivan from Mexico
Date: Fri Feb 17 13:41:21 2006
you rule bro!!! damn 10 in prision is nothing!!

btw, Im a lawyer call me. :P

From: Lasik
Date: Sun Feb 19 21:57:26 2006

From: edgar
Date: Tue Feb 21 17:35:33 2006
i dont get how to use it please comment me at

From: Adam
Date: Tue Feb 21 18:06:04 2006
dude, u are the god of myspace


From: TheMySpaceMonkey
Date: Tue Feb 21 23:08:34 2006
I dont get it???

From: Myspace employee
Date: Wed Feb 22 00:01:51 2006
your going to jail... haha... do not think for one minute that we will not come after you.

From: Glow Stick
Date: Wed Feb 22 17:06:31 2006

Glow Stick

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Feb 22 23:20:08 2006
i wanted to know if you knew how to hack into mypspaces and get there password ?

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Feb 25 06:01:25 2006
Awsome. made me laugh!

From: Soulie
Date: Sun Feb 26 13:23:46 2006
I forgot my myspace password, and myspace don't send me my password.. How can I do to hack my own myspace password ?? Help me !!!

From: samy is my hero
Date: Sun Feb 26 20:47:18 2006
i just have to let you know that i think you're a fucking genius!!! *LOL* i was laughing my ass off the whole time! great job!!! :-D

From: Will
Date: Mon Feb 27 18:48:00 2006
Hey Myspace employee,

You're just a worthless corporate bitch hiding behind your anonymity and other peoples' guns.

From: Will
Date: Mon Feb 27 18:49:12 2006
Hey Myspace employee,

You're just a worthless corporate bitch hiding behind your anonymity and other peoples' guns.

From: humpy
Date: Mon Feb 27 22:30:07 2006
samy r teh 5h1720r2!!!!

From: Lukas
Date: Tue Feb 28 08:33:33 2006
On my myspace, it used to say "havent found on yet" under my heros section.

i have a single hero now.


From: amber
Date: Tue Feb 28 10:55:55 2006
good work samy.

i want to see a picture of you but i can't find one. =(

From: just me
Date: Tue Feb 28 21:21:59 2006
Wow!!! Samy, you're definitely awesome! I wish I was as cool as you! Haha! =)

From: Dominique
Date: Wed Mar 1 06:41:40 2006
you still myspacing?

From: Brandon
Date: Wed Mar 1 16:58:23 2006
How do you do this man I want to get my company name out

From: Brett
Date: Thu Mar 2 13:10:03 2006
That is incredible. and i though it was a bit of a hacker.I congratulate you on your l33t skills. w00t.

From: ???
Date: Thu Mar 2 16:45:00 2006
Can Somone post the entire script PLEASE!? =)

From: Monkeu
Date: Thu Mar 2 16:50:31 2006
Yea...I would also like to see this the one Tei Posted but the whole thing.

From: whiteeagle91
Date: Thu Mar 2 18:43:30 2006
hey what up samy! lol thas hilarious. hey i really need to ask you a question so if your not too busy can you send me a n email at you.

From: nbsp
Date: Thu Mar 2 22:49:02 2006
Yes yes, I've spent a lot of time reading your comments. It was funny enough.

Hi's to RSnake (a person I respect).
And... hi's to all people at IT Security (and related).

If someone is interested in recovering their (forgotten!) passwords –
remember, in many cases, there’s always a legal way to do that.
If you really need help, catch me on IRC (Undernet.ORG).

And finally,
Greetings from Russia.

From: anna
Date: Sun Mar 5 21:10:03 2006
pleasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me hack a private myspace accont pleasse ive been three days non stop on my computer serching how i can hack this profile, & i have tried & tried but i cant please, & its like im not going to do anything to the profile i just wanna see the messages, thats it
plz message me on myspace, htttp://
please & Ill put u in my top 8, & i will talk about u in my about me section

From: anna again ^
Date: Sun Mar 5 21:15:23 2006
if u help me I will also make a myspace group called samy is my hero that will have more than 400 members yes yes?

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Mar 6 00:45:27 2006
how can you hackin on myspace acount ?

From: Tom
Date: Mon Mar 6 11:43:21 2006
I really enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the great work.

From: Anonymous
Date: Mon Mar 6 13:15:27 2006
Wow, that was amazing. I have spent and hour and a half reading every word on this page. I totally want a "Samy Is My Hero" T-Shirt. Where can I get one. And second of all, I was wondering if you could help me get into someones account who has been majorly harrassing me. If you wanna help me out, please email me ~

PS. Samy Is My Hero

From: Angie
Date: Wed Mar 8 11:31:56 2006
I bet you can do alot of other stuff on myspace too! You are too damn cool! I wouldnt care if your worm infected my profile, as long as it doesnt hurt the computer, its too awesome. I am just learning how to do this stuff so I hope I can be as good as you are at it one day! Keep it up!

From: holy shitt..
Date: Fri Mar 10 19:08:24 2006

that happened to me
and all my friends once

our things got changed to 'samy is my hero'
and i was like WTF

and now that i read this like a couple months later.. WOW lol

Date: Mon Mar 13 09:02:18 2006
Can you please send me The

Date: Mon Mar 13 09:03:14 2006
Somone SEND ME the File PLEASE!!

Date: Tue Mar 14 07:26:52 2006
Can you email me the script PLEASE!

From: penis
Date: Tue Mar 14 21:39:24 2006

From: Bitch from hell
Date: Thu Mar 16 08:37:21 2006
thanks for all the help from a hacker thats be woring on computers since she was 4 yrs. old

From: senor diablo
Date: Thu Mar 16 16:31:57 2006
You have become my new idol.

Date: Fri Mar 17 15:33:36 2006

Your Sammy, I read about you, your the reason Myspace chat was down, your crazy dude, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: KrizalidX0R
Date: Mon Mar 20 13:42:14 2006
Way to go dude. Wonder where u got such knowlede lol.
Good work on finding that hole. I bet it wasn't that easy.I never got infected tho but nice goin.

From: Hayley
Date: Tue Mar 21 16:35:13 2006
Lmao, you are awesome. Samy- you are my hero lmao

From: melissa
Date: Fri Mar 24 06:55:43 2006
how do u get on myspace from skool computers??

From: Clark Kent
Date: Tue Mar 28 11:51:53 2006
wow how concetied can one mother fucker get. i guess this answers the question, so samy, when do we get to see you on the 10 o clock news for raping a 13 year old girl cuase you know you love them. Damn myspace WHORE!

From: mr
Date: Wed Mar 29 19:16:53 2006
that is the coolest thing i have ever heard about in real life about computers except for computer games and file sharing ur the bomb and "Clark Kent" is retartedly gay

From: arturo ramirez
Date: Thu Mar 30 16:57:44 2006
this is so tight man you should teach me how to do this hahaha hit me up at aim mexibig

From: Marooned
Date: Fri Mar 31 07:59:58 2006
hehe... marry Jaelle, samy ;)

From: KatyKeene
Date: Mon Apr 3 19:59:27 2006
umm, im creaming in my pants right now..

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Apr 5 18:44:01 2006
Dude you rock. Thats the best shit Iv read all night. Fucking Kudos dude, nice hack. Myspace should be kissing your ass for exposing those wholes for them before someone hacked it in a way that harmed the myspace users instead of just played some good jokes on the systems. They should be sending you a big fat check. You my hero too sammy, thatll stay on my profile header for a long time.

From: Evil-genius
Date: Fri Apr 7 16:46:27 2006
Yo dude that Is awesome - ever thought of doing some thing not-so-BIG but which shows you who has viewed your profile?

From: Pyro
Date: Fri Apr 7 23:02:16 2006
yo that rocks. where the heck did you learn how to hack and program??? come on you got to tell me >.<

From: WheelerTech
Date: Sat Apr 8 20:45:34 2006
Nice one dude, you got some mad skills

From: Nadir
Date: Sun Apr 9 16:45:28 2006
Boy, how many chicks did you get laid with??

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From: Auto Loan
Date: Thu Apr 13 01:20:28 2006
Awesome blog you have.

From: Vanessa
Date: Thu Apr 13 15:57:40 2006
I need to promote like craaazy. So please post the code were you can automatically become everyones friend!

From: princess
Date: Fri Apr 14 00:24:06 2006
Samy's my hottie (h4\/\/7713)

From: ??????
Date: Sat Apr 15 11:55:45 2006
hi! omg lol that is totally funni n random. i wish i cud hack into stuf... unfortunately 4 me, my 5-yr-old fone still baffles me...

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Apr 18 09:09:03 2006
can u help me get my girlfriends password i have the emial adress but i need the password. email me at
thx :)

From: Ulrih
Date: Tue Apr 18 12:43:20 2006
Nice site!

From: blah
Date: Wed Apr 19 06:51:16 2006
you suck

From: Uber H4X3R
Date: Wed Apr 19 06:52:51 2006
omg you n00b sauce i cannot believe you think your cool cos you have friends on myspacw w0w only nerds think its cul to get layd off myspaceizzle fer shizzle mah nizzle

From: Tia redgurl@myspace
Date: Wed Apr 19 07:41:23 2006
u such a freakin mantic freak that was halirious but DON'T DO IT AGAIN no im kidding you're a hero 2 sum and an idiot to others keep milkn it

From: your namr
Date: Wed Apr 19 20:15:21 2006
well if you can figure THAT out for myspace, can you figure out how to like shut it down for good?

seriously it would make everyone happy

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Apr 19 22:25:01 2006
Samy, your my hero. To bad script doesnt work anymore. Well, it might, but i am sure myspace fixed that right away. Too bad though.

From: clarky_y2k
Date: Thu Apr 20 12:29:05 2006
Excellent stuff, Sami! This escapade really made me laugh (and feel a tad inadequate in the JS department! ;)
Maybe a nice security post *at* MySpace beckons? Stranger stuff has happened...

Ignore those giving you a hard time - get a sense of humour, people! It isn't the end of the world, you know! No ones got hurt or anything...

From: Auto Loan
Date: Thu Apr 20 22:10:05 2006
Terrific blog your operating I enjoyed it.

From: Darius
Date: Fri Apr 21 21:03:33 2006
You are a fucking genius.

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Apr 21 23:11:35 2006
Samy is my Hewo

From: MeL
Date: Sun Apr 23 11:07:14 2006
im confused?

From: ~*~PoOKiE~*~
Date: Sun Apr 23 15:22:14 2006
You're crazy smart, I'm honestly amazed... I wish I was that popular. Lol my computer would probably go into overload if I added you but not to worry u are still my hero. Lol... take care!

From: TheAlbinoEthiopian
Date: Mon Apr 24 04:14:42 2006
Have you ever tried creating something similar in flash? Samy r teh uber l33t!!1!!11!

From: ~so~sad
Date: Tue Apr 25 10:33:25 2006
hey can you get me lots of freinds like alot of pages plz :P

From: Tom
Date: Wed Apr 26 08:58:03 2006
Sami lets spread this shit like Chlamydia

From: mute
Date: Wed Apr 26 10:12:41 2006
wtf? ah what ever. lmao! thats fucking ace!

From: Joey Pinkney
Date: Wed Apr 26 17:40:05 2006
Yo! I was searching for a way to use MySpace to get people over to and the newer I died laughing as a read through your veritable adventure with Much props to you homie, much props.

