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Stable Download, Version (1.04)
You can download the current stable version of screamingCobra directly from this link in .tar.gz format.

Development Directory+Code (1.05)
You can download the current development version from here and check out what else is going on with the development.

Here you can view all the files in the current version of screamingCobra (all are found in the .tar.gz).

Mailing List
Click on the link above and just send the email or just enter your email address below and hit 'Submit' and the list will mail you to verify that you would like to be added to the mailing list. You may also just send an email to with the body 'subscribe cobra'.

screamingCobra - automated remote CGI vulnerability discovery
Welcome to! screamingCobra is an application that does automated vulnerability scanning in remote CGIs by using techniques that are able to spot very common bugs in many CGIs, usually when dealing with templates or any other files or applications. screamingCobra was written by Samy Kamkar, originally at Caezar's Challenge V at DefCon, but rewritten completely with numerous feature additions (previously known as crawl5b). Check the manual page for more information!

News - January 12th, 2002
This site is put up and I've set up a mailing list to go with it. Submit your email address at the bottom left to subscribe to the mailing list or send an email to with the body containing 'subscribe cobra'.

screamingCobra's Manual
A read-me on how to use screamingCobra, what it does, all of its options, etc..
Download screamingCobra
You can get all the downloads from here such as the stable version, development version, and even specific files out of a certain version. For the stable version, get CURRENT.tar.gz.
You can see all the changes made with all of the versions of screamingCobra here, including changes in the development version!

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