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Direct Download, Version (0.8)
You can download the current stable version of pdump directly from this link in .tar.gz format.

Development Version (0.81)
Updated hourly, you can download the current development version from here. New things go into pdump every day and if interested in seeing what's happening or helping out, the development version is a good thing to get.

Here are some extra programs that are used in conjunction with pdump::Sniff, which comes with pdump.

pdump - a raw packet sniffer and injector
Welcome to http://pdump.org (or a mirror)! You can find information here reguarding pdump, downloads, and more. pdump is a raw packet sniffer and injector, written by Samy Kamkar. It has the features of many other programs such as tcpdump, dsniff, and ngrep. Check the manual page for more information!

News - December 26th, 2000
Finally released pdump 0.8! Added almost 600 new fingerprints for the -x option, much better password sniffing library along with new password sniffing plugs for the web, fixed a few bugs, added new protocol sniffing, added advancements to other protocols, and added new methods for decoding packets. Hopefully I'll get a mailing list up soon, too.

pdump's Manual
A manual page (in HTML format) on how to use pdump, what it does, all of it's options, and other information on pdump and packets. Also includes examples and other helpful information.
Download pdump
You can get all the downloads from here such as the stable version, development version, and even specific files out of a certain version.
You can see all the changes made with all of the versions of pdump here, including changes in the development version!
Development Directory
You can connect to the development directory of pdump to see what's new and even get files from the development version to add on to your version.

pdump, by Samy Kamkar [CommPort5@LucidX.com]