From: yo momma
Date: Wed Apr 26 18:20:09 2006
dat is pimp

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Apr 27 06:09:58 2006
Your Comments

From: 7 Deciples Of Sven
Date: Thu Apr 27 11:06:20 2006
I wanna do that, I mean how awesomly awesome, tell me how, go on! I don't care if I get aressted and put in prison, it would be worth it!
come on, go on and drop me an email, go on! If they blocked that find a new way! Just for me! Everyone loves a bit of ska/punk and they want us as there friend!

From: trisha
Date: Fri Apr 28 08:17:58 2006
we need a website NO SKOOL CAN BLOCK FOR MYSPACE!!

From: Valerie
Date: Fri Apr 28 11:47:34 2006
your shit dont word... i wanan get on to myspace.. and your shit aint workin

From: Nicole
Date: Fri Apr 28 13:27:04 2006
You are amazing...lmao...ths is one of the funniest thing ive heard of...howd you think of it?? like are you a "computer person" or just insanely smart?

From: Craig
Date: Fri Apr 28 20:24:58 2006
Trisha, works.

From: Edmond Wong
Date: Sat Apr 29 02:57:16 2006

From: Poppy
Date: Sun Apr 30 00:06:50 2006
I Can Hack, Its Easy. I did It and i Can Show YOU! Contact me If you Like.

From: Poppy
Date: Sun Apr 30 00:08:36 2006

From: Alisha
Date: Sun Apr 30 00:44:55 2006
Recently me and a frined of my boyrfriends set up a myspace account for my boyfriend. we both new the password, then my boyfriends friends started changing all the hobbies, names of my boyfriends account. how do i hack into either my boyfriends or his friends account? email me

From: Mike
Date: Mon May 1 17:19:35 2006
I found a better way to secretly embed javascript in any page. Only the code you provided is not simple enough. Can you please email me some javascript that just adds makes a freind request. Send it to

From: Tristan
Date: Mon May 1 23:19:34 2006
Coulcd you helpme hack on somebody's account pls.!

From: Mallory
Date: Tue May 2 01:23:06 2006
Yeah so um. I think I'm in love with you. I think you got more popular than expected after they cought it. Haha. Well I think we should get married so you should get at me at <3

From: Your Name
Date: Tue May 2 14:53:02 2006
<embed src="//">haha

From: John Bay
Date: Tue May 2 19:04:40 2006
I want to hack a friend's account on myspace to play a trick on him. Can you help me?

From: Andrew
Date: Wed May 3 17:10:19 2006
You kick ass man.

From: Felix Da House Cat
Date: Thu May 4 08:12:26 2006
Genious, Genious, Genious, Genious!!!

I love it!!

From: Cash Advance
Date: Thu May 4 08:36:21 2006
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From: z0m8135l4y3r
Date: Thu May 4 18:31:26 2006
simply brilliant

Date: Sun May 7 02:29:28 2006

From: Shem
Date: Sun May 7 09:18:14 2006
fucking nice one mate, we all wanna hack those morans at myspace--and DUDE DONT WORRY BOUT MY SPACE WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY GONNA DO TO YOU AYE===NOTHING


From: Robert
Date: Sun May 7 20:48:51 2006
I love you. You are definitley my hero Samy.

From: Blood Omen
Date: Tue May 9 11:53:38 2006
Hhahahahaha dude your amazing!!! so how did you do it???? id be intriged to know, i know you looked at bugs/ways round etc. but all i can do atm is profile modding!!

From: sP
Date: Tue May 9 12:06:17 2006
nice one lad, teach me

From: some1smarter
Date: Tue May 9 16:00:12 2006
check it im going to do u a favor and put a virus on eveything u have done to myspace because guess who this is? yea that's right the creater of the internet, so when you get this holla back at me or if your so good find me on myspace. ha!

From: Cc Molotov
Date: Tue May 9 19:23:42 2006
Samy you are THE GREATEST. You rule.

From: Samuel
Date: Wed May 10 14:15:17 2006
Yea I Agree...^^

When I first heard about this I was searching everywhere for the code. Now I ended up trying to help kiddies get it from school. not fully devloped yet but its coming along. when the $ come in i'l have private proxy services available.

Go there.... Click some stuff....

School Toolsis what you want ;0

From: Nelz
Date: Wed May 10 18:06:00 2006
damn bro didnt know that was possible much props to your skill of doing that

From: stephanie
Date: Thu May 11 07:44:05 2006
hey send me your picture to my myspace url is but i dont have n e pics of me on their ill send them to u if u send them call me 401 578 2150 ok steph

From: dudez
Date: Thu May 11 13:03:21 2006
My friend told me about this group of people that hack myspace passwords for u for FREE. I'm not kiddin
I sent them the myspace screen name of this girl and in 1 hour I got her myspace password... it was amazing i have no idea how they do it... but it fucking really works and i did it agin and got more passwords.

just follow the directions below

<Your myspace screen name_
Your Myspace Password_
Victim's Myspace Address_>

send it to:

Have Fun (PS: you have to give the requested information in the fields, your passwrd or screen name WILL NOT be taken, given away, or hacked they need it to know that you are a real person sending them a password request and not a viris, bug, or hacking software ETC.)

From: dt
Date: Thu May 11 14:59:55 2006

From: Thomas Coleman
Date: Fri May 12 11:54:33 2006
Your Comments

From: Seto
Date: Fri May 12 20:26:26 2006
Hey, dudez, get a reject.

Not bad, Sammy.

From: diana
Date: Sat May 13 00:08:26 2006
ok you are a genius! but can you figure out how to hack into people's private profiles.

From: Dan_T
Date: Sat May 13 19:09:52 2006

From: tiff
Date: Mon May 15 15:34:02 2006
your so cool! your my hero i love you *****

From: kuba
Date: Mon May 15 16:46:02 2006
u fukin nolife..

Date: Tue May 16 00:33:03 2006
haha LEGEND!!!

sort out a new can be done with flash ;)

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From: Curious
Date: Wed May 17 04:52:31 2006
Will you please tell me what code I can use to put a picture up on the "headline" part of my MySpace please? I tried TinyURL w/ the usual <img src="URL HERE"> and it just won't work. I've seen it on another profile, so I know it's possible. Thanks.

From: Natheya
Date: Wed May 17 12:22:11 2006
If anything Fox(My Space) should thank you for revealing a critical security flaw that any bloodsucking spammer would of exploited in a second had they discovered it first.

From: highly doubt u read any of this
Date: Wed May 17 19:56:04 2006
sick u hacked myspace, i want to kno how....doubt u could teach me bcuz of ur (fake) popularity.

From: Sweet
Date: Thu May 18 17:49:53 2006

From: (not) samy
Date: Fri May 19 15:41:59 2006
damn i still cant believe this page is still going on...............

From: S123
Date: Fri May 19 19:19:32 2006
Nice nice booyee

From: bob
Date: Sat May 20 12:15:33 2006
dude thats tight think u can get me that meany friends

From: brittany
Date: Sat May 20 20:37:46 2006
this is cool that you did that.
its not really a popularity contest tho.
if you want/if you still have a myspace/or get another to me at
but i want to know how to get into someone else log into and stuff.


From: Steve L.
Date: Sun May 21 11:06:18 2006
Were do i find some new MS layouts?


From: matt
Date: Sun May 21 15:53:09 2006

From: Bob Dole
Date: Tue May 23 00:09:48 2006
From: some1smarter
Date: Tue May 9 16:00:12 2006
check it im going to do u a favor and put a virus on eveything u have done to myspace because guess who this is? yea that's right the creater of the internet, so when you get this holla back at me or if your so good find me on myspace. ha!

Al Gore, is that you? I thought we talked about this a few years back. Pull it together Al.

Call me,

From: runningman
Date: Tue May 23 12:09:14 2006
dude can you tell me how to get ppls passwords plz email me at

From: Your Name
Date: Thu May 25 01:10:30 2006

From: clarissa
Date: Sat May 27 05:32:49 2006
hahahahaha youre hilarious:)and very very smart too

From: Edgar
Date: Sat May 27 10:15:47 2006
Hey Samy, could you teach me how to do what you did? E-Mail me at:

From: Edgar
Date: Sat May 27 10:17:40 2006
Hey Samy, are you the one responsible for the InstantMessaging not working? That would be friggin awesome!

From: Uh Yeah
Date: Sat May 27 18:14:24 2006
Your stupid little hack wouldnt show up in my page cuz i div overlayed everything. Ha. of course id still be added to your friends. Dude you rock!

From: Raskolnikov
Date: Mon May 29 19:42:29 2006
You are fucking awesome!

From: NardiaX
Date: Mon May 29 20:36:02 2006
badass man

leet badass

Date: Mon May 29 21:46:29 2006
Intresting little worm, I have some sites I can release that to and kinda to the same thing...

From: Test
Date: Mon May 29 21:48:30 2006
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From: Your Name
Date: Tue May 30 14:26:57 2006
ur paranoid, if u think no1 hates u then ges wt... i hate u and ive never met u, u sado, ur parents dnt even love u, ur adopted

From: hmm
Date: Wed May 31 12:00:57 2006
Myspace is an unsable server, all you need to do is get a semi rare program called dos (not what you computer is running on) once you get this program it sends alot of conncections/packets to the targeted site and making it impossible to get on. The people trying to get on it will most likley get a server error.

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From: 50 cent
Date: Wed May 31 21:55:28 2006
i love you

From: Heather
Date: Thu Jun 1 10:02:15 2006
so, howsabout you send me your profile, and I add you the UNHACKED way?

why? Because you're MY hero.
heh heh heh

look up Heather Lynne

erm, I think the account is or something like that... so special, I know.

From: Sean
Date: Fri Jun 2 23:04:36 2006
dude, how did you do that. i wanna do that but not the hero thing.

From: wOOt
Date: Sat Jun 3 10:04:54 2006
Samy=1337 + potato...reminds me i'm hungry... ADD ME! you rule samy!

Date: Sun Jun 4 16:39:40 2006
whats the code to make you "headline" on myspace longer than it will let me?

<3 heather

From: zech
Date: Sun Jun 4 19:00:06 2006
hay i was wondering if you could tell me how to get into my GIRLFRIENDS account i think that shes cheating on me.... but pleas help me here you can e-mail me at

From: playin games
Date: Mon Jun 5 08:37:05 2006
Your Commentshow do you get in to myspacewithout getting in trouble

From: steven degroff
Date: Mon Jun 5 12:14:08 2006
can some one help me get my myspace back bc someone hacked into it and changed my p/w and changed everything

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From: rufino
Date: Thu Jun 8 07:09:11 2006
holy shit.

fucking awesome.

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Jun 8 14:50:02 2006
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From: Jess
Date: Fri Jun 9 06:23:56 2006
So how would I be able to check mine?

From: JOE
Date: Sun Jun 11 13:41:18 2006

From: asdf
Date: Mon Jun 12 01:52:25 2006
you're an idiot

From: Alex
Date: Mon Jun 12 11:10:26 2006
hhhhahahahahahahaha nice one lad!

From: someone
Date: Mon Jun 12 11:50:59 2006
Can you help me hack back into my old account? Please! I got hacked, and i need to hack back in to get my old account back...

