NAT Slipstreaming: Bypass Victim Firewall/NAT via Browser

MagSpoof: Wireless Credit Card/Magstripe Spoofer

Iridescent Chocolate: Edible Chocolate Diffraction Grating

I experimented with diffracting waves of sound and light and considered if food itself could be cast as a diffraction grating of visible light, and was finally successful with an easily manufacturable and repeatable process for producing edible, iridescent chocolate at home within vacuum.

Additionally reported on in The New York Times and The Takeout.

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Wireless LED Floating Helium Balloon Network

Glitchsink: FPGA Voltage Glitching MCUs for Firmware Extraction

OpenSesame: Hack Garages in Seconds with a Mattel Toy

webscan: browser-based LAN IP scanner & local IP detector

PoisonTap: Backdoor & Siphon Cookies on Locked Machines

evercookie: Extremely persistent virtually-irrevocable cookies

The MySpace Worm: The fastest spreading virus in history

KeySweeper: Camouflaged Wireless Keyboard Sniffer

Combo Breaker: Motorized, 3D printed, combo lock cracker

SkyJack: RaspPi drone which seeks and hacks other drones

OwnStar: Locates, Unlocks, Remote Starts GM/OnStar Cars

pwnat: Advanced client-server NAT-to-NAT penetration

Manually Hacking Master Combos Locks in 8 Tries or less

USBdriveby: Weaponized USB Backdoor Necklace

easel-driver: Cross-platform/MCU driver for CNC/Inventables' Easel

iPhone/Android/Windows Tracking + Wardriving Databases

RollJam: Wireless Device to Unlock Almost Any Car/Garage

ProxyGambit: GSM-to-IP Wireless Anonymization Device

Proxmark3: RFID Penetration Testing Platform

Quickjack: Automated Clickjack and Frame Slicing Tool

phpwn: Attack on PHP sessions and random numbers

Digital Ding Dong Ditch: Hacking wireless doorbells via SMS

NAT Pinning: Forcing Remote Routers to Port Forward

myo-osc: OSC for Thalmic Myo EMG gesture control armband

peepmail: Discover private email addresses

jiagra: Website+Javascript Performance Enhancement API

chownat: Peer-to-peer communication through NATs

mapxss: Accurate Geolocation via Router Exploitation

pdump: Advanced packet sniffing + injection tool

Packet: Perl modules for low-level packet injection/sniffing

airsamy: Automated WEP injection and cracking via aircrack

ORYX Stream Cipher Implementation and Attack

Anti-MITMA: Preventing Man in the Middle Attacks

weap: WEP (RC4) Key Recovery (Cryptanalytic Attack)

AI::NS: Perl module providing Genetic Algorithms

sql++: cross-database command line SQL client

DISS: Download shared iTunes music automatically (Win32)

Old Projects: code from long ago