Cracker-Patcher 5

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Here, you can find Cracker-Patcher 5 (C-P5) and .cp5 files for it (by SeaPea5).

5.01-RELEASE out! [6/19/2002] -- added registry entry creation and replacement!

Current version: 5.01 .. Download (.exe)
Update file (you can ignore this): here
Template .cp5 file: hexedit210.cp5 (hex edit 2.10 patch)

Todo list:

Cracker-Patcher 5 is a program that allows you to apply patches to applications. To crack programs, you need the appropriate .cp5 file for what you're patching (incredibly small and easy to share with others).

.cp5 files are easy to create. They're really just text files in a nice, neat format. You can find a template here. Basically, all .cp5 files contain are byte-offsets and hex data to replace data at those offsets. Hopefully keygeneration and other algorithmic expressions will be allowed in future versions.

Download c-p5 here.

Template .cp5 file -- hexedit210.cp5

# hex edit 2.10 patch (made for c-p5 5.01)
# after you run this via c-p5.exe, hexedit will have
# the trial and nag screens and the such removed
# -SeaPea5

# info lines aren't required but are good to have
# name, version, filename, and size are best to have
# the 'important' info will be displayed to the user
# right before the user cracks the program and will
# be given a choice to continue or cancel, if they
# cancel, the program will not be cracked

#    name of info	info itself

info name		Hex Edit	# you can add
info version		2.10		# comments at
info description	a hex editor	# here, also
info filename		hedit.exe
info size		7823360
info author		cp5
info important		The user will always see this
info important		before they crack the program
info important		and will have the choice to
info important		continue or cancel the crack

# as of 5.01-RELEASE, you can add/change registry values

#	 "location"				"new string/data"	optional type
registry "LMachine\SOFTWARE\Blah\oldstring"	"blah blah blah"
registry "LMachine\SOFTWARE\Blah\newstring"	"h4w h4w h4w"		REG_SZ

# as you can see, c-p5 allows a variety of ways to modify data...
# these 5 patches will make hex edit full
# the 0x lines reference to the offset you want to replace data and
# replace with the following data in hex
# the hex after can be written in a multitude of ways as shown below
# the \d lines do the same as 0x lines,
# but the offsets are just in decimal instead of hex

# offset	replacement data in hex

0x174bc		4973		# offset info:
\x0174c0	\x49	\x73	# same as  0x174c0
0x000174c4	0x49 0x73	# same as  0x174c4
\d95428		49 73		# equiv to 0x174c4
\d00095436	4973		# equiv to 0x174cc