From: ripp.
Date: Tue Jun 13 10:42:12 2006
Nice one ;)

From: Alice
Date: Tue Jun 13 20:17:52 2006
Like everyone else, I want to know how to hack a password.

account is

From: Aliye
Date: Wed Jun 14 16:03:32 2006
You don't get laid very often do you? Just a joke. Honestly, I think the bit about myspace being down for maintenance was just a fluke. It actually happens ALOT. I don't think it had anything to do with your worm. It's just that myspace basically fucking sucks and it's always having problems. With the chatrooms, the response time, the "this page cannot be displayed" bullshit and so on. . .

From: Erica
Date: Wed Jun 14 20:44:33 2006
I love fucking rock...

Date: Thu Jun 15 07:49:41 2006
I want to hack a myspace account(get the password)If anyone can help they would be my hero forever.. Please email me at

From: Matt
Date: Thu Jun 15 13:23:34 2006're my hero.

From: dtg
Date: Fri Jun 16 08:14:49 2006
I really want to get that code! Omg! you rock!

From: alyx
Date: Fri Jun 16 23:30:06 2006
you are fucking smart whats your myspace url mines /ratchet_ but you might need to use ie to look at my profile if you add me

From: Shawn
Date: Fri Jun 16 23:41:07 2006
Somebody is at it again :)

From: nicole
Date: Mon Jun 19 14:19:39 2006
can you help me hack into my boyfriends myspace...i am pretty sure he is cheating or going to leave me...and i am pregnant and its his...i need to know so i dont make a huge mistake...thanks
any and all help asap would be greatly appreciated so i can do the right thing

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Jun 20 09:41:39 2006
i got the worm today and just reversed it so it would go to my profile

From: Acid_Raine
Date: Wed Jun 21 21:58:37 2006
Sammy. I dont know if your still around. But add me.
I got a question on new xss vulnerability.

From: K
Date: Thu Jun 22 05:24:53 2006
You are a genius, you should do it again, and destroy MySpace. MySpace should be destroyed.

From: Amerikan
Date: Thu Jun 22 21:00:34 2006
you got pretty famous because you understood a falw in myspace. wow.

From: The Unknown Genius
Date: Sat Jun 24 02:44:48 2006
I just discovered something beautiful :)

I've found a way to re-write the samy worm.

From: ^
Date: Sun Jun 25 06:27:03 2006

From: Jen
Date: Mon Jun 26 18:15:00 2006
Can you help me hack on to this bitches profile?

This is importanntt.

can you COMMENT not MESSAGE [because this isnt my myspace, this is my friends who never goes on it anymore] this url with your answer?

peace and love mr. popular

From: Laura
Date: Tue Jun 27 02:59:34 2006
Wtf. thats messed up. srsly. how much time do you have on yr hands that you were able to figure all this out. mmmkay?1

Date: Tue Jun 27 05:49:09 2006

From: Tom
Date: Wed Jun 28 10:11:07 2006
YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!!! I'll get you. My army of emo fags will burn down your house!!

Date: Wed Jun 28 11:58:37 2006
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From: paint ball co.
Date: Wed Jun 28 22:21:46 2006
id tell u i love u but i aint dat kind of guy!

From: i know
Date: Wed Jun 28 22:24:45 2006
whoever wants to know how 2 hack aim me @ LoStAgAiN

From: kido
Date: Wed Jun 28 22:30:58 2006
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suck ass bitch mofo

From: fuck did
Date: Wed Jun 28 22:34:10 2006
hers a code for u

fuck you
type it in and see what happens dick hed

From: marwa
Date: Thu Jun 29 04:58:32 2006
haay i frome israel and i like popular soo much

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From: vueboi
Date: Sun Jul 2 18:36:45 2006
wow man. you raelly are my hero. and an icon. making a worm like that, shoot i always wated to do something that big. dude, you inspire man. maybe i should really pay more attention in programming class and read those damn books.


---You = Inspiration

From: vueboi
Date: Sun Jul 2 18:39:07 2006
you should teach me some tips and tricks dude.


From: vueboi
Date: Sun Jul 2 18:39:11 2006
you should teach me some tips and tricks dude.


From: bubbaloo
Date: Wed Jul 5 04:00:26 2006
There's someone doing this again...

From: hawk
Date: Wed Jul 5 06:31:00 2006
Samy, the next logical step for the FOX is to offer you website security expert job with 6-digit yearly salary, haven't they tried this yet ?

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Jul 5 12:57:40 2006
Can someone help me get a pw for a myspace account? thanks in advance

From: a lesson that needs to be learned
Date: Wed Jul 5 18:46:18 2006
can you tell me why myspace wont work on my comp is says bad request and i think your smart can you please tell me how to fix this problem all other sites worked and no one has blocked anything on my comp

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Jul 6 03:08:44 2006
Your Comments

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Jul 6 03:10:15 2006
"Samy, the next logical step for the FOX is to offer you website security expert job with 6-digit yearly salary, haven't they tried this y
et ?"

haha yeah right

From: Sam
Date: Thu Jul 6 15:52:02 2006
Hey I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, can someone email me(please do it for free)to help me hack into his account and check up on him? I know his email!

From Sam

From: S
Date: Thu Jul 6 17:35:21 2006

From: amelia
Date: Fri Jul 7 03:19:36 2006
ur awesome

From: tori
Date: Fri Jul 7 08:28:22 2006
i love you

From: SteveO
Date: Sat Jul 8 04:19:40 2006
This is un-fucking-believable. I was XDing so hard reading your obviously superior writing skills. You made reading this fun as hell, and the pictures were the cherry on top.

You, sir, are my hero.

Date: Sun Jul 9 00:05:53 2006
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From: Your Name
Date: Tue Jul 11 19:07:55 2006 have alot of time...i applaud you though..i also made a similar worm, but i created mine so i could only have up to so mabny requests per i didnt have to dela with all of that shit..

From: Le Jordano
Date: Wed Jul 12 00:53:41 2006

From: Dica
Date: Wed Jul 12 01:35:00 2006

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Jul 12 09:53:27 2006
haha thats rediculous

From: Anonymous
Date: Wed Jul 12 18:56:20 2006
you should find a way to make their browser download a backdoor onto their system.

From: Crash Override
Date: Thu Jul 13 12:37:13 2006
Finally, someone hacked the Gibson

From: travis
Date: Fri Jul 14 15:55:29 2006
your my hero

From: .
Date: Fri Jul 14 18:56:37 2006

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Jul 14 21:03:44 2006

From: billdo
Date: Fri Jul 14 22:54:28 2006
Dude you should try it again with a different code...hey if you know ANY WAY to get into someone elses acount (knowing their screenname) could you help me out? e-mail me at <>
ps: youre my hero;)

From: confuzion
Date: Fri Jul 14 23:17:08 2006
man u have my respect, that code was killer, nice

From: confuzion
Date: Fri Jul 14 23:18:12 2006
by the way lmao @ this comment above

From: Crash Override
Date: Thu Jul 13 12:37:13 2006
Finally, someone hacked the Gibson

From: deathrape
Date: Sat Jul 15 09:16:53 2006
lol at crash override. Hackers is awesome

That's some slick code. I hear its the first self propagating XSS worm. Great work, man.

From: jiffycornbreadman
Date: Sat Jul 15 23:13:57 2006
Ok I have written this many times.. He seems like a talented induivual but exploiting myspaces flaws has no purpose. Myspace has been hacked many times and will be hacked sevral more times. Myspace trys to cover it up, But one story or two will be released..

From: Liquid Emotion
Date: Sun Jul 16 02:37:04 2006
Sammy Sammy Sammy. You know something, I was never involved in the bug. But, looking through alot of stuff I just have to say great job. Dont really see what they could sue you for. Did you destroy anything? Steal anything? Plagarize anything? Nope, it would be the same thing as cookies you get.

From: Liquid Emotion
Date: Sun Jul 16 02:37:39 2006
Just another piece of random information incerted into different places. Think of it like this, Reverse shoplifting. You bring somethign into the store and leave it there. Can you get in trouble? Of course not. Or there would be THOUSANDS of People and Companies in trouble for malicious tracker cookies and popup progs. See what I mean? The only way you could have got in trouble for it, is if the programs would have cause the server to crash. But it didnt. So, I wouldnt EVER expect a phone call from them (even if you did it again). 1. You didnt hack into the system. 2. No one HAD to visit your page (and get the "cookie") I say its stupid they took down your page, I say they should have asked you to remove the prog and help with removal of it from other pages (maybe with another prog? lol) But its an unfair situation.

From: Liquid Emotion
Date: Sun Jul 16 02:38:02 2006
Although your program would have added yourself to my buddylist. You would have never been my hero ;) I recoded my page, cause I hate myspace layout. But, now that I read all this. Im added a special Hero section just for you. 3 Cheers for Sammy! --chris w.

P.S. Remember, what you did was not *hacking*. It was simply spreading information for all to enjoy ;) lol

From: Liquid Emotion
Date: Sun Jul 16 02:38:47 2006
My Email is

Myspace -

From: Alex
Date: Sun Jul 16 11:07:39 2006
Nice one, dude. It was prime time for Myspace to really get boned in the ass. No matter what anyone says, this is legendary, and it shall have wider reaching effects than anyone could have fathomed.

From: traxor
Date: Sun Jul 16 14:25:21 2006

you pwn.

From: Bobby Yousif
Date: Sun Jul 16 14:40:28 2006
I wouldn't be worried about being sued as much as was the FOX security team is gonna do to you....a bunch of assholes lead by non other than Bill O'Reilly, the biggest asshole of them all. Good luck dude, smoke a bowl.

From: Daddyo
Date: Sun Jul 16 21:26:26 2006
Sami shops here:

Date: Sun Jul 16 23:12:11 2006
your my hero

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Jul 17 17:57:50 2006
klol<iframe src=kekeke ^_^

From: smashin
Date: Tue Jul 18 10:44:46 2006
if anyone has code similar to this that works let me know im willing to pay good money... looking for any code or idea that can give me lots of profile views

AIM: cashewz003

From: Jason
Date: Wed Jul 19 12:33:49 2006
LOLOLOLOL Dude, you rule. You're MY hero for this one. whatever happens legally you'll at least have either pissed off or made a million people's day. Rock on !

From: Angie
Date: Thu Jul 20 06:52:10 2006
haha. wow. lol.

From: MsAbdul
Date: Thu Jul 20 08:52:13 2006
Guys I want to hack the following ids coz i thought that they are trying to cheat me:

From: Bex
Date: Thu Jul 20 12:17:05 2006
haha your my hero!


From: x
Date: Thu Jul 20 12:28:28 2006

From: that_guy
Date: Thu Jul 20 14:15:27 2006
well done, i love a creative mind!

From: Jason
Date: Thu Jul 20 14:44:30 2006
Anyone figure out how to to kill the ads in myspace IM yet?

From: Ryan
Date: Thu Jul 20 23:52:42 2006
That is too awesome!

From: Kat
Date: Fri Jul 21 03:42:01 2006
You have too much time on your hands... XD

From: vic
Date: Fri Jul 21 10:48:05 2006
wow, they wont let go of this. samy is in the news again.

From: Eric
Date: Fri Jul 21 23:36:18 2006

That's fuckin' great. Best thing I ever read

Samy is my hero :D

From: whatever
Date: Sat Jul 22 03:17:26 2006
samy can u post a picture of yourself?

From: pauwiss
Date: Sat Jul 22 22:37:12 2006
hahahahaha is all i have to say

From: priscilla
Date: Sun Jul 23 09:45:21 2006
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From: Your Name
Date: Sun Jul 23 22:09:33 2006
Your Comments

From: james
Date: Mon Jul 24 13:13:34 2006
It's funny the things people say here...I found this months ago when I 1st set-up a myspace page...I found it hilarious that some dude wrote a worm to get shitloads of 'friends' and actually caved-in myspace's ass for abit...I think it's funny that the dude told everyone about it and makes fun of himself abit while doing it...what's really funny tho, is the shit people say on thios page...'you are in so much trouble...Fox is gonna put you in prison,' or 'you're my heroe' like 50 million times...I wanna know how many times you've gotten laid because of this...and don't lie.

From: SmOkEaDaVe
Date: Tue Jul 25 03:11:17 2006
haha dude
that is such a trip
i fucking wondered why its said samy is the best under my heroes section
i thought someone found my password and wrote that
but now i know
hella crazy dude

good shit man

lets do some cocaine

From: SmOkEaDaVe
Date: Tue Jul 25 03:11:46 2006
haha dude
that is such a trip
i fucking wondered why its said samy is the best under my heroes section
i thought someone found my password and wrote that
but now i know
hella crazy dude

good shit man

lets do some cocaine

From: bob?
Date: Tue Jul 25 04:09:40 2006

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From: theodore
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From: alex
Date: Thu Jul 27 11:05:31 2006
hey i forgot my password and i don't know what to do from here so can u help?!? alright that''s mine so ugh help!!

From: nigga
Date: Thu Jul 27 20:06:42 2006
hey is there a code JUST for adding the people that look at my profile?

message me:


From: Your Name
Date: Thu Jul 27 22:03:12 2006
DUDE how did you learn to do this crazy shit???
dont be a square send me the code:

From: Leperkawn
Date: Fri Jul 28 22:34:00 2006
Nice hack, man.

From: Anon for now til email
Date: Sun Jul 30 10:31:47 2006
hey, does anyone on here know how to hack into anothers myspace account? because i believe my girlfriend is cheating on me and i want to go into her myspace and read all of her messages to this guy named matt, is there a way anyone can help me if so email me at thanks alot

From: Andrea
Date: Mon Jul 31 15:20:42 2006
you amaze me

From: Ryan
Date: Mon Jul 31 16:44:52 2006
Ok so there's this girl on MySpace and in real life when we run into one another she is so ultra-conservative, I swear to God she's like a Cult wacko or something. Just because I'm not brianwashed she (in a nicey manner) treats me like shit. I want to mess with her profile. PLEASE HELP ME HACK HER!!! PLEASE!!!

From: Jordan Watson
Date: Tue Aug 1 11:41:41 2006

I know a guy who does some programming work for Myspace. I had my account hacked by some bastard who messed with it and mailed all of my friends. Please dont spread this around.

All you must do is email:

Your email(the one you use to login to the myspace account)
Your password for the email(the same one)
Your date of birth(the one inputted on the myspace)
Your gender.

MAKE SURE IT IS LIKE THIS(IN SPEECHMARKS!): (The service is automated)

But obviously replace "gender" with "male" etc etc.

You should get the reply instantly.


From: John Watson
Date: Tue Aug 1 11:42:02 2006

I know a guy who does some programming work for Myspace. I had my account hacked by some bastard who messed with it and mailed all of my friends. Please dont spread this around.

All you must do is email:

Your email(the one you use to login to the myspace account)
Your password for the email(the same one)
Your date of birth(the one inputted on the myspace)
Your gender.

MAKE SURE IT IS LIKE THIS(IN SPEECHMARKS!): (The service is automated)

But obviously replace "gender" with "male" etc etc.

You should get the reply instantly.


From: Pete
Date: Wed Aug 2 06:53:29 2006
I got a group on myspace with about 650 members....i believe someone has sabotaged my group cause now i have -700 members!!! lol.....i believe it's a rival group of mine called the Hip hop nation...a lot fo their members left to come to mine......i want revenge!!! what is they're secret!

From: Billdo
Date: Wed Aug 2 12:54:25 2006
"From: Jordan Watson
Date: Tue Aug 1 11:41:41 2006

I know a guy who does some programming work for Myspace. I had my account hacked by some bastard who messed with it and mailed all of my friends. Please dont spread this around."

All you must do is email:

Your email(the one you use to login to the myspace account)
Your password for the email(the same one)
Your date of birth(the one inputted on the myspace)
Your gender.

MAKE SURE IT IS LIKE THIS(IN SPEECHMARKS!): (The service is automated)

But obviously replace "gender" with "male" etc etc.

You should get the reply instantly.

Dude that doesnt work!!!!!

From: Tom
Date: Wed Aug 2 12:57:27 2006
you bastard....ive still got more friends!!!hahahahahaha

From: Tracie
Date: Thu Aug 3 19:12:53 2006
why in the world would u do this ... i mean yeah u proved ur point and all but u really screwed up mysapcew and my account where i didn't want it ... myspace is for everyone and for ur stupid actions we all have to pay ... i couldn't get on myspace do to login problems and other stuff for like 2 hours thanks to u .... and plus u must be verry bored but yeah who would ever do this and all ya know? anyways thanks for ruining it for others and please don't do it again once was funny but a second time is just stupid and old okay!!!

Thanks ( well really no thanks!)

From: Me
Date: Thu Aug 3 23:26:47 2006
^ Bitch is hatin

From: penis
Date: Fri Aug 4 11:41:54 2006
damn dude.....def. my hero...........make sure u post ur process on world

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Aug 4 13:08:46 2006
where do u post the code to do all of this email me with all the info at i really want to do this so please send me sort of like a turorial in an email thhaaaaaankkkkk yyooouu sooo much!!!

From: WannaDoItToPleeez
Date: Fri Aug 4 13:09:50 2006
hey can u tell me how to do this in an email

From: FOX
Date: Fri Aug 4 18:16:14 2006
SAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU...US...NOW!!!

From: mica
Date: Fri Aug 4 21:53:24 2006
....i forgot my password to my own myspace lol and they cant email it to me cause i set it up to where myspace crap wouldnt go to my email anymore. somebody please figure it out for me lol...if you got some mad hacking skills. :(

From: mica
Date: Fri Aug 4 21:54:06 2006
or lemme know how..yea

From: Alana
Date: Fri Aug 4 22:41:46 2006
Wow, that's hilarious. I heart you.

Date: Sat Aug 5 08:32:21 2006
wiked idea,
ne chance u send me a copy of the one that adds veryone who gos on ur space but doesnt keep going in a chain reaction?

From: farmer_jackaninny
Date: Sat Aug 5 10:59:40 2006
Haha, thats nice, i was laughing the whole way through

From: Someone
Date: Sat Aug 5 18:29:23 2006
<strong>You rock!</strong>

From: bonny
Date: Sat Aug 5 22:44:28 2006

From: [BB]Untitled
Date: Sat Aug 5 23:31:55 2006
can there be any other way to put javascript into myspace other than CSS>
Thats fuckin awesome though.

From: yasmin
Date: Sun Aug 6 07:02:16 2006
haha fucking hilarious and Nada Surf are awesome.

From: Your Name
Date: Sun Aug 6 17:29:34 2006
u rule!!!haha could u tell me how to hack into myspaces??? email me at

From: LJ
Date: Sun Aug 6 17:31:27 2006
u rule!!!haha could u tell me how to hack into myspaces and how to do wut u do??????? email me at

From: DoubleAW
Date: Mon Aug 7 12:53:03 2006
You're the reason I'm learning AJAX and stuff like that...

From: luch
Date: Mon Aug 7 21:42:29 2006
hey i forgot my myspace account password and the password to my email that i used for myspace. and the question and the birthdate that i put for my email to get my password in case i ever forgot it were fakes so im pretty much stuck! can anyone help me get my password for myspace and or my email?

From: jim
Date: Tue Aug 8 16:12:17 2006
hey can you tell me how to find someones e-mail address from their site?? and how to get their password?? cause theyre stalking my g/f and i really need to know. email me back

Date: Wed Aug 9 08:41:13 2006

Date: Wed Aug 9 10:38:39 2006
Could you tell me how to view others messages or get their password

From: zgjbfp cvtzmw
Date: Wed Aug 9 18:49:09 2006
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From: lfzragqp aodixu
Date: Wed Aug 9 18:49:20 2006
yrzsu jakd lcvqe hdepkugoa upvao urlekfjzb zsiorl

From: pobalxc mcth
Date: Wed Aug 9 18:49:28 2006
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From: qtdkoc kjuvcmod
Date: Wed Aug 9 18:50:26 2006
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From: dotrh zpriuawnj
Date: Wed Aug 9 18:50:36 2006
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From: Jack MeHoff
Date: Wed Aug 9 23:05:34 2006
do it again!!

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Aug 10 01:14:18 2006
teach me how to do it..and can u teach me how to hack into them to cause someone hacked into my account and i want to get back in!

From: greg
Date: Thu Aug 10 01:16:16 2006
can u teach me how u did that..and do u know how to hack into someones myspace cause someone hacked into my last one and i want to get back into it! email is

From: kali
Date: Thu Aug 10 02:14:07 2006
hey sam, can u teach me how to hack sumones myspace also? email me at thanks in advance=)
p.s wud pay if guaranteed service.

From: Jonas
Date: Thu Aug 10 16:24:11 2006
You rule man, that's really awesome. xD

From: Robert!
Date: Thu Aug 10 22:23:03 2006
Dude you Fucking rock!!!!
Here I am trying to figure out how to fuck up my myspace school page Admin and I find this.

From: Cookie Pirate
Date: Thu Aug 10 22:29:10 2006
We need a new verb for this... pwned is nowhere near strong enough.
samage I guess.

PS Your my hero.

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From: wierdo
Date: Fri Aug 11 23:51:06 2006
dude that is so awesome! Can you email me how to do it. My email is

From: El Mige
Date: Sat Aug 12 04:50:28 2006
First time hearing about such worm, i wish i was around when that shit happened! ... pretty slick i must add

From: johnny
Date: Sat Aug 12 21:21:59 2006
im carring out samys worm wit my own haha no joke just wait and find out and tom will have his account hacked and deleted lolloololoolool im killing myspace once and for all

From: JordynThaRocker
Date: Sun Aug 13 16:57:46 2006
Dude You Think You Could Help me Hack Into My gurlfriends Myspace

From: unknown
Date: Mon Aug 14 22:58:39 2006
not sure if anyone will believe me but ive discovered an alternative code that i have tried similar to this one. i started it about 30 minutes ago and within that 30 minutes have gotten 50 friend requests from people i dont know. apparently im just getting friend requests from everyone who views my profile and that is all. still i consider it a worm. if anyone would like more info on this "worm" i discovered, email me at

From: Will
Date: Tue Aug 15 05:51:42 2006
So what is the code??

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Aug 15 10:14:33 2006
That's bad azz hell.
But what is the code?

Date: Wed Aug 16 00:42:57 2006
i need help 2 hack ... email me yeah

From: tom myspace
Date: Wed Aug 16 07:06:29 2006
i hate you kid.

i smell. bye.

From: joe smelly condem
Date: Wed Aug 16 14:40:36 2006
haha that shit is funny. I wanna see somebody do it again

From: Tom
Date: Wed Aug 16 15:23:36 2006
die mother fucker

From: samy
Date: Wed Aug 16 15:25:53 2006
i am god

From: dirty condem eater
Date: Wed Aug 16 18:52:44 2006
hmm. thinking of new ways to fuck myspace over. it's going to be a lot harder now thanks to you

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From: Erin
Date: Sun Aug 20 23:15:36 2006
My older brother did something similar to that.
but with a school.
and "fox" and everyone else in the government..
didn't let him off so easy.
but hes a good negotiater.

From: Elizabeth
Date: Mon Aug 21 20:10:56 2006
Wow, it's been a year and you're still getting praise. If you make a new myspace e-mail me at

From: Joel
Date: Tue Aug 22 11:07:57 2006
I just want to let you know that...

your awesome! i have a friend that was trying to make myspace accept javascript by converting it to an all-number format...he did a couple funny things with it. email me if you find out a way to get 1,000,000+ friends again!

From: script kiddie suckage
Date: Thu Aug 24 04:39:07 2006
Your programming skill and knowlege are obviously above par.

The comment section here, however, is the epitome of suck. The script kiddies and myspace crack addicts are drawn to you like moths to a flame. I feel like I'm in an overcrowded middle school cafeteria that smells like kid snot and thrice-worn sweaty underwear after reading some of these lame, gramatically lacking beggars' posts.

It's fun to laugh at, though. Keep up the good work.

From: Demi
Date: Fri Aug 25 12:04:33 2006
BTW your account has been took off of myspace coz
i checked it and it wz gone!

From: dude
Date: Fri Aug 25 20:20:36 2006
your great

From: mat
Date: Mon Aug 28 21:00:41 2006
dued ur do one who fuked evrbuddy up ahahhahahahah
fukin creayzzzzz
dude can u email me & tech me how to get on ppls homes on mysp[aceeee
fukin hilarioss sammm

From: david
Date: Tue Aug 29 14:57:19 2006
can you hack my sisters profile for me and give me the passwaord please

From: michael
Date: Tue Aug 29 18:37:25 2006
thats bad you wont teach anyone else how to do it. sor will you. anyways. good job. dont know if you can help or not but there is a bitch that hacked my friends myspace and shes a bitch. she changed her password so she couldnt get in it. if you can help i would like to do the same to her. her name is thankyou for your time...

From: lazaro
Date: Tue Aug 29 22:29:20 2006
Hi i know how to hack into people myspace its not that simple it has something to do with your email and the persons myspace your trying to hack into i would try to explain it buts its way to complicating all you have to do is send me you email and password and your victims email and i will only get you 1 password! people ask for way to much passwords so i have a minimun and you can mess up there page please i wouldnt like myspace to block what i do so just send me your information on remeber only 1 password!

From: Lazaro
Date: Tue Aug 29 22:30:07 2006
Hi i know how to hack into people myspace its not that simple it has something to do with your email and the persons myspace your trying to hack into i would try to explain it buts its way to complicating all you have to do is send me you email and password and your victims email and i will only get you 1 password! people ask for way to much passwords so i have a minimun and you can mess up there page please i wouldnt like myspace to block what i do so just send me your information on remeber only 1 password!

From: vasion
Date: Wed Aug 30 08:49:21 2006
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From: James
Date: Wed Aug 30 11:02:47 2006
Well...I guess it's still true; there's always an asshole who'll destroy something just for the sick jollies. Too bad FOX hasn't come after you yet. Scum like you have given "hacking" a bad name.

From: douglas
Date: Thu Aug 31 00:09:13 2006
does anyone no how to tap a motorolla 730 cell phone for text or any other means

From: Prasand J.
Date: Thu Aug 31 04:15:25 2006
Funny ... I was playing around with the very same thing trying to get IE to support CSS hovers, on items other than links (circumventing myspace's limitations). I thought about parsing the source and applying events ... and although I began to do so the process was too tedious for what I wanted. Especially since I theorized about 5 other ways to do it. Had I not thought of another way, I probably would've did it via JS. So in the end it was abandoned in favor of a unique cross-browser method (search for my name on myspace, view the source, send me a request).

It's pretty sad that people didn't know about that CSS feature. Considering that it's been documented for years, even PPK covered it two years ago.

Maybe they should read more. *shrugs*

From: Ohs!
Date: Fri Sep 1 15:33:02 2006
that's awesome
you almost got screwed though
sammy your my hero

From: Elizabeth
Date: Fri Sep 1 22:16:22 2006

From: script alert("test")/script
Date: Sat Sep 2 06:15:07 2006
<script> alert("test")</script>

From: Joe
Date: Sat Sep 2 15:16:37 2006
Woah - thats a really interesting thing u did and im all for exploring but couldn't you have hacked something that was actually worth it? Nice anyway!:)

From: teisha
Date: Sat Sep 2 23:37:38 2006
thats pretty smart...
but soeone hacked into mine but there DELETING my friends? how can i stop it???

From: teisha
Date: Sat Sep 2 23:37:39 2006
thats pretty smart...
but soeone hacked into mine but there DELETING my friends? how can i stop it???

From: michelle
Date: Sun Sep 3 10:58:07 2006
that was on mine too

From: Michael
Date: Sun Sep 3 17:13:58 2006
Fuck me u are a sickhead i love u, i was pretty useless at usin all dat software and programming (no1 eva taught me :'( ) anyways respect to u and ill look out for ur dealings in the future!! ;) xx

ps:i no im a lil l8 on this news so u dnt need to point it out lool

u my hero!

From: ME! :D
Date: Tue Sep 5 11:08:13 2006
I still have Samy is my hero in my heros box :D i love yooooooou

From: Amanda
Date: Wed Sep 6 18:56:03 2006
I need your help! email me at: I'll tell you everyhing that happened to see if you can help me get back into my myspace account.

From: Michael
Date: Thu Sep 7 20:58:18 2006
All I can say to that is you must be a god.

From: jr
Date: Fri Sep 8 12:35:58 2006
wow im speachless i want to knoe how u do this freind thing called"worm" if ull be nice enough to teach me i want revengeon mybest freind lol my mail is try to catch me on aim or sumthing

From: Tony
Date: Fri Sep 8 13:10:30 2006
U kno it kinda looks like u customized the Guptacher or watever it was it spreads from one browser to the other but it adds u...pretty are my HERO!!!!!!!!

From: Tony
Date: Fri Sep 8 13:12:32 2006
my e-mail is dis if u wanna tell me if im right...or wrong im here

From: Christosterman
Date: Tue Sep 12 10:19:48 2006
You know, I hadnt heard about this until now. Ive been on myspace for a long time. The direction it is going sucks my balls. The world needs more people like Sammy. I just changed my profile name to Sammy is my hero.

From: dodropin
Date: Wed Sep 13 15:41:47 2006
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From: dodropin
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Date: Wed Sep 13 20:58:11 2006
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From: dugie
Date: Wed Sep 13 22:16:21 2006
wow man, that is amazing!! what kind of programming you know? just java? or do you know like C++ and oracle too? please e-mail me at
that is soo hella awesome. kudos to you for sure

From: dodropin
Date: Wed Sep 13 23:37:20 2006
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From: MalevolentCha0s
Date: Wed Sep 13 23:59:16 2006
If anybody needs access to a person's MySpace, I'm your guy.

Done it quite a few times, and I've honed it into a skill that I can do very quickly and effeciently.

As a poster above me said, it does require access to both accounts. That is true.

So, if anyone is interested, send me the following at

your MySpace login
your pass
victim's myspace username

And that's all. I guaruntee you a password within one hour. If not, I'll paypal or send you a check for 20 bucks. That's how confident I am.

From: dodropin
Date: Thu Sep 14 02:30:02 2006
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From: Yr Maw
Date: Thu Sep 14 11:19:07 2006
maytee.. yr a legend!! :D x

From: Clash_with_Reality
Date: Thu Sep 14 12:47:34 2006
O samy what you fucking did was the shit your hacking skills are the shit I wish to learn from you but I dought it. may your hacking skills get you many many chicks.

From: l!ft
Date: Fri Sep 15 12:10:33 2006
dude first rule.

my account on myspizzle was hacked, now i find myself attempting to "hack back". the damage to my account is miniscual, but my ego is badly bruised.....the advice given to me was"go through the proxy" but my attemps have come up fruitless. the email i signed up with is false, therefore it is immposible to go through the standard password retrieval program. if you have some advice, could you please email me at; i need my fuckin password!!

thanx bro, you are the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: R B M
Date: Fri Sep 15 12:58:36 2006
Can you delete someone blogs or get there password if so I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE Im not a freak I just want to get a blog off the myspace www for my wifes sake. so if you can meet me in YAHOO literati room named IMPLIED CLAUSE on the 23rd of SEPT 2006 at 1 PM eastern 12 noon central I will type the word MYSPIZZLE in the lobby you invite to a room and we will talk PLEASE. I am not with any media I know your paranoid Im just really needing help if you dont beleive me come to the yahoo room and ill prove it to you by giving you the site info first to check out PLEASE BE THERE

Date: Fri Sep 15 15:16:55 2006



From: Bright Eyes
Date: Fri Sep 15 23:27:41 2006
i want to know how to hack into profiles, and view private profiles, can u help? email me at

From: Bill
Date: Sat Sep 16 04:56:20 2006
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From: Blaire Alexandra Trauth
Date: Sat Sep 16 18:47:59 2006
So many people have tried to hack my MySpace account so far, but have failed. And you said that you can hack a MySpace account, right? Well, you wanna know what I think? You can't hack a MySpace account worth a shit! If you think you are so real, then hack my MySpace account and delete all of my friends:

My MySpace Friend ID is: 13717521

You can't do it, can you? I bet you can't, you fake ass pussy. You ain't real. Just try to hack my MySpace account

From: julie
Date: Sun Sep 17 09:07:28 2006
Hello, I am willing to pay a lot of money to get into a myspace account - I don't want to do anything to their profile or delete, I just want to get on and look at their messages and stuff. Please contact me at

From: Nate
Date: Mon Sep 18 02:20:37 2006
boyfriend who has a girl who lives across the country, worried about a few things. dont want to change anything, just read a few private blogs. his friend ID is 34242736
any help?

From: keri
Date: Mon Sep 18 12:37:01 2006
hey babe what up

From: bbm
Date: Thu Sep 21 00:34:46 2006
i need to get into my wife's account, she hasn't signed on it on this computer but she's havin an affair and i need to get the proof for court. someone email me how to get into her account, or how to view her account it's a private one... any info you got would be great!!!

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Sep 22 11:54:43 2006
ok sombody on here knows. Eith the all mighty up above^^^ by the way great skills ur awsome or some one here below in the rest of the comments.
We all want to know how to hack into some ones email either jelous GF's, BF's and all that BS! Ha so where can we go to find the secret some web page hast the coding or the download software or something.... Just post it on the comments if u know. Whats the big deal?
Or better yet email me plz on some advice how to obtain a secret on getting into a silly myspace
u can email me all u want


From: The Doodster
Date: Fri Sep 22 15:55:28 2006
You are a.. DOOOOD

Do one Samy.

From: bob is a pyro
Date: Fri Sep 22 20:53:03 2006
wow..your so KEWL... heh

Date: Sun Sep 24 21:18:17 2006
uh ya hi, i have a big problem, my fiance was sent away from me for no reason, and the mom doesnt let her talk to me and she uses her myspace to spy on me, i just want to know how to work that stuff so i could just get into her profile...hell just tell me how to get passed the password and im gone and good...i would realy appreciate that, and i do love the work and effort you have done..

From: Raymond
Date: Mon Sep 25 00:11:22 2006
You that is coooooooool can someone teach me how to hack a myspace please
email me at

From: jericah
Date: Mon Sep 25 19:06:01 2006
i like the page keep it up!!! :*) sending kisses.

From: Danno
Date: Tue Sep 26 17:35:22 2006
But most of all, sammy really is my hero

From: chick.
Date: Tue Sep 26 18:58:34 2006
hey ne body kno a hacking code 4 a myspace? someone found out my password changed it and then changed the e-mail on it. if you have one ...that actually works..let me kno. if you dont have a code dont e-mail me.

From: 2hands
Date: Wed Sep 27 13:21:49 2006
This is pwnage, exploitation and programming beauty all in one! One Internet for you my friend :)

From: shanksta
Date: Wed Sep 27 14:12:29 2006
does anyone know how to hack on other ppls myspace to check their profiles i really want to knoe if u do please email me @

From: meee
Date: Thu Sep 28 17:40:16 2006
hey i got a myspace i need to hack into.. its one of my old ones i reely need to get in there important information in there i need and i dont remember the password.. can someone please tell me how i can do this? email me at


From: Ivan Bulat
Date: Sat Sep 30 12:22:20 2006
C'est trouis bien. Nice, i mean. Thanks!

From: Tiffany
Date: Sun Oct 1 11:59:32 2006
Hey im really popular too but i dont have my own arse up my butt...get reall love

From: Just2Creative
Date: Sun Oct 1 22:52:48 2006
damn.. it took me a year just to get to the 1000.. lol... hopefully this post will bring that up overnight seeing that ppl still visit..

From: sh1fty
Date: Mon Oct 9 19:19:59 2006
fcuking awsome my friend, if this was still happenening I would allow you use myspace to help the cause!

From: Karma Lula
Date: Wed Oct 11 14:43:13 2006
Thank you very very very much. Wish you luck and mercy from all the creatures around the world.

From: Mike
Date: Wed Oct 11 15:10:55 2006
I pay top dollar. Interested in a job? Contact John Edwards.

From: Ed
Date: Wed Oct 11 18:45:26 2006
Lawl nice I never thought of scripting me a program like that L:O

From: Shaun
Date: Wed Oct 11 21:18:41 2006
Well, i could prob just be an idiot, but couldn't u upload that code to some file-hosting thingy (i.e. -, then embed that page onto ur myspace?

From: con
Date: Sun Oct 15 22:14:39 2006
i think that code will still work, what if u added a layer over myspace and then put that code on the layer, like this (but youd have to re do your script so it adds the layer to others pages to)

From: con
Date: Sun Oct 15 22:15:46 2006
<style type="text/css">
.Main { position:absolute; left:51%; top:125px; width:800px; z-index:1; margin-left:-400px; padding:1px; border:1px; background-color:transparent;}

<DIV class="Main"> <table style="width:900px; height:11000px; cellpadding:1px; cellspacing:1px; border:2px silver; background-color:ffffff;}"> <tr> <td valign="top">

From: star
Date: Mon Oct 16 19:29:38 2006
holy fucking shit...
weeelll if anyone DOES press charges...ill be there 919664 times to defend you:D! haha, i bet youll always remember that number...your lucky number.
that is jus totally rad.
(and secretly give it to me...please.)
now i KNOW why i always wanted to learn all that HTML, shit.

From: Antonio
Date: Tue Oct 17 12:24:30 2006
dude that's fuckin tite ass shit right there dude try to hack tom's profile and fuck it up then u'll be the true god

From: Shorty J
Date: Wed Oct 18 12:32:37 2006
Wat up Samy, I really need to talk to u, I've was starting Javascript, HTML, Java, and C++, and mainly virus programming and hacking and i got some questions, and i was wondering if u could help me with something...
and did you ever make a new myspace?

Myspace URL:
Aim SN:

From: Loshu Uklo
Date: Sat Oct 21 22:41:29 2006
Thank you very much, have a nice day, have a... nice life!

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Oct 25 06:33:48 2006

From: cris
Date: Thu Oct 26 21:47:27 2006
damn. i wish i knew how to fuck up myspace.

From: kendell
Date: Fri Oct 27 10:31:52 2006
it cool

From: Luca
Date: Fri Oct 27 14:05:46 2006
samy... im intreaged to know where you learnt all this?? how long?? you really are a complete hero in my eyes... guys certainly dig it

email me or add... although i doubt you will... but please your fasinating

From: scsocrplaya1
Date: Fri Oct 27 19:27:21 2006
You think you can get a mysoace password and email for me im aim scsocrplaya1

From: Your Name
Date: Sat Oct 28 18:24:20 2006

From: Me
Date: Sun Oct 29 01:00:01 2006
Lol that rocks. jeez i hope u dont get sued lol.

From: Omar
Date: Sun Oct 29 10:30:36 2006
lmao thats awsome and that is one long code u made there

From: T
Date: Sun Oct 29 12:48:54 2006
I can't get on to my myspace because someone changed my password what do I do?

From: chelsea
Date: Sun Oct 29 18:58:45 2006
I want to know you.
You'll probably hack it,
but at least you'll know who
the chick that is infatuated with you is.

From: v_rus
Date: Mon Oct 30 02:09:09 2006
fascinating!! show me how.

From: ME
Date: Mon Oct 30 06:42:48 2006

From: Bobz and Azn
Date: Mon Oct 30 15:21:53 2006

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Oct 30 20:27:24 2006
self sam

From: jack_the_rapist
Date: Thu Nov 2 01:36:19 2006
anyone wanting someone to talk to?

From: Jalyssa
Date: Fri Nov 3 08:04:47 2006
hey um samy lolz idk u...but um i red sum of ur writin or w.e im kinda lost but yeha add meh n like um yeha heres my comment xD lolz....

From: Just Me
Date: Fri Nov 3 15:58:25 2006
Looking for someone to help me see inside my lovers' MySpace and Yahoo accounts. If there is anyone out ther who can help, please contact me at


From: Phyro
Date: Fri Nov 3 16:30:35 2006
bwahahahaha, amusing, but annoying as hell

From: Brittany
Date: Sat Nov 4 16:59:56 2006
Fucking awesome!

From: Sophie
Date: Sat Nov 4 19:10:43 2006
Nice work dude. You pwnt MySpace. XD

From: monkey =]
Date: Sat Nov 4 22:24:59 2006
.. well yeah.. 4 any1 that read this..
i seriously need help..
.. i changed my myspace password for the fact that my friend also knew it.. well apparently i forgot it and the email address i had there which you have to put when you forget your password got deleted.. now i cant log in nor do anything there.. can anyone help me plz..
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From: savagekiller
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From: gwen
Date: Mon Nov 6 05:48:34 2006
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From: Jake Igle
Date: Mon Nov 6 16:03:18 2006
Poem is a strange type of literature, isnt it?

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Nov 6 20:19:20 2006
is there anyway u can hack into someones myspace like get there password?

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Nov 6 21:44:15 2006
hey can you get someones myspace password for me?

Date: Tue Nov 7 16:18:43 2006
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From: someone.
Date: Tue Nov 7 18:18:17 2006
i bow down to you.

From: attica
Date: Tue Nov 7 22:26:44 2006

From: Stan
Date: Wed Nov 8 08:54:38 2006
Hey did you hack myspace recently

From: steph
Date: Thu Nov 9 09:25:22 2006
hi,can u PLEASE email me ( have some questions.PLEASE,it would be VERY appriciated.thankx

From: hi
Date: Thu Nov 9 13:44:35 2006
hellz yea nigga

From: ME
Date: Thu Nov 9 18:04:10 2006
Some kid made my myspace all lesbian so i want his password to make him gay can you help?

From: JG
Date: Fri Nov 10 09:39:26 2006
What's the trick to figuring out ppl's passwords?

From: [[GDCSL]] condi
Date: Fri Nov 10 11:56:57 2006
Heh, long time no see, write me another brotherrrr XD it's the infamous [[gdcsl]]

ps. don't be scurrred

From: sunil
Date: Fri Nov 10 14:21:19 2006
i m a Medicle student,and now i want to get all the information that how i can hack any website.
Plzzzz help me

From: Master Cheif
Date: Fri Nov 10 21:31:08 2006
MySpace sucks. How could anyone waste their life on that damn site? It's just a freakin website. However, I do love what you did. Make it larger next time and screw their servers. <3

From: Name
Date: Sat Nov 11 08:18:04 2006

From: Darren
Date: Sun Nov 12 00:37:31 2006
Can you help me get my girlfriends password on myspace, i have a sneaky suspicion that she is cheating on me. especially when she says to another guy she loves him. email me at

From: Amanda
Date: Sun Nov 12 08:00:31 2006
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From: piane0
Date: Mon Nov 13 17:22:36 2006
i wanna hack in to my girlfriend profile!!! how in the hell did you do that!?!?!!

From: Nicole
Date: Mon Nov 13 20:15:29 2006

From: mar
Date: Tue Nov 14 06:53:00 2006
youuuure awesommee. this is hilariouuus :)

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Date: Tue Nov 14 14:19:32 2006
i need somebody to let me know how 2 get my girls password on myspace..hit me up on yahoo IM: da757boi or email lookin out

From: chimp
Date: Tue Nov 14 14:20:29 2006

From: kevin
Date: Tue Nov 14 14:33:13 2006
i love you

From: Jakob
Date: Tue Nov 14 15:23:23 2006
your a god

From: Rico
Date: Tue Nov 14 16:44:24 2006
so like..the code going to be fixed so it can work again?

From: DUDE
Date: Tue Nov 14 20:31:51 2006
yeah that junk is crzy lol, but i don't need to hack to have that many friends ;) lol j/j

From: ur fuckin gay
Date: Wed Nov 15 08:50:57 2006
i h8 u ur the fuckinest gayest person in the world ur a lezie

From: Kevin
Date: Wed Nov 15 18:28:50 2006 how? lol teach me lol

From: YoShi
Date: Wed Nov 15 21:37:12 2006
Fucking genious.... DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM!!!

From: asia.
Date: Wed Nov 15 23:14:49 2006
OMG i remember finding this on my profile heeella days ago.
fine work my friend, find work.
is your myspace still up?
add me.

From: zmanzero
Date: Thu Nov 16 14:53:01 2006
fuckin' awesome dude.

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From: Your Name
Date: Sat Nov 18 09:25:21 2006
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Date: Tue Nov 21 19:21:17 2006
my ex boyfriend changed my there anyway u can hack my myspace for me?? is the thing and my email address is thanks so much!

From: Jackson
Date: Wed Nov 22 14:45:21 2006
Nice site!

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Nov 22 16:29:16 2006
how do you get so many friend requests?

From: emahhee_x
Date: Wed Nov 22 16:31:21 2006
yeh i really dont knnow how to get so many.
tell meeee.

From: Ivan
Date: Wed Nov 22 23:59:14 2006
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Date: Thu Nov 23 00:01:40 2006
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From: Your Name
Date: Fri Nov 24 10:23:34 2006
How do I hack?

From: lol
Date: Fri Nov 24 13:47:32 2006
From: Your Name
Date: Fri Nov 24 10:23:34 2006
How do I hack?

hahahahaha-you silly goose you

From: Tasha
Date: Sat Nov 25 06:55:54 2006
can u help me to hack onto someones account,please?
it's soo important to me.
i know that persons e-mail,and i just need her password..
help me,please.

From: Tasha
Date: Sat Nov 25 06:58:39 2006
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From: Stranger
Date: Sun Nov 26 15:10:47 2006
I dont know if html works on here butttttt...

<font size=6><b><b><big><big>ITS A FAKE. THE SCREENSHOT WAS EDITED.


From: Another Mischevious Hacker
Date: Mon Nov 27 14:38:57 2006
I tip my hat to you, good sir. Way to raise the bar for all of us. I admit, Its fun to eff with one person. Its 1,000,000 times more fun to eff with a million people.

From: wannabe
Date: Tue Nov 28 12:27:57 2006
teach me

From: Tinygnome
Date: Tue Nov 28 20:32:17 2006
i love you

From: Tim
Date: Tue Nov 28 22:36:53 2006
Your a genious!

From: Your Name alex
Date: Wed Nov 29 15:52:34 2006
Your Comments

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Nov 30 01:25:11 2006
I salute you.

However, you're getting some competition from this virus that's going around....time for a new hack? :)

From: hammertime
Date: Thu Nov 30 11:23:14 2006
Hello guys and gals!!!
my name isn't important but I need some hacking help. I need to password to my girlfriend's myspace accout to see if see has been a true girl, I got husled in the pass by giving someone 15 bucks on a forum through paypal and i never got the password or my money back. I'll glady pay for the password but only after the job is done...interested hit me at

From: Unknown10101010101
Date: Thu Nov 30 14:58:26 2006
If this code works, you will be jesus. I'll comment back on progress.I actully hope it works

From: Pretty
Date: Thu Nov 30 15:23:28 2006
Help. I need to hack into a private profile. Can ou help?

From: Pretty
Date: Thu Nov 30 15:24:52 2006
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From: morgan
Date: Fri Dec 1 14:52:56 2006
how do you hack into someones profile? like get their password? HELP ME :[

From: morgan again
Date: Fri Dec 1 14:54:12 2006
email me at
no stalkers allowed.

From: Your Name
Date: Fri Dec 1 17:54:20 2006
Your Comments: Enough.

From: Breaker Baby
Date: Fri Dec 1 21:18:57 2006
Goddamn Pimp,If you see me on myspace message me,help me out.

From: ItalianSYCObitchNY
Date: Sat Dec 2 10:56:18 2006
Recently I was messing with someones profile id and I basily ended up in someone elses account.lmao So of course I changed all her sh*t up and I want 2 know more. How this happened and how can I make it happen
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From: BB
Date: Sat Dec 2 13:40:42 2006
Hey I really need to hack a girls myspace, could you contact me at via email and tell me how to get her password (and poss email as I dont think she uses the one I know) I would be eternally grateful!

You rock Samy!

From: Tim
Date: Sat Dec 2 23:59:55 2006
I really really really want to know where you learned all this information. you had a tutor, you didn't just LEARN this.

plus, this was a super hilarious blog!

i'm a beginning hacker, and i'm really craving knowledge, so.

please make you my hero, i need to witness this. and please don't break anything while you're in...

From: tim
Date: Sun Dec 3 00:00:59 2006

after this, samy is my actual hero

From: mie
Date: Sun Dec 3 00:33:03 2006
wow, i wish i could do that to increase traffic to my website.

samy is my hero. yeah!!

From: Craze
Date: Mon Dec 4 04:15:31 2006
hey could u please email me how ta get into peoples accounts?... ive had some guy into my account n fuked shit up... jus wana a lil payback

email me

From: sexy soldier
Date: Tue Dec 5 07:40:38 2006
Your Comments Hello i am in iraq at the moment and i think that you are great and it sounds like your a right good laugh ! Are you single cos i would love to meet up with you if you do email me on cheers

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From: secret1
Date: Thu Dec 7 22:13:54 2006
Who wants peoples passwords??? i know how

From: secret
Date: Thu Dec 7 22:16:00 2006
Who wants the emails and passwords????

From: Pretty
Date: Fri Dec 8 08:38:21 2006

I really, really need to know please email me at

Date: Fri Dec 8 12:52:17 2006
Need to know how to view private profile and/or private comments... thickage at hotmail dot com

From: Jason
Date: Sun Dec 10 23:44:07 2006
Man, that's awesome. I hate myspace. I laugh thinking of what those people would have been doing while the site was down. Probably sitting in a corner... rocking back and forth... holding their knees. Awsome job, man.

From: Mia
Date: Mon Dec 11 01:09:55 2006
how can you add the bands that requires an email or a lastname???

From: Access_Denied
Date: Mon Dec 11 15:06:07 2006
Secret, if you really know how to get them, I want one. Just for a prank. ;) But if you know how, e-mail me,

From: Ella
Date: Tue Dec 12 09:18:26 2006
That is pure ledgend ....

From: Ryano
Date: Tue Dec 12 11:45:58 2006
Can you send me the codes and how to at

From: Ryano
Date: Tue Dec 12 11:47:20 2006

From: Qwer Ungu
Date: Tue Dec 12 19:24:16 2006
I lost my virginity, pity

From: Nick
Date: Tue Dec 12 20:06:36 2006
Strange... if you look up "samy is my hero" on myspace... all the urls say Samy is my hero

From: Alix
Date: Wed Dec 13 04:04:05 2006
lukes like u gots wat u wanted: chicks 2 dig ya

From: Johnny Loopback
Date: Wed Dec 13 08:56:53 2006
Samy was my hero and I didn't even know what it was all about. Until I read this. I think I'll go and manually make samy my hero.

From: Jack
Date: Wed Dec 13 10:08:04 2006
how do i hack into a myspace account?

From: charlie_girl
Date: Wed Dec 13 16:40:49 2006
so if someone really knows how to view a private profile on myspace, i'm really in need of the service

From: John
Date: Wed Dec 13 17:27:42 2006
damn sweet job man i was wondering if u could show me how to hack myspace profiles... i want to hack this 1 kids profile cuz he keeps messing around wit my girl and since he LOVES myspace i want to mess it up and put alot of gay men on it and delete all his frineds... u think u can help me out?... my e-mails r

thanks hope to hear from u soon

From: Tsyklon
Date: Wed Dec 13 21:34:11 2006
Hey man what you did was pretty sweet. I was wondering if you might be able to help me get some of my friends login info so i can go in and change some stuff to mess around with them. Please if you can email me at Thanks dude

From: Luciel
Date: Thu Dec 14 01:29:26 2006
Hey I heard about what you did on myspace and I thought that was awesome. Well was wondering if you knew how to see private profiles, if you or anyone else can help; email me at

From: ex-oh
Date: Thu Dec 14 08:19:28 2006
greatest story ever. if it's true, i was wondering if you could help me with something (it would be a walk in the park compared to anything you did).

From: Hayden
Date: Thu Dec 14 17:05:05 2006
Hey man I dont know how you did it. Could you please email and tell me how to hack someones password. I would so appreciate it.

From: Whitehatsarenotblackhatsbutgreyhatsarenotwhitehatsandblackhats,wht are redhats?
Date: Fri Dec 15 22:04:27 2006
tracers anyone?

Date: Sat Dec 16 11:17:21 2006

Can you help me with code?

Rock'n'Roll !!!

From: Downn69
Date: Sat Dec 16 18:41:16 2006
can u help me get into the photos section of a private profile on myspace.

From: bubbles
Date: Sat Dec 16 19:07:10 2006
yo how do you hack a myspace. ill be back for the answer

From: lili
Date: Sun Dec 17 15:31:39 2006
hahahahahahha this is the funniest shit ever! i remember like last year...i think u were on my friendslist too! lol..ur fuckin cool! u fuckin rock! do some more funny shit ..pleasE! lol...ur a genuis! lol
{and crazy too...but thats sooo hot!} lol

From: fr0gin
Date: Sun Dec 17 16:41:49 2006
You really are popular and a hero you left your story over a year ago and look at the reply's... WOOOOOOW... its a shame they fixed it, maybe ill add it manualy.
You rule man!!!!!!!!11111111

From: Toro
Date: Sun Dec 17 18:12:23 2006
you are fucking retarded
you photoshopped that picture
omg the ignorance of these people

From: burt.
Date: Mon Dec 18 03:07:12 2006

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Dec 18 09:31:47 2006
i lvoe

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Dec 19 09:19:34 2006
He's in jail? :p

From: Paul
Date: Tue Dec 19 11:43:25 2006
Wow. I never knew you could do that. LMAO Do you have a myspace profile now? If so, I want to make Sammy my hero

From: Lee [F]amous.
Date: Tue Dec 19 18:17:13 2006
AMAZING, you are my hero!!!

From: Your Name123
Date: Tue Dec 19 18:35:15 2006
i got viris from even trying to put it on my computer in a word doc.... my e-mail is let me kno why

From: Kossusukka
Date: Thu Dec 21 06:59:53 2006
Awesome! You really are pr0! l337 C0D3R

From: Kel
Date: Thu Dec 21 08:30:36 2006
i need some help. i don't know you or anything, but could you email me at
it would be much appreciated.

From: Katy
Date: Thu Dec 21 17:33:25 2006
Hey, I need some help hacking a profile. Please email me at

From: Nikita
Date: Fri Dec 22 02:36:27 2006
Heyy, I need some help! Can you find password for me. This guy's friend id is 2215675 email me to let me know what is his password okay? Thank you very much!

From: JassyBoo
Date: Fri Dec 22 11:26:45 2006
Samy ur a computer whiz or watever but next time tap into Bush's private bank account and send me a couple dollas and u keep the rest k

From: Karla
Date: Fri Dec 22 11:28:56 2006
U r a fuckin genious!!!! I love it !!!

From: lol
Date: Fri Dec 22 12:43:44 2006
That is insane.

I worked up a code to steal peoples passwords when they PM you, it owns but THAT THING YOU DID IS SO COOL LOL

From: Wayne
Date: Fri Dec 22 18:01:13 2006
dude that's great... send me an email ( and an aim (mines xphreex) screename, if u still hack we can trade warez and wut not. u gotta contact me man.

and lol u should send me that program

From: Tyler
Date: Fri Dec 22 18:32:30 2006
hey man kick ass job there i applaud your work
samy is my hero lol
hey man we gotta talk my aim is hackmaster2127 (yes i know false advertisment but watever lol) ive been looking for sumone to help me understand a bit more on hacking a can do a few things not many but a few.

From: bob eat shit
Date: Fri Dec 22 18:45:56 2006
kick ass!!

From: gayboy
Date: Sat Dec 23 20:36:32 2006
i neeed a password for on myspace its very important

From: kelsey.
Date: Sun Dec 24 17:04:37 2006
can you help me.?

From: Cindi
Date: Sun Dec 24 19:23:10 2006
hey I need the password for

PLEASE, immediate. I apologize for the selfishness.

my email is


From: Jorge
Date: Sun Dec 24 21:38:30 2006

you're either gonna be popular, or FOX's gonna cp your ass to /dev/null


From: Lord Annoying
Date: Mon Dec 25 07:48:25 2006
wow. you overule me by a frogpenny. i have a site whitch is just crap, i need your help mr. popular. i could do highly annoying things, but the things i wanna do are illegal and im only a small child. I need some teaching on this 'hacking' please. my e-mail is

I would usually say something really annoying after this but this time its U ROCK!!

From: soph
Date: Mon Dec 25 13:59:12 2006
hey iv read ur gd at hacking and wondered if you could help me email me back on

From: jessica
Date: Mon Dec 25 14:05:58 2006

please help..can u get me a password and user for this account??

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Dec 25 14:07:22 2006
oh yeah i so forgot to put my email... please please!!! ill worship u!

From: jessica
Date: Mon Dec 25 14:08:33 2006
i suk at this..thats my comment right ^^

From: Gigglez
Date: Tue Dec 26 12:34:28 2006
Hey someone hacked my myspace...think they used a quicktime prompt to phish out my p-word...anyway to track who the fuck it was? retribution is bliss

From: kenzie
Date: Tue Dec 26 16:13:46 2006
shiot dude your hardcore

From: daisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Tue Dec 26 19:50:43 2006
hey does anyone here know how to get someones myspace password plz i need it really badly


From: Daisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Tue Dec 26 19:53:45 2006
if anything else you need to get the password plz contact me at


From: lil daddy
Date: Wed Dec 27 13:17:53 2006
i think my wife is dating lots of women but she won't tell me the truth, how can i obtain her myspace password, please contact me at

From: Zen
Date: Wed Dec 27 13:49:46 2006
Not just a great hacker, but a superb raconteur too. Dude, you should start your own social network site, you're definitely popular enough. "From the guy that broke myspace..."

From: Paoppy Lock
Date: Thu Dec 28 01:08:00 2006
Why, i am asking why all this happens and happens

From: shanice
Date: Thu Dec 28 10:20:47 2006
well i can
log on to my myspace can you fix that problem for me

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Dec 28 14:25:15 2006
u suck balls dirty ass

From: hmm
Date: Fri Dec 29 22:21:43 2006
damn i'm slow....but wow

From: please HELP!
Date: Sat Dec 30 08:13:42 2006
hey there..
do you think u could help me into gettin someones myspace password? it is so important.. please .. or a code to view private comments?..
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From: Your Name
Date: Sun Dec 31 17:05:07 2006
Your Comments

From: Your Name
Date: Sun Dec 31 23:50:16 2006

From: mike
Date: Mon Jan 1 22:32:55 2007
i heard my gf is cheating on me and that it is on her profile on myspace now i think i now why she wouldnt add me as a friend i really need your help man can you send the code to get into private profiles to me my email is thanks

From: Your Name
Date: Mon Jan 1 22:55:08 2007
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From: Your Name
Date: Tue Jan 2 04:32:08 2007
how can i hack into my b/fs messages??
i think hes cheating on me..
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From: keya'
Date: Tue Jan 2 21:53:08 2007
how can i get my passcode b/c i changed it n my space keep giving me the wrong passcode

From: keya'
Date: Tue Jan 2 21:54:15 2007
contact me @

From: willie D
Date: Wed Jan 3 11:37:01 2007
your big pimpin cant say i herd of ya but i was hacking into a databass and came across this dont know where it came from but its tight good job jackass Willie D

From: effnet is for faggots
Date: Wed Jan 3 23:47:16 2007

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Jan 4 01:20:04 2007

From: Simon
Date: Thu Jan 4 08:07:10 2007
Samy,man,your good,i just wanna say that you made Myspace History!
Crappy place to be but better,than nothin,eh?
Try hacking myspace again except this time use the name Simon =p

From: stephen
Date: Sat Jan 6 04:39:51 2007
Yea, I need a password hacked...the acct. is
e-mail me at

From: Michele
Date: Sat Jan 6 14:44:29 2007
Oh my gosh, so i went to my myspace and it deff. said sammy is my hero in it. wow way to go. =)

From: nathan
Date: Sun Jan 7 14:31:46 2007
i did what sammy did visit my page and become my friend and hero, PLAIN JAVASCRIPT NOO CSSS!!! HAHA

From: nathan
Date: Sun Jan 7 14:32:08 2007

From: dude
Date: Sun Jan 7 17:25:23 2007
holy shit. nathan seriously did it!

From: sessie
Date: Sun Jan 7 21:28:21 2007
Your Comments

From: shes cheatin
Date: Mon Jan 8 04:35:14 2007
i want to learn how to get password

From: To Nathan...
Date: Mon Jan 8 07:28:04 2007
"You must be nathan's friend to send nathan a message."

However I have seen your code work on someone elses page! Ace!

Date: Mon Jan 8 14:42:15 2007
HEY, I KNOW YOU GET ASKED FOR LOTS OF FAVORS BUT IM WILLING TO GIVE A ..AHEM...DONATION IF YOU CAN HELP ME OUT. My little brother is ALL ABOUT myspace and he made friends with a girl who seemed nice but is now spreading awful rumors about him and basically trying to allienate him from all his friends, wich is pretty devistating for a middle schooler. i want to know if there is a way to post a comment that can not be deleted or a way to make it impossible to delete a friend (so you can make posts as much as you want). Listen, she's your typical popular, heartless teenage cunt. Im sure you've met many like her, please help me set this little bitch straight. i might sound like a physcho older sister, but seriously, this girl has its comming.

From: jack
Date: Mon Jan 8 18:23:22 2007
Nice site actually. Gone to my favourites. Thanks for creation.

From: mypace proxy list
Date: Tue Jan 9 05:03:12 2007
<a href="">myspace</a> you can check myspace out

From: Portugeze Oganezo
Date: Tue Jan 9 07:20:30 2007
Love is all around, lets all around the world to play

Date: Tue Jan 9 09:18:32 2007
Please help me view profile I don't want the password, just to be able to view comments and pics. I need to find out if hubby is messing this person. Thanks.

From: jeremy
Date: Tue Jan 9 12:31:46 2007
dude...that is the never got infected by that but u are a fuckin genious...u had err body on myspace tryin to figure out what the hell was goin on...lmfao...

From: uno
Date: Tue Jan 9 14:05:49 2007
your bitch ass is UGLY okay so stop trying to show off hore you malested bitch

From: barry scott
Date: Wed Jan 10 07:50:19 2007

From: JR
Date: Wed Jan 10 17:16:54 2007
hey how can i get someones password for myspace? is it possable with out them knowing

From: JR
Date: Wed Jan 10 17:35:52 2007
her is the friend id(73074617) i wanna hack or get the password for myspace , thanx you can email me at .if you can do this it would be great thanx alot

From: youthought
Date: Wed Jan 10 18:00:42 2007
nathan is not hacking - all he did was code(copy) scripts and trick myspace parsers.
<img src="//" border="0">

sites that cause this:

From: javascript is teh lame
Date: Wed Jan 10 18:05:39 2007
<img src="">

From: real programmers dont uses interpreted languages - bitches ;p
Date: Wed Jan 10 18:12:40 2007
Domain Name
5 SMOOTHOLOGY.COM. 86400 IN PTR 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS
;; Received 154 bytes from in 16 ms

From: Your Name
Date: Wed Jan 10 18:21:54 2007
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From: fkn script kiddies ;]
Date: Wed Jan 10 18:28:56 2007

coding in javascript does not make you a hacker; youre as bad as the turkish defacers lol.. i lol at you. both sammy and his bitch nathan

fkn god fearing monkey spankers.

nathanjosiah nathanjosiah1 eric and andrew myspace worm

From: Youre Lame
Date: Wed Jan 10 18:31:18 2007
just to make the point clear

::: real hackers dont use interpreted languages :::

:: the myspace worm wasnt a worm at all::

:: Nathan Josiah loves sammy cock :::

that is all.

From: steph
Date: Wed Jan 10 20:33:57 2007
how can i hack into my boyfriends messages?
can it be done without him knowing?
cos i think hes cheating on me
could you please contact me at


From: Iris
Date: Fri Jan 12 19:31:29 2007
I want to know how can i hack into an old friends profile she posted some pretty nasty things about me please get back a me at

From: coward
Date: Fri Jan 12 20:27:43 2007
samy YOU ARE THE MAN! 1337!

From: Alma
Date: Sat Jan 13 19:29:34 2007
omg. i wanna be your myspace friend now!!!

From: mark
Date: Sat Jan 13 20:06:07 2007
yo amy i just read about you on this thing originally looking for a way to hack into my old friends policy because this guy has been being such a dick to me and every but then i read your story and you are amazing, if you can help me, email me at thanks and good job

From: Your Name
Date: Sun Jan 14 11:49:18 2007

From: Charlie
Date: Sun Jan 14 16:25:50 2007
I have a myspace hacking service and I charge $50.oo to hack each account. Please email me at

From: Topka Ull
Date: Mon Jan 15 02:19:49 2007
Strange things happens too many times to be just an occasion

From: jason
Date: Mon Jan 15 08:39:32 2007
i forgot my, i type it in the space for forgot password and it says they sent it to my email ...which is a joke......they haven't sent it to me in 24, i guess they are not going to???????????? >/

From: Your Name
Date: Tue Jan 16 04:20:56 2007
could u seen me miss honey06 password please big dog i know its not to hard for u..please

From: king
Date: Tue Jan 16 06:11:32 2007
i need a log in and password for myspace id 145266577. Thank you very much appreciated.

From: tockey
Date: Tue Jan 16 16:51:53 2007
hey, so theres a long story to where i forgot my password, but ill skip that.
can you find it out and send it to me?
and my email is

From: Renslow
Date: Tue Jan 16 19:08:17 2007
You're a lucky crazy bastard.

From: samy is a pimp of all pimps^^
Date: Tue Jan 16 19:13:46 2007
Your Comments dude tht is awsome man how you do it man ur a geniouse and ur rite tht chick dose want you

From: pimpdady
Date: Tue Jan 16 19:16:31 2007
hay man ur so cool dude my girl says ur her pimp dady lol but not really shes mine but her friends dude dam!!! remember man ur the legand of all legends >.<

From: maggie
Date: Wed Jan 17 18:00:11 2007
you're fucking amazing.
k thanks.

From: Briana
Date: Wed Jan 17 18:10:17 2007
holy crap. i remember when myspace's servers were all down and retarded for like hours too. not just MY profile.. but everything. haha. you are the shit mannnn. i wish i was that good at that stuff. your raddd man. even though i thought i was going to die when the servers were down... haha. your rad.

From: aaaa
Date: Thu Jan 18 01:43:34 2007

From: aaaa
Date: Thu Jan 18 01:43:35 2007

From: Your Name
Date: Thu Jan 18 09:53:52 2007
Your Comments

From: Macy
Date: Thu Jan 18 11:49:51 2007
Could you do me a super quick favor? O_O .. Can you get me a password?! XD haha.. I have something I would like to dig up on my boyfriends old myspace.

eh, Email is, cause I don't care about that one XD

If you do, I'd worship you more than any of those fuckers =D Man, I sound dorky -_-

From: Dave
Date: Thu Jan 18 20:42:25 2007